25 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas to Shine Differently in this Xmas


The Cheerful Time of the Year, Christmas is almost here. You must be looking for the decorations for your whole house as it is the way to show your excitement and boost your holiday spirit. Aren’t you?

Christmas decoration is not just for the Christmas tree, it for our whole house. It is the way to beautify our house, inside out. And no one wants to upset the Santa by not showing their Christmas love. So is Christmas shopping a little boring for you? There is nothing to worry as you can design some DIYs and decorate your home. It is the budget-friendly way to add some personalised touch to your home. So here are 25 easy and creative DIY Christmas Decoration ideas that will help your home to shine differently in this Xmas. Read more and start experimenting.

Christmas Decoration

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1.DIY Twigs Snowman Wreath:

One of the creative snowman wreaths can be easily made using the things, ribbons and Christmas balls. Simply take two different sized circular wreaths and connect them. Beautify them with ribbons and Christmas balls. You can even place a hat on it and decorate it in front of a door.

2.Mason Jar Lid Ornament Christmas Wreath:

The best way to add welcoming vibes to your home is by adding Christmas Wreath to your front door. Just take some Jar lids, remove the glass from its centre and put some Christmas Decoration balls in it. Attach them in the shape of a Christmas tree. At last, add some leaves and pines on it.

3.DIY Wine Cork Christmas Tree:

Do you know you can design a Christmas Decoration tree using the extra wine corks? Yes! Take the corks, connect them and make it in the triangular shape. Decorate the triangle with the lights and ribbon. You will enjoy its rustic warm vibes and charm. Try it and bring a different style of Christmas Decoration tree this year.

4.DIY Candy Cane Topiary Tree:

This type of decoration is perfect for the holiday season. You can bring some real candy canes and stick them together using the marshmallows. Shape it in the triangular shape and enjoy its vibes. Your children will love the shape and Colour. Decorate it with the help of ribbons.

5.DIY Christmas Ornaments Wreath:

The Christmas balls can be used to design a beautiful front door wreath. You can choose different colours of balls and combine them. It will stick easily with the help of gum. Hang it with the help of ribbon and enjoy its stunning front door vibes.

6.DIY Paper Christmas Tree:

It is very easy to create a Christmas Decoration tree with the help of paper. Choose the sparkly and rustic paper, cut them in leafy shape and connect them in the triangular shape. Decorate it with the small light weighted balls. Put some white spray on it and let it shine like the snow on it.

7.DIY Bright Sparkly Reindeer:

One of the easiest ways to add sparkle to your home is to add Canvas art. And the best part is that you can do it yourself. Take a plain canvas, draw a shape of a reindeer on it and decorate it paint it using the sparkling paint. You can also put glitter on it and beautify your house.

8.Hang the Ornaments at the windows:

At Christmas Decoration time, you can easily find the beautiful and colourful hanging ornaments and the cheap rates. So if you don’t have time and want to instantly beautify your home, simply take the ornaments and connect their threads. After that, simply hang it to your winter windows. You will enjoy its fun vibes.

9.DIY Santa Hat Chair Covers:

Do you know you can make the Christmas Decoration hats for your dining table? Simply take some red fabric, take the size of your chair and stitch a cover for it (in the hat shape). In the end, place a white cotton ball to it and place it to your chairs. It will add instant holiday vibes to your home.

10.Lighted Pallet Christmas tree:

Add some glory to your house by taking a wooden board, old decorations, ribbons and fairy lights. Connect them all to the board in the triangular shape and open up your light. It will give the full Christmas Decoration tree vibes in the most sparkling way. At the top of the tree, place a star and enjoy the overall look.

11.DIY Santa Hat Cones:

The Santa Hat cones looks amazing as a decoration. You can simply take the plain cones and cover it with the red colour paper. Design a belt with the help of black paper and silver glitter paper. It will give a great illusion. You can either hang it anywhere you want to or simply place it on the table.

12.Window Decoration with Christmas Decoration ball ornaments:

One of the easiest and interesting way to beautify your windows is by adding Christmas ball ornaments to it. Attach the balls on the strings and hand them near the window, just like the curtains. It is the quick and easiest way to decorate your home.

13.Snowman Door Decoration:

Every home has a white door, so why not decorate it with the black paper? Design a snowman on it. Paste various papers on it. Make its nose with the help of orange paper. Your kids will love to design it. You can even add a ribbon to it and enjoy the Christmassy vibes.

14.DIY Christmas Tree Advent Countdown:

On a blank wooden panel, write the numbers from 1 to 25. Shape them in the triangular design. Take a tiara and place it on the number, as per the date. It will add some fun element to your Christmas. You can even design your tiara by yourself.

15.DIY holiday framed Ornament Wreath:

Take an empty frame and add some Christmas Decoration vibes to it. Remove the glass from it and hang the ornaments to their hooks. Paint the frame red and attach it to your home’s entrance. It will add the welcoming vibes to it.

16.DIY Holiday Ornament Wreath:

Make your festival more charming by adding a wretch to your door. Take a pipe and mould in a circle. Attach the red ornaments and cover it. At last, place a black ribbon at its middle and let your home enjoy the Santa vibes. It easy to design and will help you to save money.

17.Gift Wrapped Front Door for Christmas:

You can even gift wrap your front door. Take the red fabric and attach it to your door. Give it a shape of a ribbon and place a bow at its centre. It will look like you have wrapped up your house. This idea will look amazing at Christmas time.

18.Christmas Masson Jar Candles:

Masson Jars are available at everyone’s house. You simply have to fill it with water and place some green and red elements to it. After that, take the floating candles and let them float on in the jar. Place this DIY on the table or near the Christmas tree, you will always enjoy its lighting look.

19.Globe Light Winter Luminaries:

Add some light to your holiday and winter decoration. Take a translucent jar or vessel and put some twinkle lights in it. On the light and enjoy the luminary look of this DIY. It is very simple and adds instant Christmas Decoration vibes to your home,

20.DIY Santa and Reindeer Garland:

Take a brown paper and cut out the reindeer from it. When you are ready with enough cutouts, simply take a brown string and attach them to it. Hang it near your chimney. Add an extra holiday touch by placing a Santa on his vehicle. It will enhance your holiday spirit.

21.Lighted Burlap Garland:

Take a normal twinkle light and tie little fabrics of red, white and green colour to it. When you will light it up, it will enhance the while Christmas Decoration vibes. You can even attach some leaves in between it.

22.DIY Christmas Ornament Garland:

Enhance your Christmas vibes with the help of a beautiful garland. Take some ornaments in your favourite colour. Hang it on a wire or thick thread and enjoy its festival vibes. It is very easy to design and you can also define the real shape and size of it.

23.DIY Fabric Deer Head Christmas sign:

Take an old frame and take out the picture from it. Simply bring a Christmassy fabric and put it in the frame. Hang it using the same fabric. In the middle of it, paste a golden reindeer painting to it. It will glorify your door.

24.“Joy” Wood Sign:

More elements outside your home will help your home look better. So take a wooden big frame and paint “JOY” on it. Choose the green, red and white colour to design this board. You can even attach the lights at the end of the board and let your home feel happy.

25.Christmas Ball Luminary:

Take an empty juice glass and fill it with the Christmas balls. Make sure the glass is transparent. Place the lights in the middle of the balls and light it up. It will work as the lamp and let your home filled with light.

Try these decoration DIYs and enjoy the full Christmassy vibes.   

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