11 Types of Braids that Every Women should Try


Who likes wearing their hair in the same old boring ways time and again? Once you have long hairs, it becomes not just monotonous but also exhausting to be wearing it down all the time. With different garments and on different occasions, you would sure be wanting to change into different looks as far as hairstyles are concerned, isn’t it?
Many of you would now complain of not having enough time or money to invest in changing your looks every now and then, especially the hairstyle. But who says these are the ultimate requirements of being able to create a new look every day? Read on this fun article about an array of hairstyles you could create just with braids, and you’ll be surprised to know just how many styles you could work out!

1.The Three Strand Braid

Perhaps the most basic and well-known style of braiding the hair, the three-strand braids is something we have all worn our hair in. Be it having to forcefully wear one to school, or just dressing up in one because we feel like, the three-strand type of braids is like a constant pal to every girl. Easy to do it yourself and easy to style into a number of cool styles just by playing around a bit, this is one hairstyle you don’t need to get tutored in.

2.The Fishtail Braid

Honestly speaking, the fishtail type of braids is seemingly one of the most intricate and time-consuming of braids. An ideal choice for when you want to look glamorous without having to let your hairs down, the fishtail type of braids is what you want to go for on days you are seeking a chic, elegant look.

  • -Brush and detangle your hairs
  • Begin by tying your hair into a simple low ponytail.
  • Dividing the hair in the ponytail into two sections.
  • Now begins the difficult part. Take a small section of hairs from the outer side of one section (begin with left for convenience), then flip it over and add it to the inner side of the other section of your ponytail.
  • Continue the same process, this time from the right section to flipping over and adding to the inner side of the left one.
  • Keep repeating the above two steps alternately.
  • Secure the ends with a hair elastic once you have reached the end, or a desirable length.
  • Let go of the elastic you had used to tie your hairs into a ponytail, preferably cut it off.

3.The French Braid

The French Braid is another widely popular type of braiding hairstyle that is very common among girls and women of all ages. It not just lends an overall elegant and chic look to the hairs, it is also ideal for wearing with a number of outfits, from ethnic to western to formal. This is the reason it is such a popular hairstyle in every part of the world.Admittedly, it is a tad bit difficult to master it yourself, although several women can pull off one in no time at all. All you need to do is:

  • Brush and detangle your hairs
  • Divide the section of your hairs on the crown into three sub sections.
  • Start braiding these sections, adding a couple of inches from outside the braids from the second stitch onwards.
  • Use hair sections alternatively from each side to add to the type of braids, flipping over the middle section each time.
  • On reaching the nape of your neck, continue the type of braids as a simple three-strand braids, finally securing the end with an elastic.

4.The Milkmaid Braid

The milkmaid braid, inspired from vintage looks and brought back in trend by a number of stylists around the globe, is one of the few picks on this list that is incredibly easy while being so elegant at the same time.All you need to do for a milkmaid type of braid is to part your hair into two, type of braid each individually into a three-strand braids, loosen it up for a more casual flirty look and then roll over each from one to the other side of the crown. The ends can be secured with the help of bobby pins, while leaving out either some fringes or loose hair in the front for a cute and adorable look.

5.The Waterfall type of Braid

The water fall braid is one of the most stunning and beautiful hairstyles sported by many women these days, especially on weddings and similar lovely occasions. The process is simple, starting off with a simple three-strand type of braids on just one section after parting your hair onto one side. Then, one continues braiding, leaving one section and replacing it with another from outside the braid and closer to the crown (away from the temple of the ear).You may choose to leave your hairs open at the end of the type of braid, or you may proceed to tie all the left-over hair into a simple braid. Some women also prefer ending the hairs in a soft messy bun for a very elegant yet laid back look.

6.The Dutch Braid

So, have you tried out the French type of braid yet? Well, the Dutch type of braid is nothing but the reverse of the French braid. It adds much more volume and gorgeousness to your hairs and crown compared to any other braiding styles and is definitely one of the favourites among women who love making heads turn their way.

  • Begin by brushing and detangling your hairs to remove any knots.
  • Take the top front section of your hairs from the crown and divide it into three sections.
  • Like the French braid, start stitching these three sections into a three-strand type of braid. Just remember to flip the left or right sections under the middle section and not over it.
  • Now, keep adding further sections alternately from left and right and flip each onto the underside of the middle section.
  • On reaching the end or the desirable length, this type of braid in a simple three-strand style and secure the ends with a tie.

7.The Rope Twisted Braid

Perhaps the easiest braiding style on this list and also one that will take you the least amount of time, the rope twisted braid is especially for those women who wish to flaunt their highlights or hair colour even on bad hair days. All you need is a hairbrush, two hair elastics and a couple of minutes to perfect the look.

  • -Begin by detangling your hair using a simple brush.
  • -Tie your hair high up in a ponytail, but not too high for comfort.
  • -Divide the ponytail into two equal sections.
  • -Twist the two sections first individually and then over one another in a direction of your choice. Just remember that the direction of intertwining the two together mu be opposite of the way they were twisted individually.
  • -Secure the ends with a tie.

8.The Reverse Braid

There are no surprises here – the reverse type of braid is just how it sounds like. You are going to go reverse the normal way of braiding your hair – from top to bottom. Although a little quirky and a tad bit time consuming to achieve perfection, the reverse braid is definitely ideal for those who wish to make a statement with their boss crown.

  • Start off by detangling your hair with the help of a brush to get rid of any knots.
  • Bend your hair forward, flipping all the hair in front and brush again.
  • Start braiding from the nape of your neck, by picking a section of your hair and dividing it into three.
  • Use the Dutch type of braid method, flipping sections from either side out of the braid under the middle section.
  • Tie your hair into a ponytail on reaching the crown. You could also end it in a bun by rolling the ponytail around and securing with bobby pins.
  • Loosen the braid by tugging at it with your fingers to create a little soft and messy look.

9.The Four Strand Braid

If you are looking for a more relaxed and fun vibe, the four-strand braid is the ideal choice for you. It might seem to be a simple three-strand braid at first to the onlooker, but soon the sudden play with asymmetry catches up and you can notice people trying to sneak a closer look at the fun hairdo.

  • Start off by brushing and detangling your hair
  • Next, divide your hair into four sections, all equal in width, and for convenience of understanding mark them as 1,2,3 and 4.
  • The braiding is not as complex as you think it would. All you need to do is flip section 1 under section 2 and over section 3.
  • Next, you take number 2 and flip it under 3 and over 4. Similarly keep repeating the process, trying to renumber the sections from 1 to 4 and repeating the same process of flipping under and over rhythmically.
  • Secure the end with a hair tie.

10.The Pull Through Braid

Pull through type of braids are for those women who have finer, sleeker hair, for it can be a little difficult to manage with very thick hair. Besides, it adds so much volume to the hair that it makes for a mandatory try. All you need to do is start off with tying a top section of your hair into a ponytail, followed by tying another ponytail from a section right below the first one. Next, you split the first ponytail in half and bring these two together again from under the second one, tying them with another elastic. What you ought to make sure is that the second ponytail is wrapped by the two sections of the first ponytail. Continue this up to the very end and secure it with a hair elastic.

11.Side Braids

This the most easiest type of braid style that each women can carry with any kind of outfit. It looks more stunning with formal outfit like shirt with simple trousers. You can make them more beautiful by putting white Lilly’s on your braids in the middle section. This style also looks beautiful when you have to go for simple occasions like night party where you don’t want a open hair style.

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