7 Stylish Hair Styles for Ethnic Look


An outfit can never be completed without an appropriate hairstyle. Whether you are going to a normal evening party or a grand wedding function, a stylish and exceptional hairstyle is always mandatory to finish off the entire look.

As there are a variety of outfits and attires, in the same way, every outfit demands some unique and stylish hairstyle which should be suitable according to the attire as well as personality. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a perfect hairstyle to match the look.
If you are a lover of ethnic wear, then this blog post is definitely for you! There are some stylish and gorgeous hairstyles for the Ethnic look which should be considered while getting ready for any occasion. So, here’s the list of top 7 exquisite and stylish hair styles to match the desi look.

Classy Hairstyles For Ethnic Look

  1. Waterfall Braid
    Waterfall braid hair style is extremely popular among ladies and girls across the world. Whether you believe it or not, this amazing hair style is the perfect one to match with the ethnic attire.

    Within a few quick and easy steps, you can do this hair style on your own. What you need is some elastic bands, hair pins, hair spray and comb to make waterfall braid. Moreover, this hair style is appropriate for every occasion.

  2. Side Bun
    Another voguish hair style for the ethnic look is side bun. To make this chic and stylish hairstyle, you need to follow some simple steps.

    • Simply make a ponytail at the side of your neck.
    • Then, start twisting and turning the ponytail and make a low side bun. If you love messy buns, then you can try that too with your ethnic attire, especially with designer Kurtis and Sarees.
  3. Traditional Bun with Jasmine Garlands
    The traditional bun is always befitting for the Indian wedding functions and related events. It’s a classic and vintage hair style which can never go out of trend because of its beauty.

    Whether you are wearing a simple saree or a heavily embellished lehenga, then this traditional bun wrapped up with a jasmine garland can do the wonders.

  4. Messy Side Braid
    Are you searching for the beautiful and stylish side braid hair styles? You might be overwhelmed to know that, a messy side braid is absolutely stunning, gorgeous and goes perfectly with the ethnic look.

    Just take your hair at one side and begin with doing the braids and tie a knot at the end. Now, to make the hair style little messy, you can fan out the braids by pressing it with fingers. Once, you are done with the procedure, just add some hair spray to it so that it remains fresh and intact.

  5. Bumped up curls
    At present, the curly hairstyle is preferred by almost every woman. However, at one point in time, you will surely get bored of it. Thus, here’s another hairstyle to change the typical curly hairstyle and give a whole new look.

    To add the bump along with the curls it obviously little complicated, but hair stylists are experienced and trained in doing so. Also, this hairstyle will enhance your beauty and exceptionally beautiful personality.

  6. Daisy Braid
    Daisy braid is another beautiful hairstyle for your ethnic attire. If you love simple and plain hairstyles, then you should definitely try this.

    But, one thing should be kept in mind that this hair style demands long hair. The twisted and braided hair will absolutely look gorgeous with the pairing of an ethnic outfit. In addition to it, you can add some white flowers to the braids to enhance its texture.

  7. Fishtail braid with Jasmine flowers
    For long hair, the fishtail braid is the pertinent hairstyle. Nowadays, even the celebrities are also trying this hairstyle with their ethnic outfits and garbs to make a fashion statement during the press conference or interview sessions.

    Thus, you can try this hairstyle too according to your ethnic wear. Moreover, if you wish to add jasmine flower stems in the fishtail braid, then you can do that too. Just make sure that the hair stylist will use smoothing serum and light hair spray to finish off the look.

So, these were some of the fantastic hairstyles to match with your ethnic outfit. You should definitely try these hairstyles and make a style statement on every occasion among your friends and family.     

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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