8 Stylish Blouse Color Combinations for Silk Saree


Undoubtedly, the dignified and stunning look of the silk sarees is perfect for the traditional occasions. Just like any other saree, there are different designs and patterns in silk sarees as well from which you can choose the best one according to your budget and suitability.

Of course, to choose the trendy and designer silk saree is easy for every woman, but when it comes to select the right blouse design and colour combination, then it is an extremely challenging task.

Pink Woven Art Silk Saree With Blue Blouse

If the colour of the blouse is a mismatch in accordance with the saree, then the look of your attire will certainly get washed away. Therefore, to achieve the right look and appeal, it is pivotal to get the right blouse colour and design.

Nowadays, there are a wide variety of colours, fabrics, texture and design available in the market and obviously, it is perplexing for every woman. Hence, to ease your burden, here is the list of 8 stylish blouse colour combinations, which will definitely add the glamour to your whole appearance.

  1. Green Blouse with Yellow Silk Saree
    The vibrant and bright yellow colour of your silk saree is already appealing and attractive. Thus, it is crucial to look for little solid colour to match with the silk saree to enhance its beauty, isn’t it? Well, here is the solution for you! Go for the green colour designer blouse to pair it with your yellow saree. It is suggested that go for the dark green colour while finalizing the colour for the blouse.

  2. Yellow Blouse with Blue Silk Saree
    Nothing is more fascinating than the contrasting colours of the saree and blouse. If you pair your designer and stylish blue colour silk saree with the yellow colour blouse, then you will definitely get compliments from all the corners on every occasion. Don’t wear heavy jewellery or accessory and try to keep it more minimalistic yet elegant.

  3. Red Blouse with Blue Silk Saree
    There are many options to pair your blue silk saree with the stylish blouse colour combinations and shades. Another option to pair your blue silk saree is with glamorous red colour, isn’t it stunning? The colour combination of blue and red is always in the latest fashion trend and can easily be paired with any elegant piece of jewellery.

  4. Orange Blouse with Aqua Blue Silk Saree
    Nowadays, the aqua blue colour is among one of the favourites for all the women. Even the silk sarees are coming up in different hues and colour combinations. If you are in an enigma to choose the right blouse colour to pair with your Aqua blue silk saree, then orange with the blend of golden colour is the appropriate choice for you. The blend of orange and golden colour will definitely match with the elegance of the aqua blue silk saree.

  5. Dark Brown Blouse with White silk saree
    The alluring and fascinating white colour, especially in silk saree is a must-have for your wardrobe collection. Purchasing a white silk saree is easier, but the most cumbersome task to pair the perfect blouse. You can easily pair your white silk saree with an embellished dark green colour blouse for a style statement on any occasion. The solid dark green colour will definitely enhance the beauty of your white silk saree.

  6. Black Blouse with Black Silk Saree
    If you are bored or tired of wearing the contrasting colours in saree and blouse, then this time try something different from the ordinary. If you have a black silk saree in your closet collection, then without even second thought, pair your silk saree with the black colour blouse. Just make sure that the design of the blouse should be simple not embellished or embroidered such as collar neck design, boat neck design etc.

  7. Red Blouse with Off White Silk Saree
    The exceptional and exquisite off-white silk saree is one of the most preferred choices of all the women. The sheer texture and fine fabric of the silk saree are what compel the ladies to purchase it. The Off-white silk saree can perfectly be paired with the red colour blouse. After the pairing of the off-white silk saree and red blouse, you will definitely rock the classy and royal look.

  8. Pink Blouse with Green Silk Saree
    The last but not the least in our list is timeless black colour with the pastel pink silk saree. The pastel pink silk saree is obviously common among the ladies, but to make it little different and unique in styling, you should pair it with black colour blouse. Additionally, you can prefer to have an embroidered or embellished blouse design to match with the traditional silk saree. To conclude, I hope that the above-mentioned list of the blouse colour combinations for the silk sarees will decipher all your fashion dilemmas.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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