9 Stylish Tips to Look Slim and Tall in Long Kurtis


We all have seen numerous posts on our Instagram feeds telling us to feel beautiful just the way we are. Most Gen Z influencers are promoting the fact that we should feel comfortable in our skin and not try to change ourselves. And we at Mirraw genuinely believe that we ARE beautiful just the way we are! We are intelligent, kind and gorgeous inside out. The fat in our body, our curves or our body shape does not dictate our perception of ourselves. It does not tell us if we can wear short dresses or long kurtis. 

And hello, who amongst us likes to give up on truffle cakes, pizzas and chicken burgers to look slim (wait… is your mouth watering already?). However, can you disagree with the fact that there are some days when you just feel the best and feel that life would have been a little better if you had not eaten all the junk and gained that weight? Wouldn’t you feel a little bit more confident in that long kurti you put on for office if you had been slightly slimmer? Well, if you are a part of that self-critical gang, this blog is just for you. We have curated a complete guide of 9 stylish ways to look slimmer and taller in long kurtis: 

(P.S: Why settle for ordinary when you are destined to be a fashion icon in a long kurti?)

Tips and Tricks to Look Slim and Tall in Long Kurtis

1. Pair with the Bottoms That Fit You Right

Wearing a long kurti that fits you well and is nice for your body type is very pivotal for you to look slim and elegant, but we cannot underestimate the significance of well-fitted bottoms along with it. From now on, ditch the baggy lowers that give an unflattering look and add volume to your overall frame. Instead go for slim-fit silhouettes like leggings, churidars, straight palazzos, or slim pants which create the look of a slimmer waist. This unique grey rayon kurti with fancy and motif embroidery will give you your dream look and is well paired with fitted leggings to help you look your best.

2. Choose Flattering Fabrics

Trust us girls, you will never regret investing in good quality fabrics as the comfort and texture that they offer are second to none. Invest in good-quality fabrics that sit well and flatter the body and hence should always be your first choice. A well-fitted outfit curated from high-quality fabric can do wonders to upgrade the silhouette. So, next time you are shopping for that beautiful ensemble, keep a careful eye on fabrics that let you breathe and let you move. Flowy and comfy fabrics like cotton, georgette, and chiffon are the best! No wonder cotton and georgette long kurtis are very sought after and sell like hotcakes.

3. Pick Vertical Prints & Patterns

Printed long kurtis when worn with the right lowers look superb on both formal and casual events but to look slim one should make sure to go for vertical prints or patterns that create an illusion of more height. As a thumb rule, if you want to look slimmer, the individual pattern of the print should not exceed the size of your clenched fist. Check prints and horizontal lines should also be avoided as much as possible. Geometric patterns and vertical lines are a perfect choice for long kurtis for women to look slimmer. You should stick to small motifs and embroidered patterns as large patterns add more bulk to your look.

4. Go for Monochromatic looks and Darker Shades

Monochromatic ensembles create a vertical line of appearance and complement your body beautifully. Dark colours like black, navy blue, purple, maroon, brown, or dark green kurtis will make you look a few kilograms lighter than your actual weight. They help to conceal any bumps or curves that make you feel conscious. On the contrary, lighter shades like white and beige emphasize your contours and give the illusion of a larger body frame. When you wear a single color, you minimize visual breaks, giving the look of a more slender figure. This maroon long monochromatic outfit, for instance, works wonders in elongating your look. 

5. Style It Correctly

Wearing the right type of accessories can be a game-changer in the way you look. Accessories like classic statement neck pieces, footwear, sunglasses, watches, earrings, or bags steer the attention away from anything that doesn’t flatter your body and make you look pleasing. Long chain necklaces are a great way to prevent the neck from looking bulky. Similarly, women with heavy round faces look gorgeous with medium-sized earrings. Make sure you don’t overdo the accessories to look chic. Go by the rule “less is more”. The printed light blue long kurti paired with a red handbag and sunglasses is a perfect combo to hit the sunny beaches of Goa!!! 

6. Think Of Your Body type 

Though there is no limit on what you wear, do not forget to consider a few things if you wish to achieve an ideal kurti look. Choose your Kurti as per your body shape. For instance, pear-shaped bodies can go for Anarkali style kurtas which perfectly complement their figure. 

At the same time, women with broader shoulders should pick slightly flared kurtas. Furthermore, be it party wear Kurta or office wear, straight cuts always look appealing. You can even out your curves and give that flattering definition with an embroidered straight-cut kurta paired with a palazzo. 

7. Go for Flared Or A-Line Kurtis

We Indians have always had a soft corner for flared or A-line kurtis. They have been adorned by the royal queens, and have now made their space in the closet of a modern woman. A-line kurtis and anarkali suