Top 15 Latest Blazer Designs that Each Man Should Try


Be it the winters or the wedding season, there can be no compromise on fashion, can there? With the number and variety of clothing items to pick from, it often becomes difficult to choose which would suit us best.

Especially when it comes to men’s clothing, picking out the perfect ensemble for an evening becomes tricky. Should one keep it ethnic with a kurta and pyjama combo? Should one try the formal look with a properly tucked in shirt and trousers? Will a casual look, say with a graphic t-shirt and joggers be okay?

Just like there is one staple item of clothing, the saree, for women – that blends in with every occasion and every body type – don’t you think it would be great if men had something staple to fall back upon each time. Well, if there is one item that could be called so, it has to be the blazer Design. Fit for a multitude of occasions from weddings to work, from parties to interviews – the blazer is one item of clothing every man would swear by.

The Latest Blazer Design

As one steps into the market, or even browses stores online, one is sure to find a number of eye-catching varieties of the blazer. They say that the only constant in the world of fashion is change itself. It makes much sense, therefore, that even an item like the blazer has seen such evolution and multiple design outputs.
You can pick out blazer Design not just based on colour and fabric, but also based on what occasion you would like to wear them to.

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Say, a more fitted, casual-looking blazer Design would be perfect for a party, while a more formal cut would be the ideal choice for wearing to the office. Still confused? Better have a look at what we have to offer then.

1.The Casual Leather blazer Design

If there is one fabric item that never goes out of style, especially for men, it has to be leather. From leather trousers to bags to jackets, men love flaunting the best of the fabric they have. Therefore, it is of no surprise that leather blazers are one of the most popular and trendy choices among men these days.Ideal as an item of casual wear, leather blazers come with amazing stitch liners.
They are best paired with denim or joggers to add more casualness to the overall look. If you are wondering where to don the look too, we would say a casual brunch with college or office mates would be the perfect choice.

2.The Casual Denim Blazer Design

Another perfect material and perfect style come your way with the denim blazer Design. We do not even need to elaborate on the fabric where – it is already a clear favourite and a must-have in every man or woman’s wardrobe.The overall look is quite cosy and comfortable and looks best when paired with white basics. You could choose to be a bit daring and go denim-on-denim, though we suggest pairing the denim blazer with a simple white tee and a pair of black joggers would make the look rock even harder.Where to wear the look? Anywhere from concerts to dates to get-togethers or college lectures – the choice is yours.

3.The Simple Black Blazer Design

Nothing can ever beat simplicity, can it? Well, this is a must-have in every boy or man’s wardrobe – the simple black blazer. Whether you need to make sure you look fine just before hopping into the conference room at work, or whether it is a special presentation in college, the simple black blazer is all you need.The black blazer works wonders with almost any kind of pairing. You could pair it with formal shirts and trousers as brilliantly as you could with a simple t-shirt and denims. Even the simple black blazer comes in a variety of options to pick from, varying from one to the other in style, make and stitch. Ultimately, it’s your call to take.

4.The Stylish Dual-coloured Blazer Design

If you are someone who feels obsessed with the latest trends of the fashion world, the dual-coloured blazer is something you are definitely familiar with. It definitely creates a unique look and looks perfect for any occasion – formals to party wear to family functions.

5.The Perfect to Party Blazer Design

Parties are all about colour and pomp. Take a cue from the most famous Bollywood celebs and find out what’s in and what’s not when it comes to parties. Colours are definitely in, and so is bling. Although you need to be a little daring to try out the many varieties of blazers falling under this category, it is definitely becoming a bigger trend day by day.

6.The Stylish Velvet Blazer Design

If you think velvet has gone out of trend, think again. Velvet and blazers are like the perfect combination and lends an overall subtle look. The velvet blazer comes in such a wide range of colours that it becomes really difficult to pick from. All you need is to pair it with a pair of formal trousers, a subtle pocket square and an eye-catching watch on your wrist.

7.The Jacket Style Blazer

If you want to ditch the conventional look and make a unique statement, the jacket style blazer is for you. Embellished with several buttons and at times even zippers, the jacket style blazer is the perfect choice for a casual evening.

8.The Woollen Blazer

Winters are just a stone’s throw away, and you should already get packing and prepped up for the chill. Does that mean fashion needs to take a backseat? Absolutely not. With the woollen blazer, you could ensure that you look impeccable and in trend. A stylish muffler wrapped around the neck just makes it even more subtle.

9.The Leopard Print Blazer Design

Animal prints are so in these days that one can find them on all items of fashion – from shoes to scarves to blazers. The leopard print blazers, especially, are so much in vogue these days that you can often spot your favourite celebrities from around the world donning one. The leopard print blazer is something that will stand out; therefore, one must pay heed to the occasion they are wearing it to. Ideal for parties and fancy weddings, the leopard print is a must-have in the wardrobe of someone who keeps ticking out on the latest trends.

10.The Long Ethnic Style Blazer

Who said blazers cannot come in ethnic forms? The long style ethnic blazer bears resemblance to the bandhagala, only it can be worn on an open style with another kurta. The idea of multiple layers is already a hit trend. Pairing it with dhoti pants or ethnic trousers completely seals the look for you.

11.The Sleeveless Collared Blazer

The sleeveless collared blazer, more popularly known as the Modi Coat these days because of being popularized to a great extent by Narendra Modi, is both trendy, stylish and decent. Ideal for wearing to work, to festive occasions, to weddings or even to parties, the sleeveless collared blazer is something your wardrobe cannot miss out on.

12.The Unique Side-Buttoned Blazer

If you are looking for a unique option when it comes to blazers, the side-buttoned blazer is the perfect choice for you. Giving your outfit a completely westernized look, the side-buttoned blazer is something you would want to deck up in when you are going to a fun night with friends or colleagues.

13.The Trench Coat style Blazer

Sherlock fans, anyone? The trench coat style is perfect for someone who wishes to recreate the Sherlock vibes or someone who just loves great fashion.

14.The Floral Print Blazer

Florals are in trend, and you are mistaken if you think they are only perfect for women. Men can flaunt these lovely blazers as well, and can pull them off as elegantly as anyone else can.

15. The Collar Fit Blazer

Quite new yet glowingly popular in trend is the collar fit blazer, which comes in a combination of different materials, including silk. The neck area is high and well-fitted, which lends a unique and stylish look overall. If you are someone who has been hitting the gym for a well-sculpted physique, this is the ideal blazer for you.

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