45+ Best Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Her & Him


The gradual goodbye of the pleasant autumn season signifies that it is time already for the winters to set in. Come winters, there are some really special occasions awaiting our presence. In almost no time, the nip in the air will have turned into romance. The Valentine’s Day – the most special day for couples and to-be partners all around the world, will be here so soon that we already need to get planning about the special day.

There could be starry-eyed teenagers who hesitate to express to their crush how they truly feel about them. There could also be married couples who do not get enough time to share loving moments with one another because of work.

The Valentine’s Day come as a perfect day for anyone who is seeking a refreshed chance at expressing their love for their special one. It is no surprise, therefore, that the day is meant to be celebrated by gifting each other meaningful presents that can strengthen the bonds of love.

If you are someone who is looking forward to either refreshing the romance in your relationship, or trying to establish a new one, the best idea this Valentine’s would be to get a special gift for your loved one for each of the special days. We have a list of amazing ideas for you which you will find quite suitable for your loved one.

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Combo Couple Gift Ideas

#1. Personalized Magic Mug

Maybe you would like to put some thought for your love and some love to your thoughts while you gift your special one a customised magic mug? It could be a sweet love message, their picture or even some special memories through words and art that would remind them every day of how special they are to you.

With the help of the magic mug, you could use features of colours and print changes, which will be an absolute delight for your partner. Just make sure to get hold of some great pictures, and let your actions do the talking.

#2. Personalized Awesome Cushion

A love cushion is such a sweet gift to give your partner this Valentine. Can you even imagine all the cuddles and lazing around you and your partner can have with such comfy awesome cushions nearby? Add to it the touch of personalization, say with your names or any special graphics that mean something special to you, and there can be no better gift, right?

#3. Personalized Wooden Pen Drive

In this world of tech and advancements, a personalized wooden pen drive is sure to bring a smile to your partner’s face. Imagine working daily with something you gifted them on Valentine’s, yet something so graceful!

#4. Personalized Photo Frame

You may call this gift item a little cliché, but the truth is that it never gets old. As a couple, you might have some very special moments captured behind the lens. Perhaps it is time to get them printed, in a very old-fashioned way, bind them to a special photo frame and see your partner smile at this sheer gesture of love.

#5. Photo Cake

Customization is in and how! A customised cake bearing you and your special one’s picture is perhaps one of the best gift ideas you can give to your loved one this Valentine’s – it is personal, it is adorable, and it’s a cake!

#6. Personalized Love Card

Even in this age of gadgets and text messages, a sweetly written meaningful card will mean tons to your partner. Make sure you write your heart out. Even if you are taking some help from someone, make sure the words are exactly what you mean. This will make it much more personal and beautiful.

#7. Personalized Rotating Pen Holder

If your partner is someone who loves stationery, desk essentials are the best gift for them. This Valentine’s shower your love for their interests and choices by gifting them a special set of stationery, a rotating pen holder for example. An absolute beauty for the nerd’s desk and a charm for the office-goer’s workstation, isn’t it?

#8. You & Me Wooden Photo Frame

Love begins and ends with your togetherness, doesn’t it? What better way to make this bond seem even more special than with a ‘You and Me’ Wooden photo frame? It is definitely going to be one of the most cherished possessions for your partner’s room, isn’t it?

#9. Personalized Rotating Lamp Mini

Again, something for the desk-lover, a rotating mini lamp is an ideal gift for your partner this valentine’s. whether they are an avid reader or a night owl when it comes to work, picking out a beautiful lamp for them is one of the best ways to say how much you love them.

#10. Couple Miniature

They say beauty lies in little gifts. Make this saying come true by gifting your loved one a special couple miniature this Valentine’s. It would not just be meaningful and romantic, it is an added bonus if your loved one has a special inclination for the arts.

#11. Shining Memory Personalized Lamp

If you want them to think about you every night, why not gift them something that helps them to? Gift your loved one a special shining memory personalised lamp, so they can switch on to your lovely bond every night out of love.

#12. Ceramic Couple Love Mug

Probably one of the cuter ways to express your love to your special man would be through something as cute and adorable as a ‘Love You’ mug. This is something that shall always remind them of you whenever they sip their favourite beverage in it.

#13. Couple Sketch

Nothing traps memories better than sketches and pictures, isn’t it? Consider getting a special couple sketch prepared for the two of you by some great artist you know. Your partner will be mesmerised to have such a beautiful gift and will keep it in their possession for a long time to come.

