17 Quick and Easy Mehendi Designs for Raksha Bandhan


Mehndi is an integral part of Indian culture and festivals. For any special occasion, women love adorning their hands with beautiful henna designs. Raksha Bandhan is one such festival where Mehndi holds great significance. This is the day when sisters get ready in their ethnic best to perform rituals and tie a sacred thread on their brother’s wrists. Decorating hands with mehndi is considered auspicious on this day. Sisters search for the latest mehndi designs to celebrate their special bond with their brothers.

Raksha Bandhan is not just about selecting the best rakhis online for brothers. Sisters start preparing for this festival weeks in advance. Along with shopping for gifts and rakhis, choosing a trendy mehndi design is an important part of their preparation. There are many latest mehndi design options to explore from Arabic, Indian, Indo-Western, floral, minimalist and so on.

Latest Mehendi Designs for Raksha Bandhan

Here are some of the most popular mehendi design ideas for Raksha Bandhan this year:

1. Floral Vines

Floral vines make for one of the most popular Raksha Bandhan mehendi designs. You can keep it simple with vines extending to your fingers or make it more elaborate covering the entire hands. The floral vines can include roses, lotuses, marigolds, jasmine and other flowers of your choice. These represent the beautiful bond between a brother and a sister.

2. Classy Peacock Motif

The peacock motif is a classic mehndi design that is perfect for occasions like Raksha Bandhan. You can get this done on the palms or back of your hands. Peacocks represent vibrance, beauty and grace. This design is sure to catch everyone’s attention in your Raksha Bandhan celebrations.

3.Jaal Mehendi Design

Jaal designs comprise geometric patterns and criss-cross lines that extend till the fingers. They are a popular Arabic mehendi design that looks trendy and unique. The repeated pattern of the jaal design symbolizes the strong bond between a brother and sister.

4. Minimalist Bracelet

For sisters who like minimal designs, a simple bracelet pattern works well. You can keep it clean with fewer embellishments or use dotted lines, leaves, or flowers to highlight the bracelet. This type of design is quick and easy to make.

5. Traditional Mandala Mehendi

Mandala designs contain concentric shapes and patterns. They have a traditional appeal that goes perfectly with the essence of Raksha Bandhan. You can get a mandala pattern done on the palms or back of your hands.

6. Glitter Mehndi Designs

Add some sparkle and shine to your Raksha Bandhan look by opting for glitter mehendi designs. These contain fine glitter that is mixed with the mehendi cone. From minimal patterns to elaborate shapes, glitter mehendi ensures you dazzle on this festival.

7. Bold & Contemporary Arabic Mehendi Design

Arabic mehndi patterns are known for their free-flowing lines, geometric shapes, and bold strokes. They have a very contemporary and trendy look perfect for special occasions. Raksha Bandhan calls for a celebration and Arabic mehndi fits the mood well.

8. Intricate & Royal Rajasthani Mehendi

Rajasthan is known for its grand, elaborate mehndi designs. Rajasthani mehndi extends to arms and legs with intricate patterns involving flowers, peacock motifs, and paisleys. This type of henna art has a traditional royal feel suitable for Raksha Bandhan.

9. Sentimental Portrait Mehndi Design

What better way to celebrate Raksha Bandhan than getting a portrait mehendi of you and your sibling? Portrait mehendi has become a popular choice with skilled mehendi artists recreating photos on their hands. This makes for a sentimental and personalized design.

10. Trail Covering Vine Mehendi

Vine mehndi trails cover the length of your hands extending to the fingers. You can keep the vines simple or embellished with leaves, flowers, dots, etc. Vine mehendi is a hassle-free option perfect for Raksha Bandhan.

11. Bold Jewelry Inspired Mehendi

Jewelry has a bold presence in mehndi designs with patterns inspired by haathphool, bangles, armlets, etc. Jewelry mehendi makes a striking impression – ideal for sisters to get on Raksha Bandhan.

12. Graceful & Spiritual Lotus Mehendi

The lotus denotes purity, beauty and spirituality – perfect for the pious rituals of Raksha Bandhan. You can get your hands adorned with intricate lotus patterns or mixed with vines, leaves, etc. Lotus mehendi adds grace and elegance to the overall look.

13. Contemporary Minimalist Mehndi Design

Less is more with minimalist mehndi designs focusing more on negative space. These designs have a classy and modern appeal be it single lines, strokes, geometric shapes, or trail mehendi. Minimal mehendi is perfect for an understated Raksha Bandhan look.

14. Finger Mehendi Design

Mehendi concentrated just on fingers has a delicate and feminine charm. From rings, dots, lines, vines, paisleys, and beads – you can get diverse finger mehendi designs to highlight your nails this Raksha Bandhan. They add just the right festive touch.

15. Stylish Indo-Western Mehendi

Indo-Western mehendi blends Indian and Western designs into trendy patterns. It combines floral motifs with modern geometrics, lines, dots, etc. This fusion style matches well with the outfits you wear on Raksha Bandhan.

16. Meaningful Symbolic Mehendi

Raksha Bandhan mehendi can include symbols like the sacred thread, knots, brother-sister duo portraits, rakhis and so on. These mehendi designs hold deep meaning reflecting the essence of the festival.

17. Edgy & Bold Black Mehendi

If you want to go bold and make a statement this Raksha Bandhan, choose black mehendi. The deep black hue has an edgy and contemporary vibe – perfect for any parties or celebrations you have planned. Black mehendi looks great on any skin tone. The color black represents strength, power and authority – an apt choice for the special bond between a brother and sister.

Another alternative to conventional brown mehendi is red or maroon designs. Red is the color of love and maroon is a classic, sophisticated shade. These darker mehendi hues add drama to your Raksha Bandhan look. They make your mehendi pop and stand out. Red and maroon mehendi suit all sorts of modern and fusion outfits that will likely be part of your Raksha Bandhan wardrobe. So be bold with black or maroon mehendi this year!

Tips for Perfect Raksha Bandhan Mehendi Designs

· Prepare your hands well – moisturize, exfoliate and clean before applying mehendi. This helps the colour to set better.

· Opt for good quality mehendi cones – this ensures the mehendi colour will be darker and lasts longer.

· Get the mehendi applied a day or two before the festival for full-color development.

· Avoid washing hands or wetting the mehendi once applied. Let it naturally dry and set for 6-8 hours minimum.

· Apply lemon sugar syrup after the mehendi has dried. This helps in darker staining.

· Once the mehendi comes off the hands, apply coconut oil – this retains the colour for a few more days.

· Drink ample water and avoid oil-based foods after mehendi application for deeper colour.

Celebrate the Age-Old Tradition of Mehendi this Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan and mehendi have an age-old association. For sisters, choosing the latest mehendi designs is an exciting part of celebrating Rakhi. Take inspiration from the patterns discussed here and adorn your hands with beautiful henna art this Raksha Bandhan!

Mehendi signifies the joyous celebrations of this festival while representing the eternal bond between brothers and sisters. With the festival just around the corner, try out these top trending mehndi designs this year and flaunt your ethnic style and traditions. These intricate henna patterns are sure to make your Rakhi celebrations more fun-filled and memorable.

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