12 Bridal Hairstyles to Complement your wedding Look


Wedding is the most important occasion of one’s life. Every one wishes to look the most beautiful on those days. To help all prospective brides to look like a fairly on their wedding day, we have come up with 12 hairdos designs to complement your wedding designs and dress.

1.The Soft Wavy Curls bridal hairstyle

We are starting with the most basic yet stylish hairstyle that new brides swear. You would not have to undergo a lot of hassles to get this hairstyle. Some soft wavy curls with your usual curlers would do the trick and you would be good to go. You can also wear floral headband or tiara to complete the look. This style would look great on both long and short hair and is ideal for those who love to flaunt their open hair.

2.The Semi-tied bridal hairstyle

Here the hair is semi tied and the rest is left open. This style is ideal for open hair and looks quite unique too. For this bridal hairstyle, you would have to take the top part of your from the front and the back and twist them to tie them at the back. You can secure this with the help of a fancy clip that matches your wedding dress. The rest of the bridal hairstyle that is left open, you can make soft curls out of them and give them a messy look which is now in the trend.

3.The Neat bridal hairstyle

If you love the neat look and you have short hair, then simple smoothing can do the trick for you. You would just have to straighten your hair properly and decorate it with fancy clips. This is a minimal hairdo but would surely steal the show for you. However, we would advise you not to go with this style if you have a round face or double chin.

4.The Messy Bun bridal hairstyle

If you have a really long hair or is okay with wearing a fancy wig on your wedding day then this bridal hairstyle is just the best for you. You would need some volume in your hair to execute this style. The front part of the hair is tied in a braid and is carried on to the back. The back of the hair is tied as a messy bun and some hair has been left open as curls to give that messy look. The loose hair also adds a good effect to the hairdo. In order to complete the look, matching flowers have been put on to the bun.

5.The curly Ponytail

This looks more like the last hairstyle but is different in many ways. If you have medium hair and is uncomfortable wearing a wig, but still wishes to get that messy look then this bridal hairstyle is the one for you. The front part of the hair is braided where some hair is left loose and has been curled to give that messy look. The hair has been carried to the back and is tied with some clips. The rest of the hair is tied as a ponytail but the hairs have been curled and left loose for that messy appearance.

6.The Fantastic Side Buns

Side buns have been in trend these days and for good reasons. They give a unique style making the face appear smaller. In this hairstyle, the hair have been turned and twisted so as to make a side bun. In order to complete the look, small flowers have been placed to decorate the hair. This can be done if you have long or medium length hair. Make sure to blow dry your hairs before executing this style as this style does need some volume.

7.The Braided Bun bridal hairstyle

This is a neat and trendy bridal hairstyle that you can surely consider for your wedding day. Here braids have been tied from the front which continued to the back and is tied as a braided bun. A few flowers have indeed completed the look. This hairstyle can be done even in small length hair and is a great option if you are not a fan of the messy style. If you notice there are fewer strands of hairs left loose and they have been soft curled. You can make a middle bun or a side bun with this style according to your preferences.

8.The Twisted hair Bun bridal hairstyle

This is one of the classic bride hairstyles and of course, looks very beautiful. This is a very neat look wherein you would need a voluminous hair. The front part of the hairs is combed neatly with a side partition and then is taken to the back where it is tied like a bun, but the hair strands have been swirled like a curl and is placed over the bun. This is ideal for long length hairs but can be executed in small hair with the help of a wig. The top of the hairs is puffed to completed the look.

9.The Simple Flowery Bun

Another hairstyle that we absolutely love is the simple bun. Here the hair is middle partitioned and then is taken to the back to tie it in a neat and simple bun. This is the ideal hairstyle for people with long hair. Also make sure that you do not have a round face as this style can make your hair look rounder. Flowers are the highlight of this style as it has not only covered the bun but is also placed as a headband that comes down to the bun from the top part of the head. This is absolutely beautiful.

10.The Braided Band bridal hairstyle

This is a simple and stylish way to keep your hair open. The hair has been left open at the back where small wavy curls has been created. Coming to the front part of the hair, it is tied as a neat braid. You can use fancy matching clips or small flowers on the braid to add some more elements to the hairstyle. This style would be ideal for you if you have medium length hair and you love to flaunt them. To add some extra volume to your open hair, make sure to blow dry them properly.

11.The Gorgeous Top Bun

This is an over the top bun that brides of this era swear by. You would also find many famous celebrities carrying out this style with grace. Here the front part of the bridal hairstyle is puffed and combed neatly to be taken to the back so that a big bun can be created. The bun is made up of lot of curls which gives it the most amazing effect. The pearls lining the front portion of the bun is indeed a great addition. The veil of the dress is tied to the bun so as to complete the bridal look.

12.The Twisted Strands

I have fallen in love with this hairstyle. It looks absolutely gorgeous from the back. It gives an overall braided look but is not actually that. The hair is taken in small strands and is made to a loose braid at the side, neatly. The lower portion of the hair is tied as a pony tail but the strands are twisted in the same way as done on the top part of the hair. Small pearls and clips have been put on the hair to give it a more gorgeous effect. You can definitely try this one and stand out.

Apeksha Salunkhe
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