Step-by-step Guide to Picking the Perfect Bridal Lehenga for Any Body Type


A right lehenga can do wonders for a girl. And a bride needs all the marvels that she can get to look drop-dead gorgeous on her big day. Besides being visually aesthetic, a lehenga should also be flattering to your body type which means it should enhance your body shape and make you feel confident while you celebrate the day with the love of your life.

Now before we jump into the discussion on which lehenga should hang in your wedding closet, let us first find out your body type to help ease the hassle of selecting a perfect bridal lehenga for you.

red bridal lehenga

The Six Secrets To Find Your Body Type  

There are 6 types of body shapes in women and you are likely to be one of them. Let us check them out.

Pear Shaped Body Type: If you have a small bust with narrow shoulders but have bigger hips in comparison to your upper body, with a well-defined waist, then you may fall in this category of body types.

pear shaped body type

Hourglass Body Type: If you are someone whose upper body is well balanced with your lower body and your waist is narrower in proportion to both the halves of your body, then you might be considered an hourglass body type.

hour glass body type

Apple Shape Body Type: If you are someone who has an average to big bust with broad shoulders with a fuller midsection, but slimmer arms and legs, then you might be an apple body shape. Apple body types are often seen to create a round silhouette with very little waist definition. 

apple shape body type

Inverted Triangle Body Type: If you have a broad shoulder and fuller bust but a narrow waist and hips, then you might be classified as an inverted triangle body type. This body type creates a top-heavy silhouette. It is a variation of the apple shaped body type.

inverted triangle body type

Rectangle Shaped Body Type: If your shoulders and hips are of the same proportions but there is little to no definition around the waist, then you might be a rectangle body type. This body type creates an elongated straight silhouette.

rectangle shaped body type

The Beauty and Grace of a Lehenga Dress

Perfect Lehenga for Bridesmaid

Now that you know under which body type category you fall, let us talk about how you can find the perfect lehenga to flatter your body type and ace your bridal look.

Zari & Sequin Work Lehenga Choli

Zari & Sequin Work Lehenga Choli

Green Organza Zari and Sequins Work Lehenga

Green Organza Zari and Sequins Work

Black Embroidered Georgette Lehenga

Black Embroidered Georgette Lehenga

Party Wear Semi Stitched Lehenga Choli

Party Wear Semi Stitched Lehenga Choli

Lehengas for Pear Body Type: If you have a pear body type then you need to balance your heavier lower body. You can go all out with your blouse choice while keeping the lehenga design minimal. This helps in highlighting your upper body and taking the focus away from your wide hips. Go for wide-neck blouses like off-shoulder and boat necks. Wear your dupatta over your chest to give them a broader appearance. 

lehenga for pear body type

Lehengas for Hourglass Body Type: If you have an hourglass body type then try to draw attention to your waist by opting flowy a-line lehengas or fish-cut lehengas which makes the waist look slim while it slowly flares down at the bottom. Go for shorter blouses with wider necklines like a plunging neckline to flaunt your beautiful curves. Pin the dupatta on your head and leave the trail of it behind.

lehenga for hourglass body type

Lehengas for Apple Body Types: If you are an apple body type then to balance your silhouette, you should try to de-emphasize your midsection. Go for high-waisted lehengas with a bit of flare to conceal your waist and make your lower body balance with your broad shoulders. Try placing your dupatta around your elbows instead of your neck to de-focus on your heavier upper body. When choosing a blouse, opt for narrower necklines like scoop neck and sweetheart neck lehengas.

lehengas for apple body types

Lehengas for Inverted Triangle Body Type: If you have an inverted triangle body type then try to bring the focus on your waist and legs by adding voluminous lehengas. This helps in making your broad shoulders look proportionate with the rest of your body. Keep the details of your blouse soft and minimal to avoid drawing too much attention to your upper body. Drape your dupatta on one side of your shoulder to create some asymmetry to take away the broadness around your shoulder. Go with asymmetrical and v-neck blouses to even out your silhouette. 

lehengas for inverted triangle body type

Lehengas for Rectangle Body Type: If you have a rectangle body type then you need to create the illusion of curves with your lehenga. Opt for a flared lehenga with lots of ruffles and layers to define the waist. Blouses with fuller sleeves and wide necklines will enhance your upper body and make your overall appearance look curvaceous. The dupatta can be draped on one arm to add more of a balanced look. 

lehengas for rectange body type

Other Factors To Consider

Bring Color To Your Lehenga

Once you select the type of the lehenga that will complement your body type  Let us now talk about which colors you should choose to make your face glow.  Your skin tone determines which colors will make you look like a goddess in an instant. To understand your skin tone you need to find out  your skin undertone.  

Warm Undertone: Put your arm under direct spotlight and check to see the color of your vein. If you spot the color of your vein as green then you have a warm undertone. Warmer shades of  orange, red, cream, beige are your best friend if you have a warm undertone.

Cool Undertone: If instead of green, you find yourself looking at blue colored veins, then you have a cool undertone. Colors like purple, burgundy, black should be incorporated into your dress to look your very best if you have a cool undertone.

