11 Exquisite Jewelry Ideas for Lehenga Every Bride Needs to Know


The one thing that all brides are so confused with is selecting matching jewelry with lehenga, and keep overthinking about it over and over again. And if you’re also one of those brides or a wedding guest, you have struck gold as we at Mirraw have got you covered! The kind of jewellery ideas for girls and brides we have fetched out for you are absolutely exquisite. There are timeless polkis, the fail-safe emeralds, ravishing rubies, striking sapphires, diamond jewels & so much more.

So, whether you are planning to layer yourself with statement pieces or opt for some impressive contrasting jewellery ideas for lehenga, there are tons of options lined up for you. Scroll down and take a look at these amazing lehenga and jewellery combinations for brides-to-be.

1. Meenakari Jewellery ideas for Pink Lehenga

Meenakari jewellery is an agile and delicate jewellery design that brings a lot of charm to any bridal pink lehenga. The golden polki earrings and necklace with detailed Meenakari work and matching Maang Tikka will be a gorgeous choice to pair with your pink lehenga and will leave everyone adoring you.

meenakari jewelry with pink white lehenga

2. The Polki Jewellery set

Polki jewellery is a classic and evergreen choice that can never go wrong with a bridal outfit. The Polki diamond jewellery set with a gold base and a matching Maang Tikka is magical. The little pearl detailing enhances the stunning work of this simple jewellery, making you look enchanting in your red bridal lehenga on your special day

polki jewelry set with red lehenga

3. Emerald Jewelry for brides

A Kundan jewellery set with emerald stone detailing is a splendid piece. The short-length necklace complements the neckline flawlessly with a longer haar below it. You can also add a Hathphool to your look as it adds to the royal look of the jewellery set and green colour always looks amazing with a red lehenga. This bridal jewellery set will be an excellent pick to wear with your red bridal lehenga. Kundan jewellery, when paired with a bridal red lehenga, is perfect for a dreamy bridal look.

emerald jewellery for brides

4. Bridal jewellery ideas for pink lehenga with Rubies

Red colour is a symbol of strength and traditions. If you want to add a glam element to your pink bridal lehenga, try a ruby jewellery set as it is everything you will ever need. The precious ruby stones on this necklace and the ruby studs with uncut diamonds make the bride look straight from the world of beauty goddesses. The choker necklace looks ethereal on the neck and instantly elevates the look.

bridal jewellery with pink lehenga

5. Polki jewellery set for brides

Polki jewellery is a statement choice that can never go wrong with any lehenga. A Polki diamond jewellery set with a golden base with a Maang Tikka is a jewelllery masterpeice. The little pearls detailings add to the dazzle of this jewellery set that make the bride look enchanting in her red lehenga.

polki jewellery with red lehenga

6. Kundan jewellery ideas for blue lehenga

Emerald stone detailing on a peice of jewellery is simply majestic. The shorter necklace accentuates the neckline flawlessly with longer haar underneath the necklace. The Hathphool and maang tikka bring a royal look of the jewelry while green invariably complements a red and a pink lehenga. This bridal kundan jewellery set will be an excellent choice to wear on your wedding day. Kundan jewellery, when paired with a bridal lehenga, is a sight to behold.

kundan jewellery with blue lehenga

7. The gorgeous gold jewellery for brides

Gold jewellery for brides is one of the most traditional accessories choices that women prefer. Red bridal lehengas and gold jewellery sets have come hand in hand for years now and this traditional combination can always look stunning.

8.The traditional temple jewellery

What was developed as jewellery to adorn the idols of deities, quite easily paved their course into bridal jewellery ideas and we couldn’t be more pleased. Temple jewellery makes up for a priceless and special part of the South Indian culture, and is undoubtedly preferred by other brides as well. Made in pure gold or other pure metals with semi-precious & treasured gemstones encrusted, Temple jewellery gracefully stands out from the rest. 

temple jewellery with red lehenga

9.Jadau Jewellery for brides

Having its roots in the mughal period, jadau jewellery has the finesse that is compared to none. No wonder Jadau jewellery is an excellent example of exceptionally skilled craftsmanship. The precious stones are flawlessly embedded into their gold moulds which basically differentiates them from other techniques of jewellery. In short, Jadau is a technique that is used in making kundan, polki or other gemstone jewellery and has the perfect bridal aesthetic.

jadau jewellery for brides

10.Pearl jewellery ideas 

Who doesn’t adore pearls? Just like gold and diamonds, they are certainly a women’s best friend. This jewellery idea for a bridal lehenga may look very basic, subtle and elegant. Just like styling yourself with everything you ever dreamt of. Be it Zardozi worked lehenga or a flashy styled outfit, this pearl layered necklace with matching earrings is surely going to be a centre piece of attraction!

pearl jewellery ideas for zardozi lehenga

11.Exquisite Diamond Jewellery Ideas for Blue Lehenga 

Diamond jewellery is a versatile pick that will complement your red lehenga to the max and this intricate set is a hoot. The laser-cut diamond necklace and maang tikka prove the fact that diamonds are a girl’s best friend after all! Absolutely beautiful.

diamond jewellery with blue lehenga
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