8 Outstanding Earring Designs that Every Women Should Know!


Earrings are the most notable and prominent jewellery, which every woman have in their jewellery collection. It’s not just an ornament, but a style statement which makes them look gorgeous and stunning.


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Unquestionably, you must have some amazing and elegant earrings in your closet. However, when it comes to choosing the right one to match with the outfit, you generally get stuck there and end up wearing that mundane and ordinary earring.

Well, this time it won’t be a challenging task for you to decide the right earring design to match with your outfit. Here is the curated list of the 8 outstanding earring designs, which will definitely add glamour to your entire look.

  1. Chandeliers
    Chandelier earrings have intricate designs and patterns. Generally, chandelier earrings are embedded with stones and feathers to create a striking look. The chandelier looks exactly the same as drop earrings, but obviously, they are little different in design and style.

    If you plan to wear chandelier earrings with your outfit, then do it carefully because they are considered as jewellery set. In addition, you can wear stylish chandelier earrings with any wedding attire while excluding the other accessories.

  2. Pearl Earrings
    There are some of the classy and fascinating earring designs which are absolutely irresistible and one such design is pearl earrings. Nowadays, even in pearl earrings, you will get a wide range of collection.

    From diamond studded to rose gold, the pearl earrings are available in every design and pattern. The prominent plus point of purchasing the pearl earring is that you can either wear it on evening parties or any formal event.

  3. Stud Earrings
    The most comfortable yet stylish is stud earring which is tightly fixed with the earlobe. The elegant and latest designs in stud earrings are what make it the foremost preference of every woman.

    At present, there are several designs in stud earrings such as geometric, stars, conceptual, animals and many more. Moreover, you can wear stud earrings by mixing the two designs to add sophistication to your everyday look. You can pair the exquisite stud earrings with any regular outfit to look exceptional.

  4. Ear Cuffs
    The bohemian and edgy look of the ear cuffs makes it more popular and famous among every woman. Ear cuffs cover the whole area of your ear starting from the lobe to the top edge and there’s no hanging attached with the ear cuffs.

    Ear cuffs are commonly considered as a fashion accessory which comes up with different designs and styles every season. Keeping aside the traditional ear cuffs, nowadays, you will get an extensive variety of ear cuffs to pair with your western outfits.

  5. Hoop Earrings
    From designer to basic and affordable to expensive, hoop earrings are available in miscellaneous designs, shapes and sizes.

    Whether you opt for the miniature hoop earrings or gigantic ones, it is absolutely your choice, but the best part is that they perfectly match with any of your outfits.

  6. Shoulder Duster Earrings
    The chic and voguish shoulder duster earrings are considered as one of the latest fashion trends in jewellery. The elegant and dazzling drops are an essential accessory which every woman must own.

    If you don’t like the heavy ones, then go for the sleek modern design in shoulder duster earrings. To flaunt your neck bone, you can wear these stylish and modern shoulder duster earrings with off-shoulder blouse, tops or drop waist dress.

  7. Drop Earrings
    Another one in the list of the outstanding earring designs is Drop earrings. The lustrous and shiny drop earrings look similar to chandeliers, but they are different in shape, sizes and design patterns.

    Drop earrings are heavy in design and there are several shapes and sizes in this piece of jewellery. From short to long and slender to chunky, there is an exclusive collection which you cannot afford to miss if you are a style icon among your friends and colleagues.

  8. Cluster Earrings
    Cluster earrings have some precious stones and pearls embedded in it. Just like stud earrings, the cluster earrings are small and tightly fixed to the earlobe, but there are different patterns, designs and cuts in this jewellery.

    You will certainly get a wide range of collection in cluster earrings. Just make sure that you pick the best one according to your comfortability, budget and style.

To conclude, I hope that you are now aware of the latest and trendy earring designs, which is selling enormously this season. Hence, pick the right earring design which suits your personality and attire.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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