Do You Want to Look Royal? Try These 6 Elegant Banarasi Silk Sarees


Banarasi silk sarees are traditionally woven with the premium quality of silk and zari on the handloom. The whole procedure of making the Banarasi saree is complicated and takes a long time. Hence, Banarasi silk sarees are a little expensive.

The designs, colour combination and stunning look of the Banarasi sarees are absolutely overwhelming, especially if you want to look royal and elegant on occasions and functions.

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The intricate floral pattern designs and motifs are made with the golden zari work. Moreover, the designs and patterns are specifically done on the border and pallu of the saree to make its appeal more gorgeous.

There are several types of Banarasi silk sarees, which are trending in this season. However, from the long list, we have amassed the list of the best 6 elegant Banarasi silk saree styles for you.

  1. Plain Banarasi Cotton Silk Saree
    The plain and simple Banarasi cotton Silk saree is a treat for those who love simple garbs. There are alluring designs or patterns on the border and the pallu.

    Of course, the design of the Banarasi cotton saree is simple, but the elegant and exquisite look of this saree will definitely get you compliments from all the corners. Whether it is a formal event on college or school or a wedding function, you can Wear banarasi saree with a simple pendant or neckpiece without even thinking twice.

  2. Banarasi Saree in Zari Work
    Basically, the zari work is done with the golden and silver colour threads to enhance the texture of the fabric and its whole look. The craftsman of the Banarasi saree designs the whole saree in a way so that the embroidery and design of the zari work sustain for the longer period of time.

    Banarasi saree in zari work is a perfect choice to wear it on festivals and wedding functions along with the heavy jewellery or accessory. Do not forget to wear the stylish high heels with the pairing of the Banarasi saree.

  3. Golden Banarasi Saree
    If you are on the search for something uniquely traditional yet elegant, then golden Banarasi saree is just made for you. The traditional and antique golden Banarasi saree is in high-demand among the ladies of all age group.

    The intricate and complex geometrical design is directly inspired by the Mughal architecture. In addition, the golden hue of this Banarasi saree is what makes it more ravishing and alluring. The pallu of this saree has been kept simple intentionally to not amplify the design.

  4. White Banarasi Saree in Butta Work
    Banarasi silk saree in Butta work is usually woven with golden and silver threads. The Butta work is extremely popular on traditional outfits, especially on the borders and pallu of the sarees. Moreover, the white colour is evergreen and timeless colour, which is suitable for every occasion.

    The intricate design or motifs of the golden leafs or Butta is the highlight of this Banarasi silk saree. You can choose to wear a stylish or trendy blouse design with this white Banarasi saree with the patch work of Butta/leafs to pair with the saree.

  5. Cut-Work Silk Banarasi Saree
    The cut-work is a technique used by the skilled craftsman to weave the saree in different motifs and designs.

    The cut-work silk saree is commonly known as Jamdani saree, which is immensely popular and selling enormously on online shopping websites and retail stores. Some of the most famous cut-work designs are a creeper, jasmine, marigold and different leaf patterns. To add glamour to your wardrobe collection, you can purchase the cut-work/ Jamdani Silk Banarasi saree to make a style statement among friends, colleagues or relatives.

  6. Patola Banarasi Saree
    The last one in our list of the best silk Banarasi sarees is Patola Banarasi saree. What differentiate this silk saree from the others are its geometrical motifs and the bright colours. Assuredly, you will get a wide variety of colours and shades in Patola Banarasi saree.

    Before you style this saree, it is important to keep in mind the draping style of the Patola Banarasi saree to enhance its design and distinguishing motifs. You can pair this stunning Banarasi saree with the pearl necklace and earrings to have a long-lasting impression on others.

To conclude, there is a long list of silk Banarasi sarees in different styles and designs apart from the above-mentioned list. Choose the most royal and elegant Banarasi silk saree to make your appearance more grandeur and splendid on every gathering.

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