20 Pre-Wedding Shoot & Wedding Shoot Poses- Make Your Memories more Beautiful


Marriage in general seems exciting, special and sometimes scary at the same time. One gets butterflies in their stomach thinking about marriage. Getting married to the one made just for you is a highly exciting and wonderful event for everyone. You want everything to be just perfect on and around all the events that are supposed to tale place. It could be an event like engagement, sangeet or the mehandi ceremony or the most fun of all “The Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot” which has gained ultimate popularity these days. Let’s talk about what a Pre-Wedding photoshoot is – It is a photoshoot pf the couple who are going to get married and it’s done before their wedding takes place and all the actual wedding feels comes in.

A couple is supposed to be well dressed and sometimes colour coordinated for the occasion (photoshoot). Including the outfit, the shoes, the hair, the makeup and accessories like watch earrings; everything coming together has to be the best to make the couple feel confident and for the photos to look more lively and put together. In addition to all the small details, the location plays an important role in the Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot.

The location of the Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot sets the aura and pace of the shoot. It’s all the small details that makes the Pre-Wedding Shoot come alive. Most importantly don’t forget to be confident; carry yourself and plan for poses to shoe the intimacy in the relationship between the couple. Strike couple poses which show love and compassion as photos are supposed to be with you for a lifetime and are a resemblance of a great time you had as a couple.

It’s important to think and practice different couple poses that you would like to get captured in. Try a few different poses so you know if the pose suit the two of you or would you like to do alterations in the couple pose to make them look good on you. Here we have listed some really amazing yet simple poses to try at you Pre-Wedding Shoot or Wedding Shoot to try with your better half. They are easy and fun to do in Indian attire and comes handy with wedding themes and are also useful for wedding couple poses. So let’s look qt amazing yet easy couple poses to try.

1.The Piggyback Pose

The guy can lift his to be wife from his back which is better known as the piggyback couple pose. It’s a cute couple pose which is a reminder of the childhood days. Vice Versa is also possible, the girl can also piggyback the guy for a fun not so typical couple pose. It’s actually a playful pose to show a childish fun element within you for a remarkable photograph.

2.Leaning against each other’s backs

Try posing where both the partners lean against each other and the backs are facing each other. The versatility of this pose is commendable as it can br done in open or closed setting, either wearing ethnic attire or casual clothes as it gives a mysterious and silhouette appeal to the picture. This couple pose creates the image of backing each other in every up and down as a sense of emotion.

3.Showing off the Ring Pose

This is one mandatory pose that every couple to be has to strike. Everyone wants to see your engagement rings these days so why not do the show off in style and use the Photo Shoot right. Different poses and angles play an important role to add the extra edge to your pictures. Capture eternity with beautiful ring couple poses in photoshoots.

4.The Down on your Knees Proposal Pose

The most classic of Pre-Wedding shoot and Wedding photoshoot idea photographer is supposed to tell you. Why not? It’s the most romantic pose to be a part of any of the shoot. In this couple pose, the guy can get down on his knees to propose the girl with a ring in his hand pr the other way round by a girl kneeling down to propose the guy to be the “Hatke Couple” at the photo shoot or the wedding itself. The pose shows a very special moment in your life as a couple which was the beginning of something beautiful which will last a lifetime.

5.Pet photoshoot

If a pet is there in your family or in your partner’s family then bring the beautiful pet to a photoshoot for a family photo shoot because soon you and your wife / you and your husband are going to be pet parents together. Nothing gets more beautiful than these cute family pictures.

6.Crazy Couple Shots

Love and marriage are about finding the better half or the missing puzzle piece to complement your madness. So “ let’s be crazy together” should be the go-to agenda of your shoot and the craziness should be seen. Jump together be the jumping jacks, make funny faces, try to have fun at shoots, pull each other’s leg a little bit to show the fun and crazy in the relationship. Make sure to have a lot of fun.

7.The Back-Hug Pose

Any of the partner cams back hug the other partner which gives the sense of trust and close feeling of them as a couple. It is one emotional, adorable and classy couple pose to give the picture a more soft and loving feeling then let the relatives and friends do all the talking.

