20 Low Bun to Look More Beautiful


Low buns look gorgeous in any occasion and you can definitely try your hands on them. In this article, we would discuss about 20 Low buns to look more beautiful. These buns are easy to style and you would be able to do it all alone. Go through this tutorial to learn more about them with ease.

1.The Romantic Bun

This is the perfect bun that you can make while going out on a date or a casual outing. This is made easier by twisting the hair and securing them with the help of bobby pins. This low buns goes quite well with all casual dresses.

2.The Knotted Side Bun

This is something that would go well in all types of formal and informal events. Here the bun is tied as a knot and is secured at one side to give it a more dashing effect. You would need to have long hair in order to recreate the style. This low buns indeed looks quite beautiful.

3.The Rope Twist Buns

This super fun low buns goes well with all types of hair. Medium to long hair can recreate this hairstyle with ease. Here the top portion of the hair is twisted like a rope and then a small bun is created at the lower end which is also done by twisting your hair. This would create a messy look but the whole thing has been powerfully secured with the help of Bobby pins.

4.The Scarf Low Buns

If you have small hair, then creating low buns can be quite a task as hair would tend to fall apart. You can easily manage this situation with the help of a scarf. Just hold it around your hair and tie it in such a way that your bun would get secured. Make sure that you do this neatly so that no strands of hair come off to ruin the look.

5.The Sophisticated Low Bun

If you are going out for a formal event or a date night, then this is one of the best hair styling options for you. The neatness of the bun is something that you should watch out for and looking from the back, the bun indeed looks like a work of art.

6.The Yarn Bun

If you could notice, this bun has been made with the help of a yarn. If you have short hair, above your shoulder, then tying a bun can sound an impossible idea. However, with yarn, you would be able to secure your hair and create a funky look which is unique and subtle. Make sure that the color of the yarn is in contrast or matches with the color of your clothes.

7.The Intricate Low Bun

If you have noticed, this hairstyle looks very unique and beautiful from behind. Here strands of hair are taken and is placed one above the other, so as to create a plated hair look. The low bun has also been created in a similar way. This hairstyle can ideally be performed in medium to long hair length.

8.The Tuck and Roll Bun

This is a classic and fun hairstyle that you should definitely not miss. With the help of a headband, this hairstyle can easily be recreated. Firstly, you would have to tie the headband and then take the lower portion of your hair. Roll that up and tuck it in the headband and secure the same with bobby pins.

9.The 3 Bun Look

This is a cute hairstyle that you can give a try. This is a casual hairstyle where 3 buns have been created by twisting the hair. This style is ideal for people having short hair. You can pair this style easily with casual clothes.

10. The Messy Bun

The messy buns might look like an easy option but is quite hard to recreate. You would need to twist and turn your hair in different angles to create this look. The style goes quite well in all types of hair. One thing to remember is that this style is ideal for people having long hair.

11. The braided low bun

The braided buns is a classic and chic hairstyle that is ideal for all formal and informal events. Big braids are created and then tied into the bun so as to give an interlocking effect. The front portion of the hair is left loose to complete the look.

12. The Gatsby Low Bun

This is a party-style low bun, which is a great hairstyle for your upcoming party. You would have to create a flattened low bun and decorate the same with Gatsby. You can choose the design and colour according to your clothes.

13. The Voluminous Bun

This bun would show off some volume in your hair. For this, you would have to let lose a few strands of hair in the front. Coming to the back, you would need to back brush your hair and then create a simple bun. The back brushing technique would add all the volume.

14. The Wrapped Bun

Looking at this bun, you would see that the hair from one side has been criss crossed with the hair strands from the other side. This technique has been repeated twice or thrice in order to create this wrapped bun look.

15. The Tail Buns

You would need to create low braids. Make two on either side and then hold and take over the same from one side to the other creating an effect of flat low buns. This hairstyle can be done in formal as well as informal events.

16.The Waved Buns

This hairstyle is all about created waves and twist. Take some strands of hair from one side and twist them to frame the bun. The bun should also be made from the wavy hair strands. This hairstyle though needs some effort but is absolutely worth it.

17.The Side Braids Buns

Braids have been made from the front-side portion of the hair and the same is taken at the back of the head where it has been attached with a small messy buns. The style is apt for people with medium length hair. This is a perfect hairstyle for a casual day out.

18.The Petal Hairstyle

The petal-style as the name suggests would look like a petal of the flower. You would need some hairspray to create this style. You would need to roll larger hair strands inward and give some hair spray so that it remains intact. This is ideal for women with medium hair length.

19.The Bohemian bun

This is my absolute favorite where braids have been made from the top of the head and it goes to the bottom like a headband. The braids have been joined to the inward twisted buns which looks classy and elegant.

20. The Side Braid Bun

Here braids have been created from one side of the head and it goes diagonally to the bottom of the other side where it has been twisted to create a bun. This is a classic and chic style which you can create for any formal event.

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