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There are different kinds of blouses, and women usually go with the current trend. But if you must know that kalamkari blouses have never failed to impress are still going strong. They are very popular, and almost every woman has one and is a part of the staple blouses worn for every kind of saree. These blouses have been there for long. Using natural dyes for eco-friendliness and handmade wooden blocks make this unique yet fulfilling way. To make patterns that have a story of their own in the way they are printed onto the fabric. It, in turn, is cut and sewn into a masterpiece of a blouse that you get to flaunt.

A lot of patterns are put out on these blouses, some earthy, some bold, some delicate, and some abstract. But each has its beauty and makes a statement of their own when made into a beautiful blouse that you get to wear. The true craftsmanship can be seen, and you get to know where the name of the art form is got. The process is complex and involves seventeen steps to be followed to get the right kalamkari design on the fabric.

Various styles of blouses

The kalamkari hs two distinct styles which are equally popular

  • Machilipatnam
  • Srikalahasti

The former does use the pen as the name kalam stands for, and the artisan will make a freehand drawing on the fabric of their choice. The colors that are filled into the designs are also entirely done by hand. This ancient art form is timeless, and it still exists in the hands of dedicated few who want to keep it alive despite the odds.

1.The kalamkari two-slit back blouse

There is a great market for these blouses are they are cut and stitched in a contemporary style and work great on today’s look and trend. There are amazing patterns on this blouse with two diamond-shaped slit-cuts, which add to the mystery of the blouse. The ends of the slits have the buttons to keep the blouse in place. The piping is matched to the blouse, and the sleeveless look can be carried off on any saree you choose to wear.

2.Kalamkari low-cut back, high neck blouse

The back cut blouse with a high neck with double fabric usage one for the body and other for the neck and sleeves give it a vibrant as well as contrasting look the kalamkari is seen on the neck and the sleeves whereas the body is plain makes it an eyecatching blouse that many want to own. The elbow-length sleeves with the contrast piping of the cut make it a stand out from all other blouses in the fray. It’s elegant and can be worn for formal and informal wear.

3.Kalamkari back slit tie-up blouse

The other kalamkari blouse is even more fascinating, with an eye slit at the back with a tie-up to go with it. The elbow-length sleeves and the boat neck, which give the blouse a fascinating touch and enhanced by the print work. It’s a regular blouse and can be made to stand out with a great saree to go with it. A plain saree would complement the fully printed blouse, which would do justice to the wearer.

4.Kalamkari print circular back cut, tie-up blouse

A large circular cut at the back teamed with a tie-up with danglers. The prints are a great standout, and they are of vibrant and colorful patterns. They give a tough competition to other kinds of prints that are now available in the market. The kalamkari print is a sustainable kind of design that has lasted for years and never gone out of fashion.

5.Special kalamkari hand-art regular blouse

There is a simple yet alluring pattern of women and men, and other hand mudras have been incorporated in the design. These are great depictions. They even use nature, village life, and kings and queens, goddesses or gods also are part of the art form that is being printed on to the fabric. Kalamkari is what makes the art form different from any other form. It’s still more earthy and stuck to the roots.

6.Two-print kalamkari blouse

There are amazing high neck patterns with three fourth sleeves with great kalamkari work with floral patterns with mid sleeve change in those patterns. The wearer can showcase in a big way of wearing different kinds of blouses in this print form.

7.Deep neck kalamkari blouse

The blouse is a deep neck with a tie-up at the base of the neck to hold the blouse together and add a touch of extravagance. Nature is depicted in the artwork, which is put forth beautifully on the fabric. The stitching has made a myriad of locations come together and making an artwork that can be worn and flaunted.

8.High neck kalamkari blouse

The collared shirt type blouse with sleeve pullup button is trendy and very true to the contemporary looks with the traditional patterning makes it unique and stand out from the rest of the blouses showcased. It is adventures and fun look.

9.Kalamkari zipper blouse

The blouse with a zipper is new and different from routine blouse hooks or buttons or even the tie-ups. The body is stitched with the different cloth, whereas the rest of the blouse has the kalamkari print fabric. The piping again is contrast and adding to the whole appeal of the blouse.

10.kalamkari border blouse

The next blouse has kalamkari work on the border and sleeves. The rest has contrast plain fabric. It has a circular cut in the back with the hook to secure it. There is gotta Patti work around the cut giving it two different kinds of craftmanship put to use on one garment alone.

11.Half kalamkari blouse

The body has the kalamkari print but different prints and the sleeves and the rest of the blouse with the bold prints. It has the half sleeves and a yolk neck that gives the edge.

12.Sleeveless kalamkari blouse

There is an amazing full-length blouse with no sleeves. The back has a small-sized button down the blouse, which is added to the beauty of the blouse.


You can now pick the most coveted handmade blouses with amazing kalamkari prints that can make any boring saree great.

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