25 Merry Christmas Wishes, Quotes and Greetings For You and Your Family


Hello Lovelies! Christmas is the time to connect with your family and all your loved ones. As the Christmas is approaching super soon, thus you must be searching for some great messages, wishes and greetings to send it to your special ones, right?
So, here we have some of the best greetings, messages and wishes for Merry Xmas that you can send it to your near and dear ones this time! Just pick your favourite ones from the list be it a short or long one!

Merry Christmas Images and Messages

  1. On this Christmas, share a lovely time with your family and friends! Fill your home and heart with all the love, happiness and laughter. Here’s wishing you a stupendous Merry xmas and looking forward to see you in 2020!
  2. May this Xmas brings joy, love and laughter in your life along with the memorable moments for lifetime! Wishing you a great Christmas and a wonderful beginning of a New Year!
  3. On this Christmas, I hope that Santa brings happiness, good health and peace in your life. Just forget whatever happened this year and start your New Year with New beginnings! Here is wishing you a Merry Xmas to you and your loved ones! Have a great day.
  4. As the Christmas season is all about happiness, love and merry, I hope that you find many reasons to enjoy your life with love and laughter. May the good time stay with you for a long time! Merry xmas to you and your family with lots of love and good wishes!
  5. This Christmas, wrap the tree with gifts and lights and celebrate it with family and friends. Celebrate the togetherness on this Christmas with your valuable family members and all your loved ones. Here’s wishing you a super amazing and wonderful Merry Christmas 2019!
  6. This Christmas spread happiness, love and peace all around! Celebrate it with the scrumptious cookies, cakes and muffins to get into the spirit of Merry Christmas along with the New Year! Wishing you an amazing and memorable xmas this year!
  7. Christmas, it’s a special day and it becomes more special when you spend it with your loved ones. So, this Xmas , spend quality time with your family and friends to let them know they are special! Merry Xmas to you and your family, hope you have a great time together!
  8. This Christmas, gift your special one’s love, peace, happiness, good memories and some moments of joy and laughter! May you celebrate this holiday season with enthusiasm and great adventures. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and splendid New Year!
  9. As the Christmas is time to remember all the good moments. Think about all the good memories and times that you have spend this year and recollect them this Christmas. I hope you get more opportunities to fill your life with joyous moments ahead! Wishing you a great Christmas and memorable New Year!
  10. In the words of Eric Sevareid, “For children, Xmas is anticipation. For adults, Xmas is memory.” So, this year, surprise your kid with an unexpected git and make it a memorable memory for lifetime! Here is wishing you and your love ones a Merry Christmas!
  11. This year, adorn the Christmas tree with lights, tinsels, stars and gifts. Hoping that you have a beautiful, blissful and memorable Christmas this year. Have a merry and bright Xmas and New Year!
  12. Share the gifts of happiness and love with others to make someone’s xmas a memorable and blissful! Warm wishes on this Christmas to you and your family. Hope you get enough opportunities in life to make someone feel better and special! Merry Christmas, 2019!
  13. The bright stars that’s shining on the top of the Xmas tree signify that there is a light that always guides us! On this special occasion, I hope that your life also brightens just like your Xmas tree! With all the love and good wishes, here is wishing you a blissful and great Xmas this year!
  14. The Christmas wind always carry a message of hope, love, peace and happiness. So, this xmas , listen to the whispers of the Christmas wind and spread the message all around! Wishing you wonderful Merry Christmas this year.
  15. I wish that this season brings you the courage to deal with the storms in life. I wish that this season brings you eternal happiness, love and peace. I wish that all the pain and difficult times fade away this season. Wishing you and near and dear ones a memorable and delightful Xmas this year.
  16. Christmas is not about giving and receiving gifts, but to share a bond of love and togetherness. So, this Christmas, celebrate it with your family and friends with a humble heart. I hope that you have a great Christmas. Merry Christmas, 2019!
  17. On the auspicious occasion of Christmas, let’s hope that the Lord bless us all with good days, teach us patience and to be kind always. Wishing you an amazing Christmas, 2019!
  18. The grand feasts, celebration all around, lights and magical wintery wind is the essence of Merry Christmas. May you have a wonderful Christmas filled with joyous moments with your family and friends. Have a blissful Christmas and Happy New Year!
  19. The carols, bells, all the lights and star, winter moon and of course, delicious delicacies signify that Christmas is here! Wishing you a peaceful, beautiful and delightful Christmas with your near and dear ones. Merry Christmas, 2019 and New Year, 2020!
  20. I wish you all the mirth, prosperity and good health on this Christmas. May you get whatever you desired and wished before the year ends. Here is wishing you a joyous and awesome Christmas to you and your loved ones. Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!
  21. May the lord guide you towards a better and successful life ahead. May the lord shower his blessings upon you and your family. May the lord bless you with all the mirth, togetherness, love and peace in this life. Merry Xmas to you and your family. Have a wonderful Christmas this year, with lots of love!
  22. On this Christmas, I pray that you shine brighter than the sparling star and spread happiness around you! May you have a memorable and remarkable Christmas this year spent with family and friends. Wishing you a Merry Xmas , 2019!
  23. May the good times become the treasures of tomorrow in your life. May your life be filled with sparkle and glitters just like the Christmas tree. May you always cherish the good moments you are blessed with! Here is wishing you an amazing Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!
  24. All the joyous presents and surprises may bring happiness on your face this Merry Christmas. On this Xmas , take out time for your special ones to enjoy the greatest pleasures of Xmas ! May you have a wonderful Xmas this time and wishing you a Happy new Year in advance!
  25. On this pious occasion of Jesus Christ’s Birthday, hope you find peace and contentment in your life with abundant happiness and laughter! Enjoy the good times with your near and dear ones this Merry Christmas. Merry Xmas to you and your family!

To sum it all up, Merry Christmas to everyone! With big laughs, sweet carols and scrumptious delicacies, celebrate the festival of Christmas along with the celebration of upcoming New Year’s Eve! Send the good wishes, messages and greetings to your loved on this Christmas with the help of aforementioned greetings and wishes!

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