#14. Personalized Wooden Keychain

Key chains are such a vital part of our everyday lives, and yet so neglected. This valentine’s gift your man a specially personalised key chain that reminds them of your love every time they look at it.

#15. Personalized Mobile Cover with Photo & Text

These days out mobile covers come in a large variety of designs, don’t they? How about going a step further and gifting your loved one a mobile cover that can constantly remind them of you? Well, now you have the option of customising mobile covers with photos and texts and gift them to your special one. Just pick out an adorable quote or a cute picture, and that’s it! You can have it customised onto a mobile cover as well.

#16. Printed Couple T-shirt

What’s a weekend without a good T-shirt and some great snacks? Gift your special a cool graphic t-shirt especially made for couples, perhaps with some really funny or cool lines written, to make them smile heartily, and to make everyone else really jealous of your relationship.

#17. Heart shape Photo Memento Locke

This is one gift that never gets old, does it? The heart shaped photo memento locket is something we have all craved for as we have grown up watching movies. Gift this special locket to your beloved, with each of your photos on the two sides of the heart, and watch your partner beam with joy at the sight of it.

#18. Love Explosion Box

Remember the times we were young and had our friends gift us DIY popup cards? Well, you could consider something on similar lines as this, and watch your partner brighten up with delight as you gift them a special love explosion box. Be it their favourite flowers, teddies, or a simple yet meaningful quote from your side, let the love box explode and bring immense joy to them.

#19. LoveBook Activity Book

A simple journal for the adventurous lovers, this is for the couple who love spending time on fun dates. You could gift your partner a list of all activities you would want to do with them, say river rafting or plucking flowers from the garden. The best thing is you can both keep adding to the activity book as and when wanted.

#20. Long Distance Heartbeat Speaker

This one is for the couple who do not get to meet that often. Relish each other’s presence and the strength of your bond with a long-distance heartbeat speaker.

#21. Naming Tattoo

Tattoos are the best way to show to your partner how much they mean to you. Have their names tattooed onto your wrist or arm or anywhere you like to mean that they are permanent for you.

#22. Gadgets

A cool gadget would be something the tech-loving man or woman would love to have in his or her possession. A wireless charger, for example, would be an ideal choice. Be it work or travel, your partner will definitely find this gift really useful. Besides, if your partner and their love for good music are inseparable, why not gift them a Bluetooth speaker this valentine’s and allow them to delve deeper into their world of rock and roll?

If your partner is someone who has of late become more and more obsessed with their body, you could consider this very trait to decide on a useful gadget. This Valentine’s let them share love with you as well their love for fitness with a special digital tracker. They can use the tracker to maintain the number of footsteps they have walked or how many calories they have burnt and so on.

23. Handmade Craft

Who says you can’t be creative when it comes to the day of love? Gift them a very special and unique gift by creating several date night ideas for them to pick from. All they have to do is scratch one idea time and all you have to do is obey. This is how you make a handmade Date Night Scratch Ideas. You could even consider gifting them something like a handmade card or a DIY craft that they can place within their bedroom as a piece of cute and memorable décor.

#24. Love Messages in Bottle

Your partner is going to love you for a gesture as sweet as gifting them a special bottle filled with love messages. Whether they are lonely or sad or you have just had a fight, they will have the bottle to open up to some really sweet and romantic words from your side to brighten their faces like never before.

Valentine Gifts for Husband/Boyfriend

#25. Rose Bouquet

Whoever says men don’t like flowers has never gifted a man one himself or herself. A rose bouquet is equally appealing a gift for men as they are to women. Besides being a symbol of love, it is also a great way to show your belief in old-school romance.

#26. Handmade Favourite Cake

Whether you know to cook or not, baking a special cake only for your loved one can melt their heart really quick. Just make sure you know what essences they would like and would not. Also, do not forget to don the apron and hat as you take them into the kitchen to have a mouthful of the delicious cake that you bake.

#27. Perfume

Every man loves to spend loads of time before the mirror and take special as much as they love smelling great. Gift your man a special perfume that can take care of them all day and make them feel great about themselves.

#28. Beard Kit

Every man loves to spend loads of time before the mirror and take special care of his face and beard. Gift your man a personal grooming set that can take care of all their needs with nourishment. A special beard kit, that contains all essential tools, oils and foams for starting the day would be an ideal gift.

#29. Personalized Best Husband/BF Trophy

Without a doubt, this is one award they deserve. Gift them a special ‘Best Husband’ or ‘Best Boyfriend’ Trophy, to let them know how much they mean to you and how much you respect all the little things they do for you.

