11 Gorgeous Butterfly Tattoo Designs That You’ll Love


Butterflies are a symbol of change and transformation. They represent the beauty of life and the world. They also represent new beginnings – which can be used to represent a new job or a new chapter in life. These butterfly tattoos are perfect for anyone looking for a meaningful design that actually has meaning behind it!

What Do Butterflies Represent?

Butterfly tattoos often represent new beginnings or milestones in life. They can also symbolize the beauty of life and the world around us. They represent the cycle of nature, which is thought to be an omen for change.

Some people believe that butterflies represent symbols like rebirth or resurrection because after emerging from their cocoons, they are reborn as a different kind of creature. But this doesn’t mean that butterfly tattoos are exclusively symbolic; even if you don’t associate your tattoo with any other meaning than beautiful artwork, it still has value! Butterfly tattoos can also signify changes in one’s self-image, which might mean different things to different people. This is one of the reasons why people choose to get butterfly tattoos: It has meaning behind it!

Why Get a Butterfly Tattoo?

Butterfly tattoos are perfect for anyone who wants to wear something that has meaningful yet beautiful without saying a word. It will definitely enhance your beauty and you don’t need to take much effort to flaunt the tattoo because they automatically attract the attention of anyone. Whether you want one as an ode to your favourite season or something that represents your family, it’s probably only right that you get that tattoo on your body!





11 Gorgeous Butterfly Tattoo Designs

There are many different types of butterfly tattoos you can get. You could get one with colourful wings, one on an ankle, on the back of your neck- the possibilities are endless! The most popular place for these tattoos is on the ribcage or lower back area. Here are some of the best

#1.Pretty Butterfly Tattoo Designs Designs

#2.Butterfly Tattoo On Different Body Parts

#1.Pretty Butterfly Tattoo Designs Designs

1. Small Butterfly Tattoo

This is the most common and classy design which you can draw on any part of your body and If you want something which should not noticeable by everyone then you can definitely go for such cute designs.

2. 3D Butterflies

Fashion trend is getting up with new styles, patterns. 3D tattoos are not meant for kids or teenagers they are meant for someone who wants bold and highlighted tattoos on their body.

3. Simple Butterfly

The butterflies are beautiful and no need to make them more accessories to lift up your look. If you want something which is simple but elegant then without thinking twice go for such classic designs.

4. Butterfly with Rose Tattoo

Rose depicts love and it is the symbol of secrecy or confidentiality. If You are looking for something that represents confidential love, freedom or the beauty of nature then you can choose this design.

5. Traditional Butterfly Tattoo

When it comes to the culture we have to address our tradition. You want something which represents your culture and tradition then you can blindly choose such elegant tattoo designs.

6. Classy Butterfly Tattoo with Name or Text

This one is really good that you want to show off something without saying a word. You can try such styles if you want to write a quote or name with a butterfly to show off your love.

#2.Butterfly Tattoo On Different Body Parts

7. Unique Butterfly Tattoo on Hand

This is a beautiful and unique butterfly tattoo on the wrist that also has its own unique design, pattern, colour and extra added elements. Such new elements make your tattoo more unique and special. 

8. Beautiful Tiny Butterfly On Neck and Behind Ear

This tattoo defines the fun and beautiful living element of nature, It also shows your perspective towards nature. Girls Love to show off such tattoos by making high hair buns.

9. Shoulder and Arm Butterfly Tattoo

You can try colourfully designs here.  Tattoo artists have applied many colours. Multi-coloured butterfly tattoo designs on your Arm or Shoulder are one of the best things a tattoo lover can get on their body.

10. Butterflies On Leg and Ankle

The tattoo has a cute texture with a simple design. Many of us love to flaunt these tattoos and one can easily flaunt them by wearing shorts.

11. Figure Butterfly Tattoo

This trend becomes more elegant and stylish and gains more love and likes on social media. We can say that it’s a top trending thing on Instagram to show your hidden or small tattoo by making fun reels.

12. Tattoo on Lower stomach and Back Area

These designs is Not meant for men. The lower back looks like the perfect canvas to be draw with this tattoo design.

How to Care for a New Butterfly Tattoo

We know, there’s nothing better than getting your first tattoo. You’re always going to remember that experience and how you felt when you got the ink on your skin. But, what about after? We’re talking long after you’ve healed from your tattoo. As much as we love our tattoos, we don’t always love the upkeep involved with them. Your tattoo artist might have given you a few basics about how to care for your brand-new ink, but here’s everything they didn’t tell you! Below we have suggested you some tips to maintain the shine of your tattoo for a long time.

  • 1.Take care of your skin and always apply moisturizer on tattoos to keep your skin hydrated for long hours.
  • 2. Stay away from harsh sun lights. Sun rays are harmful to the skin especially in summer do not forget to apply sunscreen.
  • 3. If you are tattoo is not healed properly then avoid water running directly on your tattoo skin, It may cause redness and puffiness.


Butterfly tattoos are a popular choice for people who want a tattoo but don’t want to commit to a permanent design. They also represent a lot of different things depending on the meaning you attach to them. From transformation to beauty, overcoming obstacles, to femininity, butterflies have a lot of meaning. If you’re thinking about getting a butterfly tattoo, be sure to take a look at these 11 gorgeous designs and see which ones speak to you!

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