Tips and Tricks for Draping Pre-Stitched Sarees Like a Pro


Sarees are a timeless Indian garment that exemplify grace and elegance. However, wearing a traditional saree can be quite tricky with all the tucking, pleating and draping required. This is where pre-stitched sarees come in – they make wearing a saree super convenient and easy! Pre-stitched sarees make wearing the traditional Indian garment utterly effortless. This guide breaks down how to drape pre-stitched sarees for a flawless look every time – from wearing tips to elevating your style with accessories and pallu draping. Get ready to master the art of pre-stitched sarees in just a few simple steps!

What Exactly Are Pre-Stitched Sarees?

Pre-stitched sarees, also called ready-to-wear sarees, have the pleats already stitched in place. This means you don’t have to spend time pleating and tucking the fabric – it’s all done for you! Pre-stitched sarees come with an attached petticoat so you can simply wear them like a skirt. The pallu and upper body drape are attached on one side which you then cross over the shoulder and secure on the other side. It’s as simple as that!

Why Choose Pre-Stitched Sarees?

There are many advantages to pre-stitched sarees:

  • They save a lot of time and effort compared to draping a regular saree which can take 15-20 minutes. Pre-stitched sarees take just a minute to wear!
  • The pre-defined pleats and drape create a slim and sophisticated silhouette. No bulkiness from excessive fabric tucking.
  • Easy to wear for everyone regardless of familiarity with saree draping. Great for occasions like weddings and festivals.
  • Allow experimentation with different pallu and shoulder draping styles.
  • Come in innovative fabrics and designs while still giving the elegant saree look.

Step-By-Step Guide To Wearing A Pre-Stitched Saree

Follow these simple steps to wear a pre-stitched saree perfectly:

Styling Tips To Look Like A Pro

Now that you know how to wear a pre-stitched saree, let’s elevate the look:

1. Prepare The Saree

Take the pre-stitched saree out of its packaging or wrap. Hold it up and see how one end of the pallu is attached to one side of the saree.

Notice the neat pleats that are stitched vertically into place. This pre-pleated portion usually runs from the waistline to the end of the saree.

Unclasp any hooks, zippers or closures that are keeping the attached pleated pallu end in place. Leave this neatly pre-pleated section undisturbed.

2. Step Into The Petticoat

Most pre-stitched sarees will have a petticoat attached at the base. Hold the saree by the waistline gently.

Make sure you are wearing suitable undergarments that do not show lines under the saree. Also, remember to remove any jewelry pieces that may get tangled.

Step both feet through the petticoat’s waistband and start pulling the saree up towards your waist.

Wriggle a bit to adjust the petticoat if needed. Pull it up fully so it sits comfortably and snugly on your waistline.

3. Drape The Pallu

Once the saree is secured at the waistline over the petticoat, you can move to drape the pallu.

Take the pre-stitched pallu attached on one side and bring it up towards your chest. Make sure the pleats are falling nicely.

Fling the pallu from the anchored place on one shoulder, over to the back.

Now bring the loose end of the pallu from behind and take it over the other shoulder.

Use a safety pin to secure the loose end of the pallu on the shoulder it is draped on. You can also use in-built hooks or velcro on the saree blouse to fasten it.

4. Finish The Look

Your pre-stitched saree is now ready to wear! Make any minor adjustments to the pallu draping as per your preference.

Style the front pallu according to your choice – pleated, pinned to the shoulder, draped closed or open.

Accessorize with bangles, earrings, bindi and heels to complete the gorgeous look!

Complement With The Right Blouse

Choose a well-fitting blouse that enhances the saree – be it a corset style, off-shoulder, sheer sleeves or embellished. Go sleeveless or strappy to show off toned arms.

Cinch The Waist

Define your silhouette beautifully by cinching the saree with a trendy belt placed along the waistline. This gives a lovely lehenga effect.

Stack Up The Accessories

Load up those bangles and stack them on statement rings. Team it with a potli bag. Go bold with a multi-layered neckpiece. Bring the whole look together!

Drape The Pallu Like A Pro

Don’t let the pre-stitched pallu hang limply. Pleat it, take it across the shoulder in a rounded style, pin it on your head for a ghoonghat look or drape it in a mermaid style.

Mix Indian And Western

Fuse modern and traditional with shoulder-grazing earrings, natural makeup, a statement watch and Kolhapuri heels. Keep hair swept to one side in soft curls.

Answering common concerns

  • Pallu Slipping Off Shoulder

Use crossed safety pins at the anchored points on each shoulder to securely fasten the pallu ends. Or, opt for sarees with in-built hooks to clasp both ends of the pallu together.

  • Managing The Bulky Pleats

Choose a fabric like chiffon or georgette that falls beautifully. The neat pleats also minimize bulk. Opt for a flared anarkali style kurta as a blouse to balance the volume.

  • Care And Maintenance

Read the fabric care instructions. Many pre-stitched sarees can be machine-washed. Use a laundry bag to protect embellishments. Steam press on low heat. Visit the tailor periodically for repairs.

  • Pre-Stitched Sarees – The Modern Take on a Timeless Classic

Pre-stitched sarees provide comfort and convenience without compromising on elegance. They save time and effort with the pre-pleated fabric and attached petticoat making draping a breeze. Pre-stitched sarees can be worked into both traditional and fusion looks with the right styling. Pallu draping options are endless – pleated, pinned, wrapped around, in mermaid style and more! With the right tips, pre-stitched sarees can help anyone master wearing the saree confidently. So embrace the effortless charm of pre-stitched sarees that offer sophistication and versatility for today’s woman on the go!

  • Is a pre-stitched saree good?

Pre-stitched sarees are extremely convenient and perfect for anyone who wants to experience wearing a saree without the hassle involved in draping yards of fabric. The pre-defined pleats stitched in place create an elegant, sophisticated silhouette. Pre-stitched sarees save a lot of time and effort compared to a regular saree. Just wear the attached petticoat, drape the front pallu and you are good to go in minutes! They are suitable for all body types and come in stylish fabrics, making them a versatile garment.

What does a pre-stitched saree look like?

A pre-stitched saree has fixed pleats stitched vertically from the waistline to the end of the saree. One end of the pallu is attached to one side. It generally comes with a petticoat stitched at the base so you can wear it easily around your waist. The neat, compact pleats and elegant pallu drape create a slimmer, more defined silhouette compared to a traditionally draped saree. At first glance, you cannot make out the difference between a regular and a pre-stitched saree. The convenience factor lies in the pre-stitched pleats and attached underskirt.

  • What do you wear with a readymade saree?

You do not need to wear a separate petticoat with a pre-stitched, readymade saree. Focus instead on choosing a complementary blouse like corset style, sleeveless, off-shoulder or embellished. Opt for materials like satin, silk or velvet. Show off your neckline with unique collars. Don saree gowns can also be worn as blouses for readymade sarees. Accessorize with statement earrings, chokers, designer belts and potli bags. Finish off with stilettos, wedges or kolhapuri sandals.

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