20 Medium Haircuts Which Makes You Look Cuter


Medium hairs have been in fashion for quite some time now. Here we present 20 medium haircuts so that you can look cuter.

1.The Beachy Waves

If you love the messy look, then this hairstyle is just for you. You can make beachy waves and give a unique twist to your hair. These are even good for girls who have a round shape as the style would hide their face partially. You can even colour it the way you want to and you would really look very cute in this.

2.The Straight Blunt Cut               

If you are more into straight hair, then this could be a great style for you. This is a blunt cut with longer front strands which makes this style more appealing. This cut would really go well with western dresses like skirts, jeans and midis. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it gives a perfect frame and shape to your face adding up to the aesthetics. You can curl the hair inwards at the bottom for some added effects.

3.The Soft Curls               

Soft curls have always been in trend and it would look super cute even in medium hair. If you love that messy yet stylish look, that today’s fashion industry is obsessed with then this short soft curly hairstyle is just for you. This would look good on both medium and short hair.

4.The Flirty Curls              

Flirty curls are something that I have always liked. You can carry this hairstyle in all formal as well as informal events gracefully. Whether you wish to keep your hair open or tie a ponytail, this hairstyle will look great on you. This style is ideal for medium length hair.

5.The Straight Hair          

This is a simple straight hairstyle that looks good on all days. You will not have to style this much.  A middle partition will do the trick for you. You can keep your hair just below the shoulder for an ultra-refined look. You can curl just the bottom of the hair or keep it straight according to your preferences.

6.The High-Low Hairstyle             

This is one of the trendiest hairstyles in town. The USP of this haircut is that the front side of the hair is longer than the backside. This means at the back, your hair would go up to your neck while coming to the front, it would go down just below the shoulder. The hair is kept straight with a little curl at the bottom to give it a more refined look.

7.The Curly hairstyle      

Curly medium hair always looks fun and graceful. A lot of curls adds volume to the hair and you would end up looking as if you have more hair than what you actually have. This haircut would basically create a soft frame around your shape which would improve the overall way of your appearance. Make sure that the bangs are not cut bluntly so that the soft frame of the hair would be well maintained.

8.The Layered Haircut   

The layered cut in medium hair has always been the most famous style around the world. This cut has the ability to give thin hair more volume. The front side of the hairstyle is angled perfectly so as to give much more overall volume to the hair. It also works as a frame to the face and looks great on all face shapes. You can cut your hair below your shoulders and blow dry them for some more effects and volumes.

9.The Beautiful Fringes

This is a simple haircut, where the front side have fringes while the back of the hair has layered hairstyle. This would look great on girls who have a round face and a bigger forehead. The fringes help in covering the head and the layered style gives a frame to the face so that you would end up looking cuter. You keep the length of the medium hair on the longer side so as to get the best results.

10.The Fringes and the Curls      

This is yet another fringy style where light fringes have been executed and the back of the hair has been styled with soft curls so as to give it a beachy effect. The soft curls add some great effects to the face and make it look cuter and appealing. This hairstyle would suit girls with all types of faces.

11.The Thick Curls           

Thick curls, when executed properly, would look really great. You can try this for a unique look that is fun to execute. If you have wavy hair, then this can be achieved easily by visiting a salon. Do not forget to blow dry your hair regularly to maintain the aesthetics and volume of the hair.

12. The Romantic Curls 

Romantic curls are something that you would find appealing for all events. You can tie the hair in different ways when you have romantic curls and all would look equally good.  This medium hairstyle goes perfectly well with all types of dresses and events. However, the style looks better on women who have a chiseled face as this style does not really hides the round shape of the face.

13.Layers on Layers        

Layers and more layers is what your hair needs right now. In this hairstyle, the layers start from above the ear and is so extreme that going to the bottom of the hair, it would make this really thin. So when you opt for this hair, be prepared to lose some volumes of your beautiful hair. But the style that you would achieve from the cut would compensate for everything else.

14.The Short Bangs        

The short bangs look very classy and unique. This is something that you can try easily with your medium length hair. In the front they would be chopped off an inch above your eyebrow so as to get the maximum effects and at the back, they would be cut in different layers so that your hair would get maximum volume and effects.

15.The Sleek Medium Cut            

This sleek and straight haircut has been winning the hearts of many women. The cut is classic and elegant and can be carried out by women of all ages. This is a basic straight haircut with side or middle partition and the length is just as par to your shoulders. You can choose to keep some hair fringes on your forehead as per your choices.

16.The Long Short Hairstyle        

This long and short hairstyle has been in fashion for quite some time now. According to the partition that you make in your hair, one side would be kept long going till your shoulder. While the other side would be cut extremely small so as to get a great effect. This style looks better on chiselled shape face.

17. The Asymmetric Cut

The asymmetrical cut is something out of the ordinary hairstyle. Here also you would find that on one side the bangs are smaller compared to the other side. You would need to have waves in your hair to get the maximum effects of this hairstyle.

18. The Flipped Out Cut

This flipped out haircut can be achieved by cutting the long layers in the hair all the way around. Then the hair at the bottom can be curled outward and at the top is curled outwards. This would not only create a unique flattering look but would also give a lot of volume to the hair.

19.The Textured Cut      

This is a textured cut where the styling is all about texture. You would have long bangs and multiple layers would be cut on your hair. You can choose to highlight your hair so as to get some good effects. This is indeed a bold hairstyle to execute.

20.The Blunt Bottom Cut             

This is a classic and unique hairstyle that you should definitely not miss. This haircut would look good on all types of face shapes. The key to get this hairstyle is cut the hair bluntly at the bottom. You can even choose to give the hair an inward curl. Make sure that you have a voluminous hump at the top.

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