20 Different Wall Painting Designs for your Home


Searching for wall decor ideas to revive your space? Those vacant walls are loaded up with conceivable outcomes that can give the house a lively feel—and a couple of increases can make a house feel like a home. Wall painting plans / designs are practical alternatives to decorate your room or the entire space into a world of your own. It is said that ‘A home is said to be the reflection of the people who live inside  it’. There is a lot of wall paint structures accessible in the market, which can help give your room a thoroughly astounding and present day look making it feel a little more cozy and comfortable for you to live in!

Regardless of your style, we have the stunts that would amp be able to up your walls and draw out your character and taste. Regardless of whether you’re a workaholic man, a nature devotee, a globetrotter, a fashion enthusiast or a book lover, your walls can be redone with the goal that you can be encompassed by the things you worship. In case you’re prepared to turn those obvious, uncovered walls into sharp focal points, continue perusing. We have listed 20 wall decor ideas right here that make certain to add style to your home that you try to create a new look out of your kitchen area, living and bedroom accordingly.

1.Abstract Art wall painting designs

Making abstract art on the whole wall sounds great as an idea. Abstract art are easy to make and are interesting to look at. It serves as the main attraction of the entire house. Surely you’ll love then too if you get a wall full of abstract art.

2.Animal motifs on wall

Don’t you think doing something different from the walls of your own house should be a little different and eye-catching? With the use of animal motif wall coverings your walls can do the talking themselves, animal motif makes a playful statement on their own and are different for walls too. Also for the animal lover, these would make such a great statement!

3.Bricks on wall

Walls are made up of bricks so why not mural then, decorate the wall with bright coloured bricks or even colourful bricks are good options to choose from. It gives much if a raw look to the wall and can be DIYed.

4.Bundle of Red Roses

Painting red roses on the wall, how romantic is that!! A wall full of red roses will bring the sense of much love to entire house. Red colour improved metabolism and heart rate as proposed by the Colour Theory. So why not get wall painting designs if red roses.

5.Fabric wall cover

Another great way to cover the walls is with the use of fabric wall covers that are available in variety of fabric, designs and colours. The choice is yours to make. If you want much Indian touch to your home then go for fabric wall cover with India inspired work of art.

6.Floral wallpapers

Take a stab at utilise a splendid and intense floral accented wall to make a highlight wall, or get floral design with wallpaper, stencilling, or other enlivening paint procedures. Flowers are said to be a mood changer and brings in the good vibes as it makes you feel the scent of the flowers you’re surrounded with. These improving accents can have a much greater effect in a little space by creating an illusion of extended space.

7.Forest on wall

Put your interpretation of wall mural or wallpapers through forest plants, animals and insects. Painted wall with forest theme will really act like a nature friendly vibe and will give the room a whole new look. Add more plants to the room to enhance the effect of forest painted on wall.

8.Geometric patterns on wall

Usage of different geometric designs as wall coverings is a great idea to implement as geometric patterns are great to create the illusion of bigger space as you extend the wallpaper to the ceiling also by adding authentic Moroccan rug will add the extra classic look.

9.Golden wallpaper

Wall full of gold is such a class apart thing to do. It suggests luxury and royalty. Wall of golden colour with different designs or patterns is a great deal.

10.Hexagon shapes

Get inspired by the bee hive and paint one on your walls with Hexagon shaped wall painting designs. Or simply make a frame for much cleaner look.

11.Macramé wall hanging

Macramé wall hanging are hanging are easy way to give your home a boho and lovely look. Those ’70s macramé wall hangings have returned a major way. It can be small or big in size and the weaving can differ from easy to complex using different colour combinations to suit your style. The weavings include surface and texture to the wall.

12.Mandala on wall

For more aesthetic touch to the room wall , paint it with mandala. It can get as colourful as you want it or as monochromatic as you like. Mandala art is therapeutic to look at for more peaceful mornings.

13.Mural painting

Mural add a new vibe to the place, the painted mural wall will transport you to other world. Mural painting can be done professionally or one can do it themselves, painting a mural is a fun exercise to do with your partner or any of family members. Motif of the mural painting will definitely make a huge impact.

14.Personalise with pictures

Nothing includes character and color like a gallery wall. Add an assortment of art or photos to the wall of your living room. Settle on straightforward, strong frames or get a variety of resplendent frames to blend things up! Professional tip: Extend the gallery wall to the roof to make the hallucination of a bigger space.

15.Powder Blue monochrome

Simplicity speaks the loudest. For minimalist designs for wall painting is to go for solid Powder blue colour as it’s simple and pleasant colour to look at in your house and it complements any kind of furniture.

16.Removable wall art

. Removable wallpapers are revolutionary invention for the decorative walls. The glue / adhesive paintings have a rich matte completion and arrive in an assortment of styles. Comes in variety of designs to choose from, various category of removable wall papers are there in the market. Removable wall art is great in case you’re leasing and don’t have any desire to harm the walls.

17.Turquoise Blue wall

Turquoise colour is said to be a calm yet popping colour for the eyes. One should always get a wall painted in poppy colour as it enhances the whole vibe of the house. Also colourful walls stand out from others and complement photographs on the same wall making them even more pleasing to look at.

18.Vertical Lines Wall Cover

Add vertical lined wallpapers for more subtle look. Go for subtle colours with vertical lines as vertical lines help in making the space look a lot more bigger and better. These vertical  lined wallpapers are great for people who are too confused about what yo do with the walls or for the minimalist as well.

19.Wall Tapestry

A tapestry adds color and pattern to the wall making the space look lively, it adds sense of softness and heartfelt vibe to a space. Tapestries are available online on online shopping sites available in different textiles and patterns to suit your vibe. Tapestries are easier to decorate and easily removable, it can be handled easily for people who live in rented apartments and need to move with their stuff frequently.

20.World Map Décor

Adding a map to the entire wall focuses on the avid traveller in you. Adding a world map to your room is a great way to decorate the wall, it can be a map of any country, state or city according to your own preferences. Pining the places on the map gives you a sense of achievement. Pin the country or places that you’ve already visited or wish to visit in future. Maps can be colourful or monochrome according to one’s preferences.

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