10 Types of Resin Jewelry


Resin casting is a technique for plastic casting where a mould is loaded up with a fluid engineered resin, which at that point solidifies.

It tends to be finished by amateur specialists with the minimal introductory venture and is utilised in the generation of collectible toys, models and figures, just as little scale adornments creation. With a little tolerance and a great deal of training, you can make your own one of a kind resin jewellery at home. Trial with various structures and thoughts to make pieces that express your own style.

Choosing the right type of resin makes much of a difference. Pick the correct sort of resin. For best outcomes, pick polyurethane casting resin, not polyester casting resin. Polyester resin is progressively poisonous and will in general hold a scent significantly after the pieces solidify. To make the procedure simpler, you ought to likewise ensure that the resin you purchase is blended in a balanced proportion with its impetus or buy them separately and purchase small weighing machine specifically made for the resin measurement.

We’ve assembled an incredible rundown of 10 resin adornments 2 jewellery DIYs to take a stab at! Take a look at the following:

1.Jewelry with dried flowers

Jewellery with real dried flowers sounds amazing and is a good personalised gifting option. Use sealant on the flower so that the flower never loses it’s colour , if you skip this part then the resin may cause air bubbles in the resin which looks not so professional. Prepare the mould by spraying mould release on the silicon tray used as the mould for pendants, rings, earrings, keychain etc. Pour the resin mix and place the dried flower with the help of pointy stick and wait for it to get dry.

2.Bugs in resin

Bugs and beetles in resin is one out of the box concept. Make some different and funky paperweight or pendants for the beetle lover. It’s a unique way to showcase your love.

3.Glitter jewelry

If there’s nothing much you’re left with to make resin jewelry then don’t worry dry glitter will work just perfect. Add glitter to the mould after pouring a layered of resin and after a layer of glitter add another layer of resin to complete the process. Regardless of whether it’s for your very own assortment or an extraordinary DIY blessing, these will fit inside a gems assortment pleasantly. .


Are you also a gem stone fan? You love them and so do we, transform some resin and a touch of confetti into carefully assembled pearl / gem stones that you can use for a wide range of gems ventures. Use them as pendants by adding a chain to it or turn them into beautiful earrings.

5.Real Bird feathers

Use of small feathers of birds can be used as embellishments for the resin pendants, collect the feather of different kinds and trim them as per your own choices. Cover them with sealants before making them into resin jewelry for yourself. Get them set into mould and let dry. You can take big feathers and true them into bookmarks using resin mix. It’s a great way to seal the different and unique feathers.

6.Photograph pendants

Turn your family picture into a pendant to carry as ring or pendants with you, to feel the warmth of family wherever you go. Want to gift your mother a personalised gift on Mother’s Day? This is the perfect gift of love. Cut the picture, just the portrait and crop it as per your preference then prepare the mould with mould release. Pour the resin into the mould, do the first layer of resin the add the photograph and on top of it pour the layer pf resin on top of the photograph too. After it’s dried up make hole and add chain to create a beautiful gift of love. Cover it in a box to gift your loved ones.

7.Wood + Resin

Epoxy resin offers an assortment of conceivable outcomes that is not normal for some other material. Related to wood, you can accomplish a wide scope of structure potential outcomes: epoxy resin covered with wood as a defensive layer, wood in cast moulds, epoxy resin stream tables, and significantly more is conceivable. Mix resin and wood for funky finish.

8.Sea and starfish inspired resin

Make jewelry which has additional summer vibes to it. The jewellery should have a beach vibe to it. Make it playful for the little ones. Make resin starfish and sea urchins and add bright colours to the resin for a more prominent look. You can make some fun rings for the little ones to play dress-up with.

9.Confetti Resin

A touch of confetti could be the correct sort of motivation you need to make a lot of resin hoops or another ring. Adding confetti to your resin gives resin new party vibe. These type of confetti jewelry are pretty easy to style.

10.Fruit lover jewelry

This is the most out-of-the-box concept using resin but hey! Have you seen Kiwi become resin jewelry, it’s actually beautiful and the colours of the fruit really makes the resin pendants or earrings stand out from the rest.

What are you waiting for? Try some resin jewelry ideas on you own to make your DIY jewelry dream successful. Take help of elders and real the instructions properly beforehand. Surprise your loved ones with personalised and handmade gifts!

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