25 World’s Best Interior Decor Ideas


Everyone wishes to have a well-designed and well-organized home, but not all of us have a natural eye when it comes to designs. So, people generally end up looking for professional interior designers to create a space of their dreams. 

No doubt, interior designers do their job really well, but it also calls for a massive amount of investment to be made by the homeowner. 

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Well, if you are looking for some inspiration to create a home design but don’t know where to begin, then do not worry because this article will fix everything for you. 

Here, you will get an insight into 25 world’s best interior design ideas, following which you will be able to create a classy home design for yourself. So, to keep you in the know and on-trend, let’s move forward and take a look at these design ideas.

#1. Stand Out. Shine. Be Colorful.

You may be expecting to hear this one, and here it is. Our first piece of interior decor ideas is playing with colors. Since colors are known to affect the human brain in a significant way, do not ignore them.

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Also, besides affecting the human brain, these also help in adding a little extra life to the whole place. So, make sure you make the most of these.

Now, you may go with the bold and lively colors, if you wish to have an energetic feel. But if you like to have a vibe of peace & calm, then you may choose to go with the light shades. In either case, you will end up having walls that speak volumes.

#2. Go the Minimalist Way

The minimalists like to mix and match, and this has resulted in a whole new interior design idea. You may combine different styles and use them together. You may keep the color palette in the same tone and mix the patterns and materials, or you may create a mix and match style by using different colors (as shown in the image above).

Image Source: digthisdesign

Either way, you will create a classy interior that no human eye will be able to ignore.

#3. Pull off the Monochromatic Look

Create a contemporary, eye-catching, and unashamedly audacious space for yourself by choosing the monochromatic theme. You may not only incorporate this look in your living room or bedroom but also your kitchen or bathroom.

The only tip you have to keep in mind while creating a monochromatic look is the variation in texture since this will help in keeping the color from falling flat.

Image Source: pfeifferdesign

#4. Statement Lights

When it comes to creating an appealing interior, people generally take the lightings for granted. Well, little do they know that these form a significant impact on the entire space.

Image Source: lightingstores

So, make sure you don’t ignore the lightings and allow these to drive inspiration in anyone who walks in and take a look at your space.

You may use different types of lighting, including floor lamp, wall lamp, vintage light, etc. for different areas of your home.

#5. Mix Old and New Decor

One of the best ways to design an interior differently is by mixing both old and new interior decor items. You may create a mixed look and leave everybody wondering with the diverse styles of your decor items.

Image Source: lonny

Also, this will help you in creating a trendy yet classy interior design.

#6. Use Wallpaper and Liven Up the Spaces

Try using wallpapers in mundane areas like hallways, pantries, etc. This will help in adding spice to the whole place and that too in a very budget-friendly manner.

#7. Upgrade the Light Switches

People generally ignore this. Yes!! They do. But that does not mean that you also have to do the same. So, while you work on creating a fantastic interior, consider upgrading the light switches as these help in adding a royal look in the entire space.

Image Source: archiexpo

#8. Invest in Antiques

Antiques only better with age, and there is no better way to redefine the look of your home than incorporating a few pieces of antiques.

So, consider using antiques to give an antique look to your place and stay incredibly stylish homeowner.

Image Source: Adorable-home

#9. Use Statement Appliances

One of the best ways to create a striking interior design is by using statement appliances. These not only help in adding a feel of luxury to the place (usually kitchen) but also help in saving electricity bills as these are generally energy-efficient.

Image Source: freshdirect

A hot tip: If you do not feel like investing in buying new appliances, then you may choose to go for a double door fridge on rent in Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, or any other city. You may also get other appliances on rent and give a luxe feel to your space.

#10. Amp-up the Ceiling

Dull and boring ceilings are long gone. Now is the time of giving a new look to your ceilings by either using wallpaper, paint or by using the ceiling lights.

Image Source: jilliannewhomes

So, whenever anyone walks in and see the ceilings defining the lines of beauty all around.

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#11. Add a Bar

Every home should have a bar, and if you like to entertain a couple of guests, now and then, it will be celebrated.

So, put some thought into as it will not only serve as the center point of a house party but will also give a stylish look to your home.

Image Source: wineenthusiast

#12. Rugs

Another must-have to give an extra warm look to your home is rugs. These look super elegant and hold power to add a final touch to any space.

Image Source: costco

Rugs are available everywhere and in massive variety and designs, so keep the color scheme of your home in mind and buy the right one.

A hot tip: If your home is light, you may go for the bold colored rug, and if your home is dark, then you may choose pastel-colored rugs.