Neutral Undertone: If you find both green and blue veins, then chances are you have a neutral undertone. Almost every color will suit you and you can opt for any color of your liking.

Patterns That Matters

Now to choose what pattern of lehenga design you should go for, you need to go for a pattern that harmonizes with your body shape. 

mini florals lehenga patterns

If you are a petite woman then you need to choose a pattern for your lehenga that won’t overwhelm you. Go for delicate and smaller patterns like mini florals and paisley to enhance your petite silhouette. 

If you are a plus-size woman then you can pull off a variety of large designs like chunky floral patterns and lovely geometric shapes and look stunning.

geometric shape lehenga patterns

The Fabric Dynamic

The fabrics you choose for your lehenga also adds to the allure of it. You should wear a lehenga according to the time of the event taking place. You don’t want the glam of a nighttime lehenga to not get its due compliment just because you wore it in a sunny morning party. Therefore, to save your time, we have listed the fabrics which you can wear during daytime and at evening events. 

Daytime Events: For all the daytime wedding celebrations, you need a fabric which is light and breathable but makes you glow like a goddess with its subtle hues. Linen and chiffon are your best bets if you want to stun in the sun. You can also get some subtle spade motifs on your lehenga to keep up your fashion game.  

Nighttime: When the evening wedding celebrations call for glamor and grandeur, then silk and satin answer. These lehenga fabrics are perfect to get the grand appearance of a bride. Sequins or metallic embroidery are a great addition to glam up your evening lehenga.

Accessories That Reduces The Wedding Worries

To become the star of your wedding, you need more than just a gorgeous lehenga. Accessories are the secret potion which turns a bridal lehenga look from simple to spectacular.  Now let us see how to correctly accessorize your lehenga.

Necklaces: The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of accessories is necklaces. Brides are known to deck themselves with a variety of eye-catching necklaces on their wedding day. But before you go overboard with your necklace shopping, take into account the neckline of your blouse. If you are opting for a wide neckline then you can go for layering necklaces from shortest to longest. If your choice of blouse neckline is something like a halter or turtleneck then a choker necklace would suit you perfectly well.


Earrings: After the necklace comes the earrings. When shopping for a pair of bridal earrings you can let your love for grand earrings show through. You can opt for chandelier earrings, dangling or even chandbali earrings to bring out your bridal charm.

Chandelier earrings

Bangles: Bangles are a staple ornament when it comes to accessorizing a bridal look. Women traditionally wear red, white and gold bangles on their wedding day. But these days they are twisting the fashion rules and bringing in a contemporary look into their traditional bangles. Nowadays meenakari bangles are rising in popularity.

Traditional Bangles

Try Before You Buy

Before you finalize a look for your big day, we would always recommend you to try out different styles to find out your preference. Your comfort should be your first priority when choosing a lehenga as you will need to wear them for long wedding hours. Choose a lehenga that makes you look confident and expresses your distinct personality. In the end, do not stress over finding a lehenga and have fun with it.

Local bridal boutiques vs online shopping

Now that you know which type of a wedding lehenga will work for you and make you a sight to behold, the work of shopping your dream lehenga begins. So let us now decide where you should trust to shop to get the best bridal shopping experience.

Convenience: You can have a hard time trying to find a lehenga that flatters your shape, size and color in a local boutique. Finding that one perfect lehenga that meets all the requirements might make you drive to ten different stores. You can make this an easier chore by filtering your lehenga preference on the internet and find your dream lehenga from the comfort of your couch. 

Less Stress: Arranging a wedding is a stressful job. You need to interact with multiple vendors to make sure everything goes perfectly on the big day. Buying a wedding lehenga online can reduce the physical interaction with the vendor and reduce your stress. You can get all your changes and requirements done online with them and relax a bit from all the responsibilities. 

Price Range: Online bridal stores are known to offer the same quality lehengas that you get in your local boutique at a lesser price range.

Last Moment Checklist

The week before the wedding is more important than the wedding day itself because it is the last time for you to make sure everything is in the right place

  • Run a double check on the fit of the lehenga and make alterations if necessary a week prior to the wedding so that you don’t have to face a sudden fitting issue with the lehanga on the wedding day.
  • Make sure to steam or iron press the lehenga so that it looks fresh and crisp when you enter the mandap wearing it.
  • Keep your bridal footwear, jewelry and other accessories packed so that you don’t need to go about looking for them at the last minute.
  • A smart idea is to keep a backup lehenga ready with you so that you don’t end up helpless in the case of spills or a wardrobe malfunction.

Ideal Lingerie To Wear Under Your Lehenga

If you want to have a memorable wedding day full of dancing and eating without a worry in the world then you need to make sure your clothing is comfortable throughout the day. One of the most important factors to look after if you want to feel comfortable in your lehenga is the lingerie that you will wear with it. Opt for perfect fit lingerie that provides comfort and coverage. Try to avoid nylon and satin fabric undergarments as they will be irritable for you to wear for longer hours. To not distort the silhouette of your lehenga, put on seamless lingerie or shapewears and go for strapless or halter bras according to your blouse shape to avoid peek lines. 

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