6 Flawless Palazzo Pants for Your Body Type That Every Woman Should Know


Every woman have a different body shape, but they don’t know the best attire for them- that will suit their body and make them feel comfortable. And when we talk about palazzo pants, there is a huge variety available and women tend to pick any of them, without even knowing what will suit them the best. So it’s very important to know about body type and define your palazzo pants accordingly. Here is a quick guide that will help you to choose the perfect palazzo for your body. Have a look:

1.Palazzos for women with Apple-shaped Body

 From apple-shape, we mean a woman with broad shoulders, full bust and wide torso. If you feel these three words define you, you have an apple-shaped figure. The perfect palazzo will help you to look slimmer and longer. As you have a wider body from the middle, go for the straight palazzo. The monochrome effect will look best on your body. Combine it with a looser Kurti. And when we talk about fabric, go for silk or cotton.






2. Palazzos for women with the hourglass-shaped body

Whenever you want to wear anything, don’t forget to flaunt your attire without any care. You simply have to define your style with your comfort. For hour-glass shaped women, go for the perfect fabric that gives a nice fall and swish. Well-fitted style from the waist will help you to flaunt your curves.

3. Palazzos for women with the pear-shaped body

 From pear shape, we mean women with heavy thighs, curvy hips and full rear. While choosing the right palazzo salwar for yourself, go for a flowy garment that will help you to hide your thighs. The fitted style on the waist will also help you. In this case, chiffon and georgette fabric will be great for you and choose your Kurti with a horizontal or zig-zag pattern. It will take off the attention from your bottom area.

4. Palazzos for women with the athletic body

 The Athletic body is the best word to define a skinny woman with a straight frame. Go for a fitted palazzo around the hips and medium wide flare while going down. You can pair it with Kurti, shirt or spaghetti top.

5. Palazzo for Long Hight women

If you are very tall and not getting the right palazzo for yourself, then you must be doing something wrong. You have a wide-legged figure that is perfect in every sense. You can choose your palazzo with a wide flare and combine it with the medium length Kurti. It will balance out your look and make your height look normal.

6. Palazzo for Short women

 If you have a short height, then avoid going for voluminous styles as they will look too much on you. Go for the lightweight fabrics and narrow flared palazzo to look fashionable. Whenever you are going for palazzo pants, wear your heels or wedges with the same. It will help you to get a perfect fall.

Choosing the right palazzo for yourself will help you to look perfect in every sense. So pick wisely.   

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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