#13. Let the Art do the Talking

Included in the most versatile decorating accessories, art is all about diversity. When it comes to art, you can always find the subtle art pieces, regardless of your choice or the theme of your home.

If you wish to add a personal touch to your home, nothing can match the art. It dates back to the prehistoric era, and you can always create an artistic look by using any kind of art, depending upon your taste.

Image Source: onshopdeals

#14. Create a Quiet Corner

A quiet corner is essential in every house. Just imagine curling yourself up and reading your favorite books while sipping coffee. Ahhh!! It sounds like a perfect day off!!

Image Source: idealhome

Well, you can have that perfect day off by simply creating a quiet reading corner. All you have to do is choose a space that is not in the middle, add a comfortable chair, a round table, a bookshelf, and TA DAAA!! Get ready to enjoy some ‘me time.’

#15. Display Things with Open Shelves

Gone are the days when people use to hide everything inside the cabinets and drawers. The present generation believes in displaying as much as they can. In fact, it looks cool too.

So, instead of hiding the stuff inside the closed doors, show the items you own. You may consider having closed cabinets in the lower area and open shelves on top.

Image Source: etsy

#16. Get Easy with Quirky Furniture

Heavy and dull types of furniture are no more in trend. Now, people prefer to use light and quirky pieces of furniture. These not only help in adding a lively look to the whole area but also positively affect your mood.

Image Source: trendhunter

You may consider using the quirksome pieces of furniture by keeping in mind the design & color of walls, other accessories, etc.

Also, make sure you keep comfort on priority whole looking for a trendy piece of furniture because eventually, you are going to use it to seek comfort.

#17. Don’t Underestimate DIY Ideas

One of the best and easiest ways to create a compelling interior is by applying DIY ideas. You can always use amazing DIY ideas to come up with beautiful pieces of art, accessories, or decor ideas.

You may go through these unbelievably cheap but awesome DIY home decor projects and create your dream space.

#18. Bring the Greens Inside

Plants are a dose of nature that helps in throwing off good vibes besides giving a feel of freshness. These not only serve the purpose of making us feel good and fresh but also helps in purifying the air around us.

Image Source: nestaway

Apart from the stated benefits, these help in enhancing the aura of the whole place. So, consider bringing the greens inside to add a more lively touch to your home.

#19. Let the Natural Lights Flow Inside

To give a lively look to your space, make sure you allow the natural light to flow inside. Getting natural light inside the house not only helps in creating a positive vibe but also enhances the look of the home.

Image Source: caandesign

There is no substitute for natural light, so, let the sunshine flow inside. Also, the bigger the windows, the better will be the look of the house.

#20. Up the Game of Your Floor

Try adding a vibrant look to your space by keeping the floors well designed. You can either use tile stickers or paint to create a floor design that speaks creativity.

Image Source: amazon

Also, this method of creating a floor design is both economical and comfortable.

#21. Link Indoor with Outdoor

If your idea of home decor is limited to indoors, then you need to rethink it. You must do justice to the outdoors of your home as you did with the living room and other areas inside. Make sure that both indoors and outdoors are in sync.

To create a balance between the two, you may use these clever ways to link indoors and outdoors.

Image Source: goodhousekeeping

#22. Use Mirrors to Warm Up the Area

Mirrors are a great way to make the place look amazing. You can add a few designer mirrors and create a warm and welcoming look. One thing to remember while using mirrors is that you hang a mirror in a way that they reflect something appealing, for example, a beautiful painting, or an artistic corner of your home.

Image Source: goodhousekeeping

#23. Use Matching Accessories

Every home needs a little color, and not everyone has time to grab a paintbrush and paint. Also, who would like to paint their homes every year?

Image Source: property24

So, you may use colorful cushions, wall art, and window blinds in a way that they do the needful, just as you want it to be.

#24. Add Velvet

Velvet gives a royal touch. Though it will not last long, it never goes out of style. You can add to the luxurious look of your house by adding a pinch of velvet in the living room.

Also, velvet furniture is readily available online these days, so you can get the same and create a classy look in your home.

Image Source: movedon

#25. Choose the Right Curtain Length

One thing to keep in mind while designing a home is that you keep the curtain length right. You may also hang the curtains in a way that they just cover the height and width of the window.

Image Source: jcpenney

Wrapping it Up

Home designing is indeed a difficult task, but with these fantastic ideas mentioned above, you will be able to come up with a place that is both classy and trendy.So what are you waiting for now?Roll up your sleeve and start designing your home in a way that you leave everyone surprised by the hidden interior designer in you.

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