9 Different Types of Breasts that Every woman Should Know About


Right lingerie is the key to a great look and no women should ignore this rule. You just cannot get away with a wrong bra and look great. This is the reason why every woman should know what are her breasts like and what bra goes right with them. Wearing the right kind of bra will give your look a perfect appeal and glam.

Of course all the breasts are not the same. They are different in size, shape and cup size. For this reason it is important you understand your breast style and start wearing the right bra for it.

So, now we have complied here a list of 9 different types of breasts which are everything you should know about.


This is a typical case when one breast is larger than the other. This size difference could be minor or even in some cases quite prominent but which is very rare. If that is the case then to balance that difference you should wear the right kind of bra.

If this is your case, then you should go for push-up bra. This is because push-up bra will lift your breasts nicely and make them look equal. Advisable is to go for removable cups so that the size difference is balanced. You can remove the pads for the breasts larger in size and the difference will be balanced.


This is a breast style in which breasts are more muscular and with less tissue. This makes the breasts look wider. Now, in this case the women usually have small chest size paired with wide breasts.

If this is your case, then you should go for wireless bra. This is because it will provide you the right comfort. Also, this will help balance the difference between wide breasts and small chest in the right way.

3.Bell shape

As the name suggests these breasts look like a bell. Yes, typically because these breasts are smaller at the top and fuller at the bottom. These chests are usually quite heavy and hanging because of fuller tissue at the bottom.

If your breasts are like this then you must go for light, comfortable, lifting T-shirt bra. This would work best for your shape and you must stay away from push-up bra. The T-shirt bra will lift your breasts in the right way and make you feel comfortable and light. Also, the right cup size for you will be D or larger. Along with that you can go for a full coverage lightly padded bra to get the right support.


 Women with relaxed breast have somewhat hanging kind of breasts. These breasts have lax tissues and that makes them more stretchy and hanging. The breasts are facing downwards and hence the nipples are pointing downward.

If this is your case, then you can again pick from two choices either a t-shirt bra or to give your breasts the right lift and support. A t-shirt bra is the best way to make them look comfortable and not saggy and give it a subtle lift.

5.East West

In this case, both of your nipples point outward in opposite directions. It makes you feel like both of the breasts are going to the opposite direction. Now what you have to do is bring them in the center.

For this case, push-up bra is the right fit because they will help gather your breasts to the front of your chest. The push-up bra will help gather the breast tissue and position it more in front of your body.


 Round breasts are the most beautiful kind of breasts as they are fully circular, and equal at the top and bottom of the breasts. The round boobs are quite Symmetric and equally full and in the perfect round shape. With this kind of boobs you can literally wear any type of bra and it will look great.

 Though any bra would go with these breasts still the best choice in this case would be balconette bras, as they will help fill out the cups and provide natural cleavage.

7.Side Set

 In this case, there is a huge gap between the breasts and them looks like they are quite apart. Though like east and west the nipples do not point in different directions rather they are more forward pointing but the wide gap makes the difference.

For this case the best choice would be a front closed bra which fastens in the front and brings the breasts closer to each other balancing the difference. Front closure bra will gather the breasts together and then that will form a natural cleavage which looks good.


 This is the case opposite to bell shaped breasts. In this case the breasts are usually thicker at the top and thinner at the bottom. This does not necessarily mean that the breasts are smaller in size but they are thinner and do not take up the entire chest space.

For this case, the bra that does best with your shape is the the one with a deep plunge so that is can help gather your breasts towards the center. A push-up bra may also work right for you as it helps you provide the right lift and support. Depending on the size too, a wireless lightly padded t-shirt bra also goes right with this shape.

9.Tear drop

These breasts shape are quite similar to round breasts except they are not so full at the top. The shape is circular but not as round. In this case, you can go with any bra.

In this case, you can go for different bras. You can even explore different types and pick the one that works best for you.

So, now we have compiled this dictionary of different bra styles and shapes for you. Go through it and find out what your kind is and what wrong bra decisions you have been making. Pick the right bra for you and you can rock any outfit so easily.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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