10 Designs of Embroidery blouses Befitting the Wedding Season



Blouses complete the saree look, with the contemporary twist, that is added to the new trendy ones found in the market, which are presently a rage the traditional counterparts are still being popular. You want to the slick and chic, especially the backless choli, halter top, tube top, spaghetti top to cut loose from the boring staple that you own already. But the traditional ones are timeless. They give a whole new meaning to the saree, whether old or new. You can either go for the bold as mentioned or stick to the more conventional ones such as embroidered, beaded, adding tassels at the sleeves, patterned cuts or stitches, and so much more to the regular blouses.

The stereotypical plain embroidery blouses design  are now jazzed up at weddings, and women want to try something new for every event till the wedding day. Corset blouses may be amazing and make your waist look slimmer than it actually is. If you do want to create this illusion, it’s a great pick for sure. But regally embroidered one always fits the bill.

Top Picks for you

1.3D embroidery blouse

 The use of 3D embroidery on blouses is the latest trend; it accentuates the whole look right to another level, either it is for a saree blouse or your lenga blouse. The creation and craftsmanship are unbelievably flattering. It can be focused on the neck or the back or even on the front; it’s the wearer’s wish to check out the patterns and get them done and look gorgeous every time they flaunt it.

2.Brasso embroidery blouse

The brasso embroidery is new and trendy; the pattens become alive on the fabric, which is usually geometric or floral. Making a brasso design involves a delicate process of burning the fabric to get that textured layering in the patterns on the fabric. This wedding season, you can be the lucky one flaunting incredible embroidery blouse design of Brasso work.

3.Cutwork embroidery blouse

The cutwork embroidery is just like a delicate filigree work. After the embroidery is done, the spaces and gaps are cut. This forms a pattern in itself and stunning to look at. It can be done on the sleeves back or on the neck. The embroidery blouse design  is versatile and goes great with both chiffon as well as silk sarees.

4.Gotta Patti embroidered blouses

The gota Patti is native to India and been done for a very long time; special artisans work intricately to bring in the patterns and designs you may see on the entire embroidery blouse or parts of it. It adds to the bling of the dress and doesn’t make the outfit heavy. It’s great to look, and yet only having some of it done can add subtleness to those who want to wear embroidery blouses design with a difference. The shimmer and shine sans the heaviness are what you can get with Gota Patti work.

5.lace embroidered blouses

Embroidery on lace or sheer is trending, and it creates an illusion, but there isn’t any skin show. The intricacies of the design are more shown and appreciated as the background is paler. They are so elegant and of course very delicate and usually go with all kinds of sarees.

6.Thread-work embroidered blouses

The thread work embroidery is common, but the patterns are now more intricate and deft they are found on the whole blouse or part of it or even on the saree or lenga. The thread work can go along the borderline or scattered throughout the fabric; work is either floral or other complex patterns. It gives a traditional look to the whole garment.

7.Maggam embroidered blouses for pattu sarees

The south Indian sarees maggam blouse embroidery, it usually is done on silk sarees. The entire work resembles nature or village life or mythical stories. The embroidery work on the embroidery blouse design  is extremely intricate, with beading also part of the design. It is done on the sleeves or back of the blouse. This embroidery blouse design is now is a must-have in a wedding trousseau of the bride as well are her besties. It gives more of the festive look and gives the whole new meaning to the saree too.

8.Embroidered mirror-work blouses

The mirror work is another stunner; you can never fail on your look if you happen to pick one of these as your choices for bridal outfits. They give your carefree, yet the regal look as it shimmery yet grand as well. The mirror work adds the oomph to the whole outfit, be it the blouse or the lenga. It’s part of the tradition in many parts of India to wear mirror work outfits during ceremonies too. The contemporary ones go in for smaller mirror work as it can get really heavy with bigger ones. But there are other materials to replace mirrors to achieve the same effect and provide the same level of elegance.

9.Embroidered pearl-embellished blouses

The use of pearls as beads is interesting but is heavy to wear, but it gives the bride a look of a lifetime. She would stun the onlookers as well as the groom as the work enhances the garment really well. The beads can be stitched onto sheer or on embroidery work as well. They can be stitched in patterns or far apart. These embroidery blouses design  look great on net as well chiffon sarees too.

10.Embroidered zardozi blouses

The zardozi work is painstakingly done on these embroidery blouses, the ultimate craftsmanship can be observed. It complements every bride, and her dress will be the talking point.


Every blouse then has different cuts and necklines, which can be explored as well. Such as the boat neck, and if you get embroidery work done on this, it will be stunning to wear with any saree of your choice. The full sleeves are back; if you want to showcase the beadwork, it takes the outfit to a whole new level. The sleeveless embroidery blouse design will be detailing on back or even on the front; the neck wouldn’t be left too if the bride wants it. The three fourth sleeves are on the comeback trail with women once flaunting them.

 The bride and other women who don’t want to miss out on the wedding season, check out the latest embroidery blouse trends and get them ordered or made for you and look your best.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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