9 Earring Designs That Will Look Flawless All the Time


India is known for its parties and colours. And it’s boring to wear the same kind of jewellery for every occasion. Jewellery is just like makeup and someone who loves it can understand the importance of every jewellery piece. Earring designs are one such important jewellery piece that completes your look. It helps your ears to shine. Also, avoiding any other jewellery piece and only going for earrings can also make a big difference. So here are 9 hand-picked designer earring designs that will help you look perfect at parties:

1.   Chandelier Earrings:

Chandelier earrings are the first choice of Bollywood as it gives you the perfect Indian look. From Ram Leela movie to Raazi, every movie has these earring designs. These have a chandelier-like shape and many colours. You will admire the bounce that it will add to your party dress.






2.    Hoop Earrings:

Hoop Earring designs are the simplest and minimal earring design that helps your ears to shine. Hoops are simple and they help your ears to amazing. You can’t just ignore them because of their beautiful design. From small to big, you will find thousands of designs in the market, so choose whatever you like. Choose the gold hoops for the small parties and comfortable look.

3.  Flip Earrings:

 Flip Earrings have an exclusive shape as they flipped right from the centre and look fancy design. It will help you to look amazing at the party. The Flip earring designs are the ideal design and their geometric design is what you must be seeking. According to the designs, you can wear it to office events and cocktail parties.

4. Jhumka:

Jhumka has the Indian look and it looks great with Indian clothes itself. It has a doom-like shape and small hangings. Also, the playful vibes of this Earring are unbeatable. For a better look, get yourself a pearl jhumka. It will help you to maintain the sassiness as well as traditional look.

5. Dangle Earrings:

 Dangle earring designs have a beautiful finish and shape. It doesn’t have an Indian look and looks perfect with western outfits. These have an authentic design and smooth finish. These statement pieces will help you to shine in western outfits. You can choose its shape according to your wish.

6. Ear Cuffs:

Do you want to get an effortless look? Simply go for Ear Cuffs. It is very simple to wear and in most cases, it doesn’t require a piercing. These will stick your ear sides and help your ears to cover properly. Choose the size and design accordingly and enjoy its beautiful look.

7.  Tassel Earrings:

Tassel Earring designs are trendy nowadays. These are stunning and serve you with perfect hanging and stud effect. These are also found in amazing shapes like florals so that you can stay wherever you want to and shine in the same. These are the best for carefree looks and parties.

8. Solitaire Earrings:

There are so many elements that design the earrings but nothing can beat the beauty of solitaire earrings. These are evergreen and loved by the universe. From casual parties to weddings, one can wear it anywhere they want to. These are classic and edgy and you will enjoy their neat design.

9. Studs:

Studs are small in size and magnify the beauty of your ears. These don’t have many layers and that’s why you can wear them to get a minimal look. Also, these are found in many different designs and shapes, so you can choose something according to your comfort and occasion.

These were 9 earring designs that will help you to shine at Parties. You can define your choice and occasion and get a perfect look.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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