Top 6 Trendy Cotton Silk Saree’s For Cotton Fabric Lovers


The cotton silk sarees are made by the skilled and expert craftsman with the perfect blend of cotton and silk yarn. The cotton silk sarees is the foremost choice of every woman while they shop for the traditional outfits for special occasions.

Now, you must be thinking, why cotton silk sarees are selling predominantly as the latest fashion garb? The prominent reason is that they are comfortable, light in weight, less shiny or lustrous and look stunning on evening events and occasions.

The cotton silk sarees are essential for every woman’s wardrobe as there are different styles and designs in it. From plain to heavily-adorned, you will definitely get a wide range of collection.

Therefore, here is the accumulated list of the top 6 trendy cotton silk saree designs, which will surely enhance the beauty of your personality and style.

  1. South Indian Cotton Silk Sarees
    The south Indian cotton sarees are popular for its unique style and pattern designs. They are quite simple and plain in look, however the aura it creates after the draping the saree correctly, it is simply fascinating.

    The south Indian cotton silk sarees are trendy not just in south India, but in every other state of India. The best part about this saree design is that it can easily be worn on casual events and parties with the pairing of minimal accessories and high heels.

  2. Embroidered/Embellished Cotton Silk Sarees
    Even if the plain and simple cotton silk sarees are in trend, you cannot get away with the fact that embroidered or embellished sarees also look pretty and stunning.

    Of course, the embroidery will be done on the exceptional parts like Pallu or baseline, which looks stunning on the wearer. Moreover, there are different patterns and designs in embroidered saree as well such as floral, animal and birds figure embroidery work from a simple thread. To make your wardrobe collection more trendy and classy, why not to add embroidered cotton silk saree in it?

  3. Cotton Silk Saree in Modern Print
    The traditional and ethnic look of the sarees has been modernized nowadays by several reputed fashion designers.

    By adding the modern abstract prints in the cotton silk sarees, they are willingly making it stylish and fashionable attire for women. Assuredly, the comfortability and versatility of the cotton silk sarees are the topmost reasons for every woman to buy this stunning attire. Now, you can get a wide variety of modern or digital prints in the cotton silk sarees and all of them are in the latest fashion trends. The modern print cotton silk sarees are best paired with the boat neck or off-shoulder blouse design.

  4. Banarasi Cotton Silk Sarees
    Among the best collection of cotton silk sarees, the Banarasi saree is in the trend from the last year. Now, even in 2019, the trend and craze for the Banarasi cotton silk sarees are still ascending.

    You can easily wear the Banarasi cotton silk sarees in special gatherings and festivals to flaunt your whole new look. Just make sure that you pair it with elegant and stylish jewellery to match with the outfit.

  5. Cotton Silk Saree in Indigo Print
    If you are searching for the traditional outfit with a bohemian touch, then cotton silk saree in Indigo Print is the appropriate choice for you! The trend of Indigo prints can never go out of fashion and always enhance your amazing personality and looks.

  6. Cotton Silk Saree in Contrasting Borders
    Now, the last and the most popular among the ladies is cotton silk saree in contrasting borders.

    Nowadays, the colour combinations and contrasting hues are extremely famous and if the saree is plain, then it will certainly look fabulous. The sophisticated and balanced look of this cotton silk saree is what makes it more appealing and attractive. On wedding functions or reception parties, this classy and voguish cotton silk saree in contrasting hue will definitely make the heads turn.

To conclude, the blend of cotton and silk fabric in a traditional Saree outfit is the perfect one. The smooth and soft fabric of the cotton silk saree makes it the best choice for the hot summer season among all the women’s.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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