20 T-Shirt Ideas for Both Men and Women


T-shirts are every occasion to go outfit. There is not much you need to think about it as it makes a perfect outfit for almost every occasion.  Also, the evolving trends have so much to do with t-shirt Design, prints and style. Their latest trends always find a place on the T-shirts and that is the reason for their huge popularity. Now, in this article, we will explore a few modern and stylish T-shirt designs, which you can definitely add in your wardrobe.

1.Custom t-shirts design

these are T-shirts that speak loudly of your personality and choice. Yes, because you get them customized according to your choice. This has been a popular trend and will continue to be. You can just pick any basic solid colour tee and get the personalized print on it and you are good to go. These prints make your t-shirt Design absolutely unique and exotic and one and only piece.

2.Versace shirt-

 Versace T-shirts have been trendsetters for years and there is no decrease in their popularity. They look classy, chic and super stylish and are an amazing piece of clothing to go for almost every occasion. These V-neck, crew-neck and long-sleeved styles come in graphic prints as well as plain colours, so you can be sure to find something to suit your taste.

3.Logo t shirt Design

So, this kind is typically for brands and businesses who want their mark on everything they own, in fact over the years T-shirts Design  have been a great marketing tool and no brand has been left behind in this race. You must have seen different brands having their own customized T-shirts Design with their LOGO printed on them. This is a great way of marketing and you must do it for your brand.

4.New t shirt design-

These are simply the trends and the fashion styles ruling the market. The latest trend to catch up could be a famous movie’s dialogue, a song, a popular character, a famous personality, Cricket themed print and so on. Whatever is the latest fashion, you just get it on the front of your tee and play your role in the same.

5.Printed T-shirt-

Printed tees are those who have printed all over them and not just in the front. There are different kinds of printed tees with prints and patterns of trees, flowers, Hawaiian theme, beach-themed, camouflage and so on. They look absolutely great and have a unique and exotic style and chic attached to them.

6.Couple t-shirt design-

Well, this has been the trend of the decade where couples c=get matching tees printed for them with cute and romantic quotes like, his and hers, mine, king and queen, gabru and patola, etc. these t-shirts look very cute and adorable and the couple wearing them are sure to get some eyeballs. Also, they make a great gift to be given to couples.

7. Unique T-shirts Design

 Well, anything that you do not commonly find on the street is unique. If you want to create an exotic and different look then you must go for unique patterns like zigzag, cross, black and white stripes and something like that. The idea is to get a T-shirt, which nobody has seen before, and you will be the centre of attention.

8.Quote T-shirts Design

If you have a favourite character and want to show your love for the same then Quote T-shirt Design is for you. Basically, these T-shirts have some famous character’s dialogue or a famous quote printed on them and people pick the one that best goes with their personality. These T-shirts are quite fun and the best way to show your style through a T-shirt.

9.Jersey T-shirts-

 As the name suggests, these T-shirts are for intense sports lovers who want to show their love and passion for the game. These T-shirts are made up of jersey material and even in the form of the jersey of a particular sport and player’s jersey. There are different for football, cricket, hockey, tennis and so on. These can be easily found online and perfect wear for some sporty events.

10. Funky Print T-shirts

There are so many prints and patterns to play with when it comes to T-shirts. There are so many ideas to explore, play around with and get them printed on the T-shirts. So, with some funky, hippie, junkie and quirky designs you will get a very nice T-shirt which is absolutely different and unique in all the ways.

11.White V-neck T-shirt

A white Tee never goes of style like literally you can never go wrong with a white T-shirt Design . They look smart, stylish, elegant and chic and works for both men and women. You can pair them up with any coloured jeans and they will look great. To pair them up with a piece of scarf, a nice pair of sneakers will be a great idea. You can even wear a jacket or blazer over them and you will get the perfect look.

12.Black V-Neck T-shirt Design

 Just like your classy and elegant white t-shirt Design  black T-shirts too are a huge hit. They look great on everyone and make up for a perfect outfit for any occasion. They are simple yet very stylish and classy, it all depends on how you style them. Also, black t-shirts are a part of every wardrobe so you can just play around with it a little and style it differently every time and you will get a new look.

13.T-shirts for girls Design

This is a wrong belief that tees are mostly for men. Rather T-shirts look really cool on women also and there are new trends and styles coming for them too. Girls T-shirts are usually round neck and looks absolutely stylish if paired with a nice pair of sneakers. They make for a perfect casual, cool and chic look.

14.Sports T-shirts Design

Sports T-shirts are usually made up of thin and lightweight material to make them comfortable. They are mostly polo tees in nice bright colours.

15.Gym T-shirts Design

If you are into health and fitness, Gym T-shirts are a must for you. You cannot just get away without having one as there is no substitute. Gym T-shirts at first are very smart, body-hugging, sweat resistant. They make you feel comfortable with your body when you are hitting the gym. They are usually made up of dry-fit material and you can find them in any sports brand stores as they make the best ones.

16.Collar T-shirts Design

 Polo tees are everyone’s favourite because they make you look so smart and stylish. The best part collar T-shirts look semi-formal so you can easily pull them off in the house or any formal event also.

17.Long T-shirts Design

This is a new trend that is quickly becoming very popular. Primarily long T-shirts were a bedtime thing but inspired by that idea only there are new trends following up. These long t-shirts look very smart and girls wear them as a dress. It is a very smart piece of clothing.

18.Plain T-shirt-

 A plain coloured T-shirt is just like a perfect piece of clothing when you are confused about what to wear. There is something about plain t-shirts that make them look so smart and hot. They should be a little tight to accentuate your body in the right way and you are golden.

19.Tik-Tok T-shirt-

With people going gaga over Tik-Tok there is no way that you would not find a dedicated tik-tok tee. You can find a Tik-Tok tee on any online website. Almost all of them have it and you will get your piece to flaunt in your tik-tok videos.

20.Long cotton T-shirts

There are many varieties available in the market but the most demanded t shirt style is long t shirts. Gives you a fab look with the simple getup. You don’t need to do any extra thing to look good with these cotton t-shirts just wear white sneakers and you are ready to go.

So, whenever you are bored with your regular tees explore these T-shirt ideas and make new additions to your wardrobe to make it more fun and playful.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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