10 Best Wardrobe Design for Your House


A modern bedroom without a wardrobe is something that is unheard of these days. A wardrobe complements your bedroom perfectly. In fact, a wardrobe has become such an important part of a bedroom that when we think of a bedroom the two things that come to our mind immediately are bed and wardrobe. In fact, all modern room have one wall dedicated for wardrobe. Here, in this article, we present to you a list of stunning and functional designs to give your room a trendy makeover.

1-Leave it to the pro-

Before constructing a wardrobe design always take the advice of the professionals. Your wardrobe design should be constructed in a way that it suits your room. So, a professional would take the measurement of your room, and ensure that the best space is kept for your wardrobe. If you want to keep your closet traditional yet modern, opt for clean and sleek wooden designs with mirrors. These bedroom wardrobes and drawers give the best simple look to your room along with other wooden furniture.

2-Go portable-

You can go a bit creative and get yourself a portable room closet. If you are looking for a wardrobe design that can be moved from one place to another with ease, then you can opt for a portable closet. This wardrobe design has a number of drawers, and a flexible Do-it-yourself kit, and is ideal for kids’ room.

3-Go for small and subtle

If you are looking for a wardrobe design that is ideal for a small Indian room. A single door closet designed in a traditional way is an ideal addition to your house.  With a mirror on the front side, this is among the tall room closet that is specially designed for single people bedrooms.

4-Get a sliding bedroom wardrobe design

You can up your fashion quotient by adding this sliding room cupboard to your bedroom. This closet will help you give a stylish look to your bedroom.

5-Get a hinge door room wardrobe design

Get a hinge door bedroom closet to add to the space available in the room. This closet consists of internal fittings and configurations and has drawers made with quality material. Make sure that you use German hardware to make the drawers for a perfect finish.

6-Get an L-shaped wardrobe designs  for an extra attractive quotient

If you want attractive wardrobe designs for your kids’ bedroom, then choose this L-shaped cupboard. The design has been specifically created keeping in mind the requirements of the kids. This wardrobe is safe and comes with ample space to store all your kids’ stuff. Make sure that all safety norms are followed while designing this cupboard so that your kids can use it without much ado.

7-Go multipurpose wardrobe  design

If you need a wardrobe that has side open shelves for multi-purposes, then you can go ahead and get one designed. This cupboard is perfect for people who want to store many things in their closet. This room wall closet cannot only store clothes but other necessary assets too on the side open shelves.

8-A wardrobe with dresser

Get a huge bedroom closet with dresser. This kind of wardrobe design is perfect for couples’ bedrooms where they have a lot of stuff to store. This wardrobe designs  also comes with a beautiful dressing table that allows you to use extra space to get ready.

9-Give a touch of art to your bedroom

Give an artistic touch to your bedroom by opting for a designer bedroom closet. Get a closet that has glossy door panels, a smooth door closing, and flaunts an attractive design. If you want a tinge of sophistication, you can get the closet painted white, and get a tree depicted on it in black. This wardrobe designs will add to a touch of creativity to your room.

10-classic mirror wardrobe

Give an antique tinge to your room by getting a classic mirror closet. This wardrobe comes with a limited number of shelves but its old look adds a sort of irresistible rustic charm to the room.

You don’t need to compromise on the quality of your wardrobe. If you have spent money on designing the perfect bedroom for yourself, then you should also not ignore the wardrobe. You can and you should experiment with colors and suit the one that complements not only your bedroom but also your style.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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