How to Reduce the Breast Size


Different women have different breast size. They come in a wide range of size and shape and therefore nothing can justify it. Sometimes having large size breast can be problematic for their daily life activity. As per some experiments performed it has been proved that big size bra cup can lead to shoulder and neck pain.

Sometimes women have big breasts size due to genetic reason, sudden weight gain, and age. These women can have hormonal changes, thyroid, medication and pregnancy reasons for different breast size and shape

Natural Method:

When women think of reducing the big size breast the first thing that comes to their mind is about surgery. But the fact is that they can try a natural way of reducing them too. Big size breast contains fat primarily; therefore, reducing the overall weight of the body might be more helpful.

One must find the real reason for big breast size and shape. It may sometime depend on the health of the women or their eating habit which might lead to obesity in certain cases Let us find some natural remedies which could help us to reduce breast size:


The breasts are nothing but just an Adipose Tissue or Fats. If women wish to reduce their whole body weight then their breast size and shape may change eventually. Intake a healthy diet and more calories can help someone to lose their body fat. A highly nutritious diet along with low-calorie intake can indirectly help any woman to lose fat in their breast. One should focus on eating much of nutrient-rich food that is low in calories. Some of these foods are fatty fish, vegetables and fruits, lean meat like grilled chicken can help women to lose weight.


Along with a proper diet, the chart one needs to do exercise o a daily basis which will help them to lose weight. Many people have this thinking that target exercise can burn fats in some particular parts of the body. On the other hand, exercise related to the chest or push-ups, less arm tone up but do not remove the breast fat. They need to understand that burning fat through the body is the key factor.

3.Reducing Estrogen

Estrogen is the main factor which involves in the development of the breast tissues. Rigorous exercise can lead to a reduction in the size of the breast. Due to some studies, it has proved that flaxseed supplements help to regulate the level of estrogen. 


Sometimes women use wrapping material to wrap around the breast tightly which helps them to flatten their breasts. This won’t decrease the breast. This process will help their breasts to look small and make them feel more comfortable in public. 

5.Change Bra

The bra can never change the size of the breast but it can minimize the size of the breast. The bra can make the breast look in proper shape on the chest. There is some minimizer bra that can reduce the pain in the shoulder and neck.


It is believed that large breast size can lead to immense back pain the finest way to decrease the size of the breast is to lose the weight of the body and eating healthy diet food. Apart from this one can try wearing a particular bra or binding the breast to make it look small. According to a survey, there are many success stories related to breast surgeries. Nowadays struggling with large size breast has been a major problem among women in many parts of the world. 

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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