8.Bike  Buddies or Car Buddies

Hey, you yes you two are going to be the vehicle buddies of each other for life so why not just flaunt it in the photoshoot. This will not one romanticise the ride and company of each other but also captures the thrill and adventure related to travel that’s going to be a part of your life after marriage that makes the lifelong memories. Ride away to beautiful locations and get clicked right away.

9. Make the heart

It is a pose where a girl’s hand is curved making a half-circle with the fingers and the thumb slightly slanted and so does the guy’s hand from the other side making it a full heart shape which is completed only when the two of them come together. This is a great way to show “You complete me” couple poses.

10.Common Interests

There are a couple of hobbies and sports that one another is indulged in. If you and your partner have common interests so why not just photoshoot it up to bring the catchy and different vibe to your shoot and lives. This whole picture will beautifully depict the journey from sharing interests to sharing lives. Pose closely in a calm and composed couple poses or in a fun healthy competition look, it will complement any which way.

11.Laughing your heart out

This pose only needs natural happiness and laughter which will show enjoyment and fun which you had at the Pre – Wedding photoshoot or Wedding photoshoot. All you have to do is laugh your heart out to make it turn into a lovely memory.

12.A walk to remember

The couple only needs to walk towards the camera or away from it to make the picture lively holding hands in hands to portray love and chemistry between the two. This pose signifies the fact that they both are ready to walk the path of life with each other from today onwards till eternity.

13.Eye to Eye connection

This pose only needs the couple to be comfortable looking into each other’s eyes and just smile. Be comfortable and let the eyes do the talking. It’s a great way to capture the emotions and connect between the two.

14.Carry your love into your heart

This pose is by far the most romantic pose as in this the husband to be will carry his wife to be in his arms just like we see in Bollywood movies. The background plays quite a role to set the mood of the photograph here and don’t you think it will make your spouse think of you like a more caring and trustworthy person. This pose is versatile as it can go with any type of attire be if ethnic Indian wear or the casual breezy clothing.

15.Recreating Iconic Bollywood poses

Pre-wedding shoots should have an element of fun and madness to it, what better way to show it by recreating iconic Bollywood scenes such as the train scene from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge or the scene from the same movie where Raj and Simran are standing facing each other in a Sarso Ke Khel. Remember Om Shanti Om’s scene where Deepika’s pallu is stuck in Shahrukh Khan’s hand; so romantic. Be it the last scene of Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, recreate them all.

16.Hug the love

It’s a little things you do in love to make your love feel comfortable i.e., HUG each other tightly to never let go of one another away from each other. Make your partner feel comfortable while you’re hugging them as it will definitely show in the picture!

17.Tie my shoe/sandals

All the husbands or husbands to be out there must have tied the laces or fixed the hooks of the sandals once in their life. Everyone loves to see the rawness and real things that a couple do for each other and it’s a strike a pose situation too.

18.Surprise Surprise

This pose is just a pose where one partner keeps his / her hand on the other partner’s eyes to surprise him/her. It is a couple poses where one surprises the other partner and it’s so cute to capture.

19.Under my Umbrella

Isn’t rain sexy and romantic and when you have your loved one or the better half to share the umbrella with. Strike a couple poses under the umbrella to keep the romance showering into your life. I think it’s a cute yet such a versatile pose to do and so many modifications can be done in this couple  poses which is why this is the best romantic pose.

20. Make her Twirl

Poses for a Pre-wedding photoshoot pr wedding photoshoot should have this moment where the bride to be is twirling and the groom to be is the one making her twirl standing beside her holding her finger. This was the bride to have amazing chances of flaunting the dress or lehengas with flare.

By now you know that Pre-Wedding and Wedding shoot couple poses can range from romantic to crazy, quirky to magical, depending on the story that you want to convey through the mesmerising photo shoot. Let it be a natural couple story of you two as the main theme to get nothing but perfection. Be the couple who is madly in love and wishing you all the happiness and love you deserve and make sure to do the ceremonies and pew wedding shoots in style. In this era of social media craze, your professional Pre-Wedding or Wedding photos will look amazing on any social media platform as well. Be more creative, seek help from these 10 fun and romantic poses to fondly look at after marriage.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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