12 Hall Painting Designs to Decor Your Home like a pro


Your entrance hall gives you the perfect opportunity to sweep guests off their feet. Whether visitors are greeted by the sight of a magnificent chandelier or a splash of colors or a bouquet of blooms, your entrance hall can make or mar their experience. This spot is the perfect place to showcase your creativity to the world in the form of a painting or a sculpture. Utilize this prominent entrance space to add elegant decor details that will help to elevate the overall ambience of your home.

1- Go bold with color

Subtle is so passé. You can create a powerful entrance hall that blends contemporary art and traditional architecture and furnishings into a stylish mash-up. You can paint your hall with various hues of yellow. In fact, you can paint your hallway in a beautiful shade of taxicab yellow that would serve as a brilliant backdrop for a family portrait.

2- Go for a mismatched style

You don’t need to be a perfectionist while painting your hallway. Give your hallway a mismatched look. Opt for bold colors like apple green, and if you have stairs in your hallway, use mismatched carpets to cover them. This will give you a classic, vintage-like look.

3- Option for a mural

If you want to keep it subtle yet stylish, you can opt for a subtle mural in earth tones. You don’t have to go all the way with it. Just some light colors, and a sober painting would do the deed.

4- Create an art gallery

If you are an art connoisseur, and have a collection of art pieces to your name, then a good idea would be to turn your hallway into an art gallery. Even if you do not own art pieces, you can line your hallway with family portraits, your own paintings, and even some of your noteworthy achievements. Frame them properly, and hang them there to give your hallway the feel of an art gallery.

5- Keep it white and Geometrical

Sometimes keeping it subtle does the trick. Paint everything white including the door and the dividers as well as the bookshelves for a truly enticing effect.

6- Keep it light and lit

You can add a subtle charm to the walls of your hallways by painting them in a light color like pink. You can enhance the charm further by adding twinkling tea lights, and also throw in a dash of creativity by drawing visitors to the living room with a map of miniature lights.

7- Use warm sunny hallway paint colors

One thing is certain about hallways, and it is that they almost always get very little natural daylight. Neutral shades are a tried and tested way to combat this problem, but why not go a step further and cheer up your hallway with a sunny shade? Keep it contemporary with no fuss accessories and neutral colour accents. Warm sunny colors would give a happy vibe to your house and be really appealing to your guests.

8- Experiment with bold contrasts

Pair intense shades with each other and see your hallway being transformed from a boring space into a celebration of colors.  Don’t be afraid of bold shades – it’s all about making sure that they harmonise, which you can ensure by picking tones that can compete equally. If you want to make your hallway appear spacious, use the darker color on the lower half of the wall to make the room look more spacious.

9- Use peachy pastels to create a warm and welcoming feeling

If you don’t want to opt for bold hues, then also you can also experiment with contrasting shades and colors, all the while keeping the entire look neutral and subtle. Peachy pastels on the wall create a modern, contemporary feel, especially when they are matched with white paintwork and richly grained mid-tone wood.

10- Create an accent with a line

You can add even more interest to a two-tone hallway by painting a sleek black line just over the dado rail. Combined with the grey-pink paint pairing, the black creates an effortlessly smart finish here, and picks out the black of the floor tiles and lamp base, neatly tying the colour scheme together. 

11-Add a hint of character to your hallway with a deep grey shade

It is believed that dark colors should not be used to paint the hallways. Well, that’s a myth. It all depends on your tastes and preferences. While painting your hallway black will only really work in homes with lofty ceilings, a strong, deep shade of grey can lend hallways in even modern, more compact homes a classy, manor house-style look. Accent with colourful paintings and decorative pieces for an eclectic feel, and keep the ceiling white to bounce light around. 

12- Use contrasting Shade

Contrast works. It can catch a lot of attention and get you a lot of appreciation. You can give a contemporary hallway a modern feel and a traditional home a period feel by using the same neat paint trick: painting woodwork in a darker, contrasting shade. A quick way to freshen up an already neutral space, it’s a practical move, too, especially if you have kids or pets who leave their grimy marks as they pass. 

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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