6 Best Wedding themes that are Trending in 2020


With 2020 being just around the corner, many people would be talking oath to stay together for the rest of their lives. This calls for some cool wedding themes as we all would want to do something special on the D-day. Couples get more and more creative with each passing year putting some of their most unique ideas to use. In this article, we are going to talk about 6 Best Wedding themes that are trending in 2020, so that you can take some ideas from this.

#1.The Desert theme

If you are a Boho bride, then the desert theme is just perfect for you. This theme would add elegance in the overall setup with deserts in the background. The theme is the perfect way to showcase your creativity in the natural backdrop. This would add an organic feel to the surrounding. You can choose dress colors and other decorations that would match to the backdrop. Use fairy lights so as to enhance the beauty of the idea. This is a very cool theme and you can certainly consider this if you want a unique wedding amidst the desert.

#2.The Moroccan Theme

This is a very subtle and elegant theme that has become quite famous in recent times. This overall theme has a certain Bohemian feel and looks really very elegant. The colors mostly used in this theme are nudes and subtle ones. The rugs used here looks equally classic and elegant. The design used here are very beautiful and the prints looks traditional. Pampas Grass is a speciality used in this theme wedding. There are many color variations to this including white, golden, pink and so on. Another unique feature that Moroccan theme always bears would include the pouf seating. There are different types of poufs available in the market. Wearing tassels is also a fun addition to the overall Moroccan theme.

#3.The California Wedding

Outdoor and California are synonyms, which means if you want to go for a California wedding theme, then you would have to do your wedding rituals outdoors. You would have an array of options for this as you can go with beach, ranch, desert or winery  weddings. This is an all white wedding, where from the attire to the floral decorations, everything would be in white. When you do a California wedding, it is an elegant one without any fuss. Beach wedding has become quite popular these days, it is beautiful, serene and you can think about this too.

#4.Wanderlust theme

Our Wanderlust theme of wedding does not include travel inspired decor, which is again a great idea. What we are talking about in this section is choosing an epic location like a mountain cliff overlooking the sea. Nothing can be better than getting married to the love of your life in such a romantic location. This is the type of wedding that we always imagine, see in photos and movies. This is the dream wedding theme that you would always wanted, it’s like your wildest fantasy has come true.

#5.The 70’s Rock and Roll

Retro wedding is still in fashion and what can be better than embracing the very famous Rock and Roll style of the 70’s. The retro pattern is a great combination of vintage style with county design. The colors and the heavy patterns would bring in more joy to the celebrations.

#6.Tropic Opulence Theme

This wedding theme os going to make in big in 2020. It is a lavish and luxurious wedding that would have a tropical twist. It has the look and feel of a Boho tropical wedding as everything is very organic and natural. Here you would be able to take your wedding a step further with lush florals, great textures and golden accents.

Why do you need a theme wedding?

There are many reasons why you would want to have a theme wedding. Firstly, you would have a lot of fun and you can be really creative with the whole wedding plan. The results of a theme wedding can give you a fun experience which you have never experienced before. It would also be a memory for your guests which they would cherish throughout their lifetime. While planning the wedding, you can get everyone to involve in planning and create a fun experience for them. It would also enhance the bond among your family members. Finally, you would be able to save money depending on the type of theme that you choose. So all in all, going for a theme wedding can be a win-win situation for you.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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