Indian Dresses- The Best way to Define Indian Culture


India’s rich heritage and culture remain unparalleled, and the country’s unity in diversity is still being looked at with awe by the entire world. Our culture has a spark that no one can beat us at. People belonging to diverse communities, speaking different languages, having different food, and wearing different clothes harmoniously co-exist in India. Indian heritage dates back several centuries. It is vast and rich. Flora and fauna, outfits, music, architecture, art, and the inherent secular ideology of its people are the highlights of India’s treasure.

Ever since the beginning, we have preserved our culture and tradition beautifully for our upcoming generations through Indian outfits and clothes. Over the centuries, there has been a significant evolution and fusion of Indian fashion. From the Guptas to the Mughals, everyone had their own dressing style and we embraced everything. From north to south, from east to west, every corner of India has its own unique clothing style. Today many of our leading designers are focusing on infusing a modern twist to Indian clothing. This enables the population to progress with our imbibed culture while also experiencing contemporary fashion.

Are you curious about the diverse and rich cultural heritage of India and its traditional attires? Look no further, as this ultimate guide will provide you with comprehensive information on the different types of traditional attires of India. As an expert in Indian traditional attire, let us take you on a journey to discover the beauty and elegance of Indian clothing.

Indian Dresses for Women:


This had to be the first on our list. Sarees are the most versatile Indian dresses for women, and they can let you complete a dynamic, Indian look. With its 9 yards of fabric in various colours, distinctive designs and gorgeous handicrafts, sarees are a must-have in your wardrobe. You can experiment with your saree look, whether you want a Bnarasi silk saree in rich pastels or a gold-belted Kanjivaram saree look. Either way, you will be sure to turn heads. 

Salwar Kameez 

Salwar Kameez has been a staple in Indian traditional dress and over the years, it has taken on many different versions. Salwar suits are simple, comfortable and easy-to-go ethnic wear that comes in so many varieties and styles! Patiala suits are wider and cooler than regular salwar bottoms. The pleats on the pants give your outfit a fuller look because they give it more definition. Paired with a perfect set of earrings,  suits are the perfect outfit for your festivals and celebrations. They are classic, and we all desperately need them in our ethnic collection.

Lehenga Choli

Lehengas have become one of the top choices among Indian brides as their go-to bridal outfit. Moreover, women across India often opt to wear a lehenga choli as a wedding guest, and with the infinite varieties available in the market, it is no surprise why! A lehenga choli outfit is stunning, graceful and gorgeous enough to make anyone smitten.

Anarkali Suit

Over the recent years of Indian fashion evolution, Anarkalis have made a comeback in the Indian clothing world and are now a go-to outfit for many women. The Anarkali suit is a stunning and statement piece of clothing that has been a classic of Indian traditional dress styles for years. Nothing can change the fact that floor-length Anarkali suits will always have a place in the fashion world and in our hearts, ofcourse!

Ghagra Choli

If you want to infuse some boho-chic style into your Indian wardrobe collection, stock up on colourful Lehenga cholis. They always go amazingly well with a pair of chunky earrings and smokey eye makeup. So if you are looking to add some vibrant variety to your closet, do not forget to include a few ghagra cholis.

Indo-Western Gowns

If you’re looking to add a hint of a Western touch to your Indian wardrobe for events like office parties, and cocktails then look no further than a maxi Indo-western gown! When combined with lustrous sequins, this Indian party-wear dress is foolproof to make you stand out from the crowd and bring you to the centre of attention. 

Kurti with Leggings/Trousers

Kurtas are a go-to comfy Indian traditional dress for the modern Indian woman. They are easy to wear and can be styled in many ways to suit any occasion. Even when you are not in the mood to dress up for a meeting, just wear a solid cotton kurta with leggings/trousers and pair it with jhumkas and pumps – and voila you’ve gotten yourself into a chic boho look in minutes.

Indian Dresses for Men:


Sherwani is one of the cult favourite traditional wedding outfit not just for the Indian grooms but also for the other men attending a function. It is usually worn at Indian and Pakistani weddings/functions.This outfit is a sureshot to make any man look truly dashing and regal. It is one of those dresses that brings about a royal look for the groom and other wedding guests. 