#30. Wallet & Belt Combo Set

Something as classy a gift as a wallet and belt combo set never gets old. Considering you a have a fair taste of their style by now, you can proceed to buy one of your own choice. Just make sure it goes with their personality.

#31. Digital Watch

Nothing beats the class of a golden dial watch on your man’s wrists, does it? Well, one of the most perfect gifts to begin with would be something as simple as a watch. Perhaps it could also be a symbol of the endless time you want to spend with them in the future!

#32. Lovebox Messenger

This one is for the couple who cannot get enough of pampering each other. Just write down fifty things you love about your man on some colourful notes and stuff them into a specially curated box. You might want to decorate it a little of your man’s accord, and gift it to them for those lonely nights when they feel lonely and low.

#33. Bracelet

This is one item that they will never get tired of wearing. The handwriting bracelet is something that is quite a lot in trend these days, and looks best when etched with something that is meaningful yet simple. Maybe you could consider gifting something as sweet and memorable as that to your Mr. Right!

#34. Champagne

This is for the man who loves his drinks. Gift them an entire platter instead of just a bottle, and watch them look at you with eyes of love and appreciation. Champagne would be a very classy choice, though wine comes a close second.

#35. Cufflinks

One of the classiest gifts to give your man this Valentine’s, cufflinks are something that add tons of magic to their appearance and style. The best thing is that you are gifting them accessories that they hardly pay any attention themselves to.

#36. Homemade Chocolates

Although some men may deny, but they all universally love chocolates. Gift your man a set of customised chocolates, etched with words that say you love them. The best part would be if they are homemade, adding tons to your expression of love and care for them.

#37. Video Game Set

Perhaps you are one of those girlfriends or wives who either loves to compete with their man in a video game or loves to watch him play so with his friends. In that case, you could gift them the latest video game sets or a PlayStation. They are bound to fall in love with you all over again.

Valentine Gifts for Wife/Girlfriend

#38. Chocolate Rose Bouquet

Roses and chocolates are like an ethereal combination for any girl, aren’t they? Gift your lady love a special bouquet laden with their favourite coloured roses and chocolates and watch them beam with joy as you wish them a happy Valentine’s.

#39. Greeting Cards

Nothing beats the romance of a good old greeting card. A shorter version of the love letter, we can say, and a better way of saying I Love You with a little touch of art and craft, a greeting card is a gesture long forgotten yet most precious.

#40. Dairy Milk Cadbury Hamper

You can never fathom how much a woman loves her chocolates. A dairy milk Cadbury hamper is going to be like heaven falling to their knees. There is a slight chance they may spend more time with the hamper than with you for the days that ensue, but we are sure you understand!

#41. Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Collection

One fact to always remember is that on a given day a girl may or may not love you, but she is always going to love her chocolates! Consider gifting your sweetheart something as special as a Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Collection for their sweet tooth and you will be surprised to see how much it means to them.

#42. Flower Celebration (Flower Bouquet + Dairy Milk Celebration)

A combination of two of the favourites of your beloved can never go wrong, can it? Jut try grabbing hold of their favourite flowers assorted in a beautiful bouquet. Don’t forget to pair it with a curated collection of their favourite Dairy Milk goodies in the guise of a Celebration pack. See them beam this Valentine on receiving your special gift, that’s all!

#43. Ring

Nothing beats the class as well as the beauty of a ring, does it? Gift your lady love with a beautiful ring this Valentine’s. There is no need to mention how special things become if you also decide to pop the you-know-what question around the same time!

#44. Luxurious Date

Sometimes, a luxurious date, with wine and food is all a girl wants. You could ensure such a Valentine’s date night with your partner to pamper them and make them feel special.

#45. Love Jar

There could be so much out of love that you would want to tell your loved one, wouldn’t you? Well, scribble everything down, whether as words, as photographs, or as tiny gift goodies and fill up a love jar with them. You have no idea how special it can make your lady love feel about themselves.

#46. Teddy

No girl can say no to a teddy, can she? Consider gifting your girl a cute life-sized teddy to cuddle to sleep whenever you aren’t around.

#47. Designer Bag

Believe it or not, the tote bag is an answer to almost half of any woman’s problems. Consider gifting them a designer bag this valentine’s, that too in a material they would love to flaunt – leather, and see them crush on you even more.

#48. Makeup Kit

Now, this is one gift that is going to prove really handy for them. Considering how quickly girls get tired of using the same makeup and kits, and how all those new trends make them crave for more, gifting them one can be really useful for them and thoughtful of you.

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