6 Trending Ear Cuffs Designs You Should Know!


Nowadays Ear cuffs have replaced traditional earrings—and for good reason. In 2014, Ear cuffs came into play, and since then it has become an accessory that reflects attitude and personality. Ear cuffs are cool looking. Whether it’s a cartilage hoop or a sleek climber, there’s something undeniably edgy and special about the look. That said, not all of us are so eager to abandon our small everyday studs for some giant, studded, spiked thing taking over our ear. For the minimalists among us, sleeker, simpler, smaller styles are a better option. Here, we’ve rounded up some stylish ear cuffs that are delicate enough to wear casually but still enough edgy.

#1. Wave Ear Cuffs:

Wave is one of the beautiful ear cuffs. It is a perfect combination of simplicity and modernity. If you want to stay safe and don’t want to take any risk then you can go for sleek silver or golden colour cuffs with little gems or beads. You can also go for feathers on your ear. These design of ear cuffs is loved by many Hollywood actresses. You can easily get these types of ear cuffs in the market.

#2. Spiked Ear Cuffs:

Are you looking for something emo? If yes, then you must try spiked ear cuffs. These ear cuffs make you look bossy and bold. You can find it in long, pointed, small or hanging style. These ear cuffs can instantly transform your look. You can wear them with your casual clothes and add an edge to your whole look. You can try them and see the change in your and people’s attitude.

#3. Wrapping Ear Cuffs:

Going for something bold though elegant is not at all easy. But if you really are that type of person then you can go for wrapping ear cuffs. These statement pieces are in the leafy or flowery pattern. This looks very pretty and loved by most women. If you are thinking for the right way to ear these cuffs, then you don’t have to worry about anything. It is because the Wrapping Ear cuffs are the other name of perfection.

#4. Long and Multi Chain Ear Cuffs:

If you are looking for an ear accessory with full coverage and hangings then the Long and multi chain ear cuff is perfect for you. It comes with the long chain some statement beads or patterns hanging with it. You can either connect it to your hair or let it stay hanging, it will definitely going to look stunning. According to the material, length and colour of the ear cuff, you can pair it with your western or Indian outfit.

#5. Wild Ear Cuffs:

One of the boldest Ear cuffs design is Wild ear cuffs. It has a wild effect in it, and from wild we really mean that it has that wildness in it. It has some animal pattern or design on it. You can wear these types of ear cuffs and shock the world. These are found in a snake, dragon, or aliens patterns. You can even find it in animal prints. You can mix and match it with your outfit.

#6. Multi-Rings Ear Cuffs:

Multi-Rings Ear Cuffs gives an effect of a lot of piercings. If you love to wear a lot of earrings but not bold enough to get the real piercings then you can wear this style of ear cuffs. It looks very beautiful and elegant and gives a fuller effect. The best of these Ear cuffs is that it goes well with both Indian and western outfits. You can choose them and make everyone shock.

Getting the right ear cuff is not at all difficult but wearing it in the best way is really hard. You have to decide which ear cuff suits the best with your outfit. If you also feel difficulty while wearing the ear cuffs then you must read these tips.

  • Never wear your bold ear cuffs with an Indian outfit. It will ruin your whole look. Only go for the bold ones.
  • If you love the bold styles of Ear cuffs then you must take care of its style. Don’t go for too much as it will make you look weird.
  • You can combine the simple and plain ear cuffs with your any outfit.

Follow these tips and never ever go wrong with your Ear cuffs.


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