30 Latest Bed Design To Decor Your Home Differently


Whenever you come back home after a tiring day, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A Bed! The place to relax and get better sleep. And it can’t be completed if you don’t have a perfect bed in your home. However, now, the bed has become a lot more than a sleeping place, it has become part of luxury. Everyone wants to get the perfect bed for their home and that’s why they focus on its size, shape, style and colour. And if you are also looking for a perfect bed for your house, here are 30 latest bed design for you that will help you out. Have a Look!

1.Day Bed Design

One of the trendy bed designs that are preferred by the versatile families is the Day bed design. It comes in the shape of a sofa, and can be adjusted well and becomes a beds. It is comfortable to sleep and covers less place. These are made up of fine wood and works well in the small houses.

2.Loft Bed Design

Another small house bed idea is the Loft Bed. It has a wonderful design and placed at a height. You go up with the help of the attached ladder. Under it, you can keep your study table, sofa or anything else that you want to. It will be a cosy beds and you will be able to rest well on it.

3.Hammock Bed Design

The floating beds are very in, and when you want to make this furniture look even unique, you can get in the swing-inspired style and the round shape. The circular mattress will give a contemporary look to your room. Just make sure to get the durable rope for these swing bed.

4.King Size Bed

If you are looking for a big and cosy style of beds, then for the King Size style. It is simple furniture with a space of two people. It is comparatively bigger so that you can fit perfectly on it. These are usually made up of wood and have the space to keep stuff in it.

5.Lomme Bed Design

If you are looking for something really cosy, then go for the Lomme in the egg shape. The inner part of this bed is made up of cushions so that you can get better sleep. The outer structure of this furniture is made up of wood, which gives a feel of an egg. You will admire its contemporary vibes.

6.Queen Size Beds

If you are looking for a multipurpose, go for a Queen Size furniture. It comes with a lot of space to store the items. These are also designed beautifully so that you can get a queen-like vibe. These beds give the inside fitted mattress that will help you to get better sleep.

7.Twaddle Bed Design

If you are looking for the perfect furniture for your kids, go for the Twaddle. It comes with bunk furniture, playing area underneath it, a swing and some beautiful craftwork. The charming and colourful decorations are used to complete these sleeping places. Your child will admire the exciting and playful vibes this furniture.

8.Swing Sleeping Beds

If you don’t like to sleep on the mattress, choose the wing sleeping furniture for yourself. It is in the shape of a swing and comes with a cotton fabric piece to sleep on it. It will give you the garden vibes and you will enjoy its comfort. It is perfect for children and infants.

9.Folding Camping Beds

Many times, you want to plan a vacation for yourself and you don’t like to sleep on the floor. In that case, the folding camping bed will be perfect for you. These are easy to carry and anyone can fit on it. Also, its waterproof fabric makes it perfect for every situation.

10.Crystal Beds

If you are a fan of traditional furniture and don’t want to bring something too bulky for your home, simply pick a crystal metal beds for yourself. It is made up of light metal and looks very luxurious. It has the pillars on all the sides that works as the decorations.

11.Boat Bed Design

The double bed design that is inspired with the design of a boat looks perfect in your home. It is made up of wooden stripes that are knitted together. The beautiful curves and shape of this furniture make it contemporary. It will give the natural vibes to your room.

12.Platform beds

If you want to sleep on something on something lower, but not on the floor, go for the platform furniture . It is not as high as a normal beds and allows you to sleep on the lower level. It will help your body to get support by fitting any kind of mattress on it.

13.Storage Beds

Storage furniture is perfect for someone who loves to collect new things and don’t know how to store them. These beds are built slightly on the higher level and have the extra place under it. Also, you can get it with drawers to maintain the accessibility. The storage place in the head area makes it even better.

14.The Convertible Ottoman Bed

The Convertible Ottoman furniture has is perfect for someone who lives in a PG. It is easy to carry and covers less space and as it comes in the shape of a box. These beds have no headboard or footboards but help you to sleep well.

15.Canopy Beds

The Classy bedrooms will look perfect with the Canopy furniture . It comes with the decorative frames with a higher headboard. The upper part also comes with the some come kind of fabric decoration that gives the feel of a canopy. You will be able to get the cosy vibes from this bed.

16.Poster Bed

The Poster furniture coves more space in your room and comes with the 4 sides covered look. It is made up of glass and you get the whole cosy vibes. To maintain the ventilation, it is opened from 2 sides. These beds will look perfect in modern and big rooms.

17.Santiago beds

If you like the idea of having a big bed, go for the Santiago Bed. It has a wooden touch and comes with an attached headboard and footboard. It has an artistic bed and attached side tables. The overall wooden look makes it contemporary.

18.Bed on the wheels

The wheel furniture is perfect for someone who is a fan of cars. These beds are portable and you can change their directions whenever you want to. The metal frame of these furniture maintains its lightweight. You will enjoy the look and feel of these standard beds.

19.Adjustable beds

The adjustable furniture gives you the liberty to set the mattress according to your comfort. You can set it to any level you want to and get better sleep. This furniture comes with wide headboard. You will be able to set it according to your sitting or sleeping mood.

20.Trundle Bed

The Trundle furniture has two or three-bed under it. You can slide the furniture according to the number of people sleeping on it. These are made up of wood and have no footboard connected to it. This will cover less floor space of your room and is perfect for the small houses.

21.Murphy beds

Murphy Beds are attached to the walls and don’t cover any floor space when they are folded. You can put the furniture in the closet when you are not willing to sleep on it. You can choose its closet look in any design and enjoy its beautiful and not messy design.

22.Best Wardrobe Bed Design

These are some furniture that are connected with the wardrobe. These are no extra space and are fitted in the lower portion of the connected wardrobe. These have the drawers and shelves all around it and also used as a sofa. You will admire its cosy look.

22.Best Wardrobe Bed Design

If you want to give a royal touch to your room, get A luxury round furniture for it. It has the head portion with the pinnacle design that gives the whole new vibes to your living space. You can also get it with the rotating and silky look. The matching side chairs will make it look better.

24.Cradle Beds

Give your single furniture a twist by connecting a cradle with it. This furniture is perfect for the new mothers she will be able to keep their baby in that place. These are designed with the wooden base and are surrounded by the cushions.

25.Bunk Bed Design

Are you looking for a bed on which two or three people can sleep? Bunk Beds can be the best choice for you. It is made up of wood, where the lower part gives you a feel of double bed while the top one gives the vibes of a single beds. It will cover less floor space.

26.Italian Modern Beds

The Italian Bed has the best personality and two people can easily fit on it. It has curves and cushioned velvet. These are softly embossed and help you to get better sleep. You can place anything on either side of the beds.

27.Wooden Frame Beds

The Wooden Frame is simple furniture with the modified wooden framework on either side. The stands on either side work as the side tables. It has a very sleek design and looks well in modern houses. The cushion look on the headboard makes it better.

28.Water Bed Design

If you are a fan of contemporary furniture designs, then go for the water beds. It has some curves that give the vibes of the water waves. These are mostly found in the countries with the hotter climate. It will help you to get a better sleeping experience.

29.Modern Antique Bed

A wooden inspired furniture will help you to add hear grabbing vibes to your home. It is designed with high-quality wood and may have a bulky vibe. You will enjoy its crown-like shape that helps you to get the attractive vibes. These are a part of antique furniture.

29.Modern Antique Bed

Futon furniture is another kind of Sofa cum furniture , with no headache of sliding. You can sleep on it, sit on it or use it as a recliner. It is very comfortable and has no headboard or footboard. These will look perfect in your drawing room.

So which bed design you like the most? Do tell us in the comment section!

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