11 Unique Bridal Mehendi Designs to Help You Stand Out from the Crowd


Think ‘Indian bride’ and a beautiful picture comes to mind – an image of a gorgeous lady looking my-oh-my so beautiful. She’s wearing a stunning ensemble, elegant jewellery, amazing makeup …  and her hands are adorned with a beautiful mehendi design.

          Ladies, brides-to-be! Before you and your charming prince jet off to your stunning honeymoon destination, you’ll need to attend a few wedding ceremonies, one of which will be the Mehendi ki Raat. And for that, you’ll need a henna design that you’ll feel comfortable in, one that will match your personality and style. It has to be traditional enough to be approved by your sanskaari parents but unique enough to make you stand out from the sea of brides choosing from the same ol’ choices. And this is where we come in!

         From simple and straightforward to intricate and quirky, here’s our pick of the very best mehndi patterns for 2019.

#1 Hashtag Mehendi Designs

Whoever thought of blending bridal mehendi with the proposal story or a cool hashtag is a genius. Mehndis with wedding hashtags are becoming more and more prominent, and we just loooove how unique the result turns out to be! These are a great way to mingle all those cute couple photos on your social media into one easily clickable place. Let the below hashtags inspire you to try something unique.

Picture Credits-Sunny Dhiman Photography

Picture Credits:Story Monk

Picture Credits:Aman Photography

Picture Credits: Snapsoul Stories

#2 Simple Mehendi Designs

Not every Indian bride-to-be dreams of adorning her hands and feet with intricate patterns and motifs. Today, most of the to-be-brides opt for something fuss-free and straightforward so that they can participate in the festivities. If you’re looking for something modern with minimal detailing, browse through these latest simple patterns. You’re bound to find something you adore.

#3 Circular Mehendi Designs

Round mehendis are done not only on the palms but also drawn on upper arms, feet, and calves. These have mandala-like circles drawn on the hands and feet. What’s unique about this particular design is that unlike its traditional counterparts, it gives the artist a free hand to experiment with different patterns. It is drawn, leaving a lot of open space around to provide it with a modern touch and can even be carried off well with western attires.Pro-tip for beginners: If you’re trying your hand at circular mehndi, we suggest you place a coin or a bangle on the centre of your palm and use it as a guideline.

#4 Arabic Mehendi Designs

Free-flowing diagonal trails, paisleys, floral artwork – ah, the charm of Arabic mehendi is simply unparalleled. Is it any surprise then that it is the most loved and sought-after among women across all ages? The bold patterns and shading you see here is quite different from the usual and makes this style stand apart. If dainty motifs, bold boundaries, and symmetrical lines are what you love, then girl, look no further.

#5 Portrait Mehendi Designs

One trend that emerged a long time back and has been ruling ever since is the infusion of portraits in the bridal mehendi design. What began as classic sketches of dulha and dulhan has now enormously bloomed to be a raging trend with a breath of fresh modernism. We highly recommend you take a look at these adding portraits that are perfect for adding a dash of a kick to your otherwise simple pattern.

Picture Credits: Henna by Divya

Picture Credits: Romesh Dhamia.com

#6 Glitter mehendi designs

Why choose a boring mehendi in a single colour when you can adorn yourself with many? Red, pink, orange, blue, purple, green, yellow, silver, grey – the choices are endless when it comes to adding glitter to the fun! This shimmering delight is an excellent alternative to traditional brown henna as it only lasts 6-8 hours – perfect for a night out. Not big on colours? No worries! Just add a subtle dash to look super pretty. You could also add some highlights using rhinestones.

Picture Credits: Jamila Henna Creations

#7 Personalized mehendi designs

Want your wedding to be one hell of a memorable event? Not just for you but for your guests too? Then, all have to do is add some personal touches to it. Believe us, it works. There are so many ways how a bride-to-be can incorporate her love story – how the couple met, what represents them, what they are passionate about – basically celebrate their uniqueness, and honestly, we love it! Check out these super cute ways to personalize your mehendi designs.

#8 Floral mehendi designs

Amidst all the new entrants, flowers, the oldest and most beautiful patterns, have quietly stood their ground. For decades, they’ve lent a hand to henna artists looking to express and showcase their creativity. Whether it’s for adding a dash of color, a splash of glamour, a touch of texture, or a sense of fragrance, flowers have always been a part of the Indian bride’s ensemble. Floral patterns can adapt to numerous types of design, be they Arabic or Indian, and meld beautifully with the rest of any design. They can further be differentiated with your choice of shading, filling, etc. that will only enhance the already present intrinsic appeal. Scroll on down to get some more inspiration for your floral mehendi design.

Picture Credits: Henna Auefia

#9 Bird mehendi designs

Ladies! With all the opulence added to your ensemble, sometimes it’s easy for a shy bride to lose her innate self. Well, don’t worry. Here to help you spread your wings are bird mehndis. Adding a hint of innocence, these cute designs are ideal for the bride-to-be who wishes to cherish her individuality beneath all the grandeur and splendour. Enjoy the below collection of peacocks, swans, sparrows, and other bird motifs.

Picture Credits: Oragraphy

#10 Dreamcatcher mehendi designs

If you’re looking for bespoke pieces to go with your bridal attire, then choose dreamcatcher design. There is something inherently soothing about these danglers that are often mistaken for mandalas. Symbolizing good luck and protection and positivity, dreamcatchers add a touch of whimsy to the fun & frolic of mehendis. Here are some fresh ways to adorn you with this particular design.

Picture Credits: The Henna House by Angela

#11 Geometric mehendi designs

We kept the best for the last. Geometric mehndis are one of the most underrated yet stunning looking patterns in this world. Diamonds, chevrons, stripes, lines cutting at right angles and triangles – these are the signature patterns of this mehendi style. The best thing about this quirky mehendi design is that it goes with both traditional and modern occasions.

Remember, ladies! No matter which pattern or motif you choose, make sure it matches your style and personality. And don’t forget to have tons of fun.

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