Kurta Pyjama 

Perfect for the no fuss man, a kurta pyjama can never go wrong. Pair up a casual, loose button-up short or long kurta with your favourite pair of comfy pyjama. Throw on a contrasting scarf with prints and a pair of Kolhapuri chappals to complete the look. For a contemporary spin to this desi outfit, you can opt for kurtas in metallic shades or add an overcoat.

Bandhgala (Jodhpuri suit)

Bandhgala is a favourite Jodhpuri Suit for men that came into origin during the British era. Having its roots from western side, this coat style suit that has a slightly longer length. For an Indian outfit, it is worn with trousers and embellished with embroidery for an excellent desi touch. No wonder why bollywood stylists love this one for all the actors.

Dhoti Kurta

Men’s kurta and dhoti is the most desirable trend in the menswear ethnic fashion segment. There are many kinds and dressing possibilities available in the Indian dresses market, but dhoti kurta fashion is something that has remained a masterpiece. Style your hair in a neatly combed hairstyle and sport a trimmed beard with this stunning look.

Nehru Jacket

Nehru Jackets have the charm to complete any ethnic or western outfit combination that you plan to try out, be it a kurta pyjama or a shirt pant look. A Nehru Jacket can take your traditional basic look to a statement classy realm by adding several desi and cool points to your outfit.

Blazer with Jodhpuri Pants

Extremely comfortable yet edgy and chic, a pair of jodhpuri pants is just what you need to achieve a classy and festive desi Indian outfit. Pair any blazer, kurta or even a jacket with a pair of jodhpuri pants and you are sure to turn heads wherever we go.

Indian Clothes for Girls:

Kids Lehenga 

A lehanga is not just for the beautiful bride, but also for those little cutieees of the bride and groom tribe.  The beauty of an Indian lehenga passes through generations and all age groups. For those young tiny tots, these mini masterworks come in a lot of colours and design varieties, excellent for wearing them during Indian festivals and wedding like events.

Girls Anarkali Suit

Anarkali suits not only look gorgeous on grown ups but are perfect for young girls as well. With their melodic outlines and gorgeous embroidery work, they are a living example of beauty and cuteness. Even in those mini sizes, they are just perfect for special occasions.

Patiala Suit for Girls

All young girlieees love fashion but also prefer comfort and ease. Patiala suits with their unique look and bright colors, are an incredible option for events that require these cuties to move with both grace and ease.

Kids Saree

Mini sarees?? Well even a thought of it is sooooo damn cute. Sarees, are a synonym of elegance and Indian culture, and its not just for adults. Specially created girls’ sarees let mini fashionistas to experience the magic of desi dressing with a cute and mischievous spin.

Churidar Suit for Girls

Awwwwww… is a very small expression that often comes after imagining little babies in churidar suits. The thought of it leaves us smitten. For a traditional and graceful look, churidar suits are such an imazing option. They fit in perfectly as an incredible desi outfit for various events, from family meetings to formal affairs, churidars effortlessly convert tradition and modernity.

Girls Kurti and Leggings

New age fashion meets desi elegance in kurti and leggings sets for young baby girls. A chic and cosy choice, leggings with kurtis are excellent for all kinds of casual occasions and tiny expeditions.

Gowns for Girls

Tiny girls in those cute princess gowns? Yes, Puhlease!! For that royal princess glamour, gowns are just about perfect for weddings and parties. Mini gowns designed for young girls come in a variety of styles, from the flowy ones to more well-structured ones, gowns are a favourite desi outfit of many.

Indian Clothes for Boys:

Boys Kurta Pyjama

An outfit that ensures that little boys look charming and chic? Kurta pyjama is your answer. The classic kurta pyjama set for boys is a cult favourite desi choice for a traditional Indian look. Whether it’s a wedding or a cultural event, this outfit will make everyone drool over these tiny heroes of ours.

Kids Sherwani

Imagine a little boy in sherwani? Already awwwing over the sight of it? A mini sherwani is the second name of cute royalty and Indian culture. An outstanding choice for Indian festive occasions and weddings, a sherwani instantly transforms any young chap into a little prince charming.

Dhoti Kurta for Boys

A combination of fashion and comfort, dhoti kurta sets for boys offer a unique look for young kids. An outstanding desi outfit option for various traditional ceremonies, mini dhoti kurtas bring a genuine essence to cultural Indian dressing.

Nehru Jacket for Boys

A little boy in a gorgeous kurta topped up with a Nehru Jacket? Mamamia !!! Nehru jackets are a universal and extremely versatile add on to compliment boys’ Indian outfits, offering a pep of cute little charisma fit for formal occasions and cultura desi l celebrations.

Boys Blazer Suits

Who said blazer suits are only for grown ups? For a trendy and fashionable attire, tiny blazer suits are so cute and a wonderful option for parties and other formal ceremonies. Mini blazer suits hit the perfect sweet spot between ethnic dressing and modern fashion.

Indo-Western Outfits for Boys

Indo western dress for kiddos has become widespread in recent years. Every little guy wants to look smart by sporting an Indo western outfit. No matter the occasion, an Indo western outfit is a mix of things from Indian culture and the Western world of clothing. They can be styled very easily and are super versatile and comfy, making it a great choice for kiddos looking tasteful and stylish without giving up their convenience.

Indian Dresses for Occasions:


-Bridal Lehenga

The quintessential lehenga choli of a bride is the pinnacle of elegance, extravagance, and Indian fashion heritage. Decked up with detailed work and embroidery, sequins, and elaborate threadworks, a bridal lehenga gives a new birth to a woman who gets to wear it on their big day. With a plethora of regal colours and premium fabric materials make this Indian outfit a sign of hopeful beginnings and marital joy.

-Groom’s Sherwani and Bandhgala

A groom’s outfit is often considered less signifcant than the bridal outfit. However, the groom’s attire is no less stunning, with the sherwani and bandhgala turning heads among the attendees. Elaborated work with precision and usually worn with royal groom accessories, a wedding sherwani is an excellent combination of Indian culture and modern fashion, making the groom look like a king that he deserves to be.

-Mehndi and Sangeet Outfits

Mehndi and Sangeet traditions are joyful affairs that happen before the wedding day. Indian outfits for these events are lively, echoing the festive and happy vibe. Women can opt for bright lehenga cholis and anarkalis while men can select rich hued kurta sets or a blazer with pant, topeed up with a Nehru jacket.


 – Ethnic wear for Makar Sankranti

A festival honouring the transition of the sun into the zodiac sign of Capricorn, is observed with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal across our country. Indian desi outfits for this festival differs across different regions, but in most areas, women prefer to opt for colourful sarees or ghagra cholis while men mostly opt for kurta pyjama sets. 

 – Pongal Dresses

In southern part of India, mainly Tamil Nadu, the festival of Pongal is marked with great spirits and eagerness among the people. Women of the Indian subcontinent wear brightly coloured silk sarees, like red and yellow. For the perfect desi touch, women also accessorize their look with gold jewellery. Men, on the other hand, wear traditional dhoti and shirt or kurta pyjama sets. 

Cultural Dresses

-North Indian Cultural dresses

The cultural diversity of our country is reflected in the kinds of outfits worn by the people. Women in North India usually wear sarees in different fabrics such as Banrasi silk and chiffon, suit and salwars and gowns and lehengas on formal or festive occasions. North Indian men are also no less fashionable and are well dresses in desi outfits. They don the classic shirt pant,  kurta pyjama or a sherwani on festive events. North Indian dresses reflect the vibrancy of culture with vibrant colors, detailed embroidery, and unique accessories.

-South Indian cultural dresses

While the northern part of India presents vibrancy and colour, South Indian cultural dresses are marked by simplicity and elegance. Women generally wear the Kanjeevaram silk saree, known for its rich hues and stunning gold zari work. Men often pick the traditional veshti (a.k.a dhoti) worn with a silk kurta or shirt. Here, convenience and traditional aesthetics, is considered a top-most priority.

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