Top 9 Trendy Bridal Lehenga Colors- The Best Collection


During the wedding season, the majority of brides are in a perplexed state that what will be the colour of the bridal Lehenga? However, to make the choice for the colour of the bridal Lehenga is a once in a lifetime choice.

Obviously, it’s not just about searching for the perfect bridal Lehenga, but there should some unique factor and stunning features, which are appealing and alluring for the bride.


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The red colour in bridal Lehenga is regarded as an auspicious colour. However, nowadays there are mesmerizing tints and colour combinations that every bride should prefer for her bridal outfit.

Catch a glimpse of the below-mentioned 9 popular Lehenga colours for classy bridal Lehenga.

  1. Gold Lehenga
    The stylish and designer gold Lehenga with copper embellishments will definitely make your wedding look stunning and beautiful. Simply pair it with a stunning diamond or pearls necklace and earrings, rather than the conventional gold jewellery.

  2. Blue Lehenga
    A blue colour bridal Lehenga either in golden or silver embroidery works is certainly an eye-catcher bridal outfit. Moreover, if you choose a velvet fabric in blue Lehenga, then it is surely icing on the cake. Pair it with an elegant choker necklace and drop earrings and make a fashion statement on your special wedding day.

  3. Orange Lehenga
    Undoubtedly, you will get some stunning shades in orange colour bridal Lehenga. From bright orange to dark orange colour, you will get a huge variety of orange colour bridal Lehenga with fascinating embroidery work on it. You can either choose to buy it in golden embroidery or heavily silver embroidery work, which is absolutely your choice.

  4. Violet Lehenga
    If you prefer to wear a rich and warm shade like purple or violet, then you should buy violet colour bridal Lehenga on your wedding day. The silver embellishments on the skirt of the Lehenga, blouse and dupatta will surely give a magnificent appearance on your wedding day. To complete the look, you can pair it with elegant and classy jewellery.

  5. Teal Lehenga
    If you are thinking that the teal colour Lehenga won’t look pretty on the wedding day, then dear, you are absolutely wrong. Teal colour bridal Lehenga is an exquisite and exceptional Lehenga, especially if it is in floral embroidery work. You can pair it with striking choker necklaces and earrings to make a fashion statement on the wedding day.

  6. Bright Yellow Lehenga
    The bright yellow colour with the colour contrast of baby pink colour in the bridal Lehenga will certainly make your wedding day extra special. You can pair it with the stunning gold jewellery to flaunt your beauty and personality.

  7. Aqua Blue Lehenga
    The enchanting and alluring aqua blue colour can be paired easily with the beige or golden blouse with a sterling embroidery work and ornamentations on it. Just make sure that you carry it with elegance and style along with the eye-catching accessories. Even in aqua blue colour, there are some light and solid shades, thus choose the colour wisely!

  8. Mint Green Lehenga
    The captivating mint green colour in bridal Lehenga, no doubt, you will look a gorgeous bride on your wedding day. Mint green bridal Lehenga comes in various colour contrasts and fascinating shades from which you choose the perfect one for you. Moreover, if you are in an enigma to choose the right jewellery to pair with the mint green Lehenga, then gold jewellery in absolutely incomparable to any other pieces of jewellery.

  9. Ivory Lehenga
    The last one in the list is Ivory Lehenga. What about Ivory bridal Lehenga with the floral pattern design? Assuredly, you will look charming and beautiful wearing the ivory Lehenga. To make your appearance more appealing, you should wear bewitching Kundan jewellery with it to make the heads turn on the wedding day.

Thenceforth, these were the 9 popular colour designs in bridal Lehenga, which you can coordinate according to the jewellery that you are planning to wear on your special wedding day. If you are a trendsetter and a style Icon, then you should definitely pick and choose the stunning colour or tint, while selecting the bridal Lehenga.

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