Top 15 Latest Sleeves Designs for Kurti for Stylish Look


Kurtis are extremely comfortable and therefore popular, in and outside India as well. Available in various designs, colours and patterns, Kurtis are a suitable choice for all types of occasions, may it be a formal event, a wedding ritual, or an everyday class.

From little girls to school and college going teenagers to adults to moms to grandmothers, Kurti is a choice of every woman. With the ever increasing popularity of this clothing garb, more and more designs are being developed, which could be adapted from the ethnic, fused with the modern or could be extremely traditional.

When it comes to designs, Kurtis offer a variety, from different shapes, to different lengths to different print to different colour. With Kurtis available in every shade, the major focus of the industry is the design and the shape. Shape refers to the shape of the edges of the kurti, the neck, the sleeves, the back, the cuts, etc. The design of the sleeves may simply change the entire look of the Kurti. To discuss more on the same, given below is a list of 15 trending sleeves design for Kurtis that you may rock at respective occasions:

#1. Three Fourth Buttoned Sleeves

This is the most classic and evergreen sleeve style when it comes to Kurtis. The length is extremely comfortable for all types of occasions. ¾ sleeves are the ones that cover the elbow and a few inches more. To add to the design, in the last few inches of the sleeves, there are decorative buttons. The colour of the buttons, is usually in contrast with the colour of the Kurti.

#2. Bell Sleeves

If you want to wear a Kurti and at the same time have a carry a modern look, then this could be one of your options. The sleeves are generally ½ or longer and the last few inches have a flare- like end, which gives it a bell like shape. The style looks more attractive when the flares are of a contrasting colour.

#3. Shoulder Knot Sleeves

These sleeves basically hold up the Kurti. The Kurti is sleeveless and has a sleep step neck. The steps are ties on the shoulders and make for a bold fusion of ethnic and western. The breadth of the step also varies, it can be really sleek or about an inch broad. Any step broader than an inch, is probably a bad idea for a Kurti.

#4. Churidar Sleeves

This works best for anarkalis. This is an elegant classic design where the sleeves are of extreme long length. Like a churidar pants, the sleeves also for bangle like structures at the end.

#5. Puff Sleeves

Actress Sonam Kapoor has recently been seen fanning over the puff sleeves. Puff sleeves is a style from the 80s that gains popularity every now and then. The ‘puff’ is in the shoulders or towards the end of the length and then the length of the sleeves may vary from cap to long length.

#6. Tank Sleeves

As the name suggests, the sleeves are of the length as that of tank tops. Tank sleeves work best on everyday Kurtis however, collar tank sleeves Kurtis, could work as a safe option for formal events as well.

#7. Tie Up Sleeves

This is currently, a highly trending design. The length of the sleeves may vary but the end involves tying it up in a bow knot. Tie up sleeves can also be a little like shoe laces, where the two laces, starting from the top and moving across the length of the sleeves, hold together the sleeves and in the end are tied in a bow. This style is a very old one, however is back in the top trends of 2019.

#8. Slit Sleeves With Attached Underlay

This style looks best when the Kurti is extremely simple. The simple and the basic structure makes it classy for any and every occasion and the slit with underlay sleeve design makes the Kurti all the more fancy. There is a centre slit and the sleeves are generally ¾ in length. The underlay is generally printed, embroidered or embellished, which is in contrast with the complete Kurti, or vice versa.

#9. Cold Shoulder

Another trend that has sauntered into the year 2019 is cold sleeves. The cold shoulder sleeves give the Kurti a western touch, thereby making it suitable for cocktail parties, family gatherings, wedding rituals, college goers, etc.

#10. Cap Ruffle Sleeves

This design is formed when the ruffle on the neck of the Kurti spreads to the shoulders and then to the sleeves. The Kurti is basically sleeveless or tank sleeves but the ruffle forms a layer around the sleeves.

#11. Slit Cape Style Sleeves

The sleeves range from ½ to full length and are slit from the centre right from the shoulders or from somewhere in the middle. The slit gives the Kurti a western touch and gives a cape like structure.

#12. Roll Up Sleeves

This is a style that has stayed on the top for many years now. Roll up sleeves are highly adjustable, therefore, convenient and casual, making a roll up sleeves Kurti best for casual and daily wear. The sleeves when fully open can be used as formal wear too.

#13. Open Wide Sleeves

This works only in case of a straight fit Kurti. The sleeves, as the name suggests are wide and usually elbow length. The design could also include slits and knots.

#14. Cut Out Sleeves

This style has recently been revived. The mid rise or the ¾ sleeves have added cuts, generally sharp ovals. The cut sleeves add style to the Kurti and give it an elegant look.

#15. Overlapping Sleeves

This style is one of the latest in trends. It is an overlapping fold around your wrist giving it a graceful curve. To be little innovative you can have the sleeves in a contrasting colour to the Kurti.

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