How to Wear Nauvari Saree – Get Traditional Marathmoli Look in Simple Steps


Nauvari sarees are the 9-yard long saree that is made up of a single long cloth. This saree comes in some best designs and unique patterns. If a person is looking for a different saree which follows a totally different trend and pattern, then she can go for this type of saree. The interesting pattern of these saree makes it eye-catching and suitable for women of every age.

This Saree is from Maharashtra and has survived many generations. Haven’t you watched Bollywood actresses wearing these sarees and looking graceful?

The most interesting thing about this style is that it has never lost its roots. There is a history associated with it. At the ancient time, women use to fight battles with men and they realized that there is a need for a garment that can allow them to move freely. This was the reason why Nauvari saree was born. Isn’t it exciting? It doesn’t even require a petticoat underneath it.

In this blog, we are going to talk about 3 types Nauvari Saree and how to wear nauvari saree with normal saree. So, let’s get started:

#1. Kashta Saree – Nauvari Saree in Marathi Style:

The Kashta or Kasta is a type of drape saree that is mostly worn in Konkan coast of India: Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. This is the reason why this saree is known as Konkani saree. It is worn exactly as the Nauvari saree and famously known as Sakachcha saree. This saree is 9-yard long.

How to Wear Kashta Saree Step by Step:

  • Leaving a yard from one end of a saree, take few inches from both side edges. Now tie a double knot around the waist centre.
  • Now, hold the shortest end of the bottom, bring it back from the centre of the legs and tuck it there.
  • Hold the untied portion of the saree and make 5 to 6 pleats. Tuck it at the waist centre. Make sure that pleats are facing left.
  • Now make pallu pleats. You can also secure the pallu with a safety pin.
  • Bring those place from the back to in the front and place it on the left shoulder.
  • Lastly, pin the pallu neatly and be a start of any Maharashtra function.

#2. Brahmani/Brahmin Saree

Nauvari saree is of many types and one of it is brahmani. Out of all, it is one of the most elegant saree. This saree will make you beautiful at any occasion like festival and weddings. Even brides wear this type of saree and they usually wear legging under it.

Nauvari Saree Draping Brahmin Style Step by Step

  • Take a 9-yard long silk saree. Take one end of the saree and wrap it for one time around your waist and tie a knot.
  • Attach the shortage side to your legging and use a safety pin to do it.
  • Now bring the longest side of the saree behind your back and make pallu pleats. You can also secure the pallu with a safety pin. (Pallu should be smaller than usual.)
  • Make enough pleats it the front and tuck it in the front. Remember that the pleats should be in the left to right direction.
    (Remember that the pleats should be tucked by giving a small turn to it.)
  • Take the left portion and bring it from the centre of your legs. While doing this, always hold the other side with your leg.
  • Now, take the other side and tuck it in the front. (It should not be in the centre.) Make the pleats of that part and secure it with a safety pin.

#3. Peshwai Saree Look:

Many people usually get confused between Peshwai and brahmani saree. But in reality, these two types of saree are the same. You must have seen the movie ‘Baji Rao Mastani’. In that movie, Priyanka Chopda is wearing the same style of saree.

How to Wear Peshwai Saree Step by Step:

  • Take a silk saree and hold it by its upper border. Tie a knot with the longer length lying to your right and the shorter length on your left.
  • Now, take the shorter part and take it in between to your legs to your back. Pleats the entire width and tuck it in the back neatly.
  • Come back to the front and make its pleats. Remember to leave enough for the pallu. Tuck in the pleats.
  • Lastly, drape the saree around yourself in the way of forming pallu. Make pleats and secure it on the shoulder.

Wear your silk saree in a Marathi way and beautify your look in a decent and different style.

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