12 Cotton Blouses you must check out


The introduction

Cotton blouses are the best fit as cotton is a breathable fabric. You can wear them the whole day and be comfortable. These blouses are good for any occasion either for daily wear, formal or even festive wear. You can buy or get them stitched as per your style and need. If you don’t have the right blouse for your Jeans or outfit, it will ruin the entire look. A very good cotton blouse can improve the aesthetics of any saree to a whole new level. The cotton blouse can be of any style or design and finally have various stitches or cuts, but every detail on it just accentuates the look of the wearer.

The wearer will always look ethereal with the right cotton blouse. The designer blouse collection has been a great boon for saree wearers as they now have endless choices. Every design is on the back, neck, or front is done keeping in the wearer in mind. You can get them in varying sleeve lengths and match them according to your style and comfort. This summer, you have the options to pick and choose from.

1.Black blouse with full sleeves and tie-up

The trending full sleeves blouse is back. It’s plain from the front, but the back you will get threads to tie-up in a crisscrossed manner. It gives the illusion of a backless choli and great for lenga or saree. It’s a good fit. It accentuates the form very beautifully yet covering it up completely.

2.Ruffles for three quarter sleeves blouse

The three quartered ruffle blouse is contemporary, gives the imagery of being a skirt top, it’s feminine yet formal. It has a vintage look with the added ruffles at the elbows. The look is inevitably steller with any saree or lenga. The wearer can choose the color and size and flaunt with panache.

3.Printed boat neck blouses

Blouses with boat neck are back; they are great for accentuating your collar bones. The neckline is distinct when you wear this blouse. It goes great for any Jeans. There is kalamkari work that gives the blouse the whole elegant look. The potli buttons bring an added glamour to the blouse itself. The elbow-length sleeves and mid-waist blouse actually are great for Jeansand lenga as well.

4.Ruffle sleeved ikat print blouses

The cotton blouse has a lot going on in terms of sleeves, which are again three-quarter ruffles at the elbow. There is also a boat neck and body fitting blouse. The front has buttons to hold it together — the ikat print, which gives it an extra uniqueness.

5.Printed cut-out boat neck blouse

The block printed cotton blouse is enhanced with cut out at the bottom and boat neck at the top summing to one great creation. The wearer will be flaunting an awesomely stitched blouse with their Jeans. This full-sleeved blouse has cut on the left shoulder, which gives an extraordinary twist to the blouse. There is tie-up at the bottom, which is an add-on with the contrast colored buttons adding to the look of the blouse.

6.Plain and printed angrakha blouses

The angrakha cotton blouse is very contemporary and as well as traditional in the pattern. The blouse has the northeast Indian garment look. It is full-sleeved, and v-neck accentuates the form. The tie-up at the side with exaggerated tassels or pom-poms gives it a unique but compelling look to the wearer.

7.Keyhole back with boat neck blouse

There are several cotton blouses with unique cuts at different places, either on the shoulder, neck, back, or the sleeves. It makes the blouse stand out from the rest. The boat neck blouse is one such blouse; it has a keyhole cut at the back.  It has buttons on the top and on the ends of this slit to hold the blouse together. The buttons too are unique and are made of wood. The blouse sets the wearer apart because of design, and cuts are one of a kind.

8.Three fourth printed bell-sleeved blouse

The bell sleeves are mainly great for the cotton sarees they remind the days of yore when women flaunted such similar blouses. The patterns are delicate and don’t crave for attention, yet seemingly fresh. The wearer can flaunt it with a lenga or saree, both pair well and make a fashion statement as well.

9.Bell sleeved shirt styled blouse

The shirt style blouse is contemporary and is hear to stay; it’s the no-fuss blouse. It may look all formal but fun to pair with a saree and make a statement. It can have various neck styles, and you can get the sleeves to any length you prefer. The button flap is also interesting with designs and patterns to make the shirt blouse look more feminine.

10.Ikat print sleeves blouse with boat neck

There are several neck cuts, but the boat neck is back with a bang, and most women love to get back to wearing this kind of blouse for both formal and informal occasions. The ikat print is another addition to this blouse but the sleeves take the cake. The body of the blouse has different color fabric to the sleeves with the ikat print. This difference does make it a talking point and gives a unique look to the wearer.

11.Contrast piping with V-neck blouse

The v-neck blouse is oft seen but the piping that is all around the neck to the entirety of the blouse-ends. The sleeves are simple. The contrast color to the piping makes it different and must buy for many saree wearers. It’s a good choice for cotton Jeans.

12.Sleeveless Ikat print blouse

One more ikat print blouse but with no sleeves is just right for any cotton saree wearer. The summer will be a great time to sport this blouse. Its awesome fit as well high neckline makes it a unique and elegant piece that every woman can flaunt it with ease.

Final Thoughts

All the blouses mentioned above are great summer pick, but they do justice to any weather. They are great on all body types as they fit well. The types are varied with different cuts and lines that showcase the craftsmanship fo the designer. It brings out the inner beauty as well doesn’t have to be always traditional, which happens with cotton. The contemporary options are tried on the blouses and they have wonderfully blended with design and changed the perspective of how cotton blouses should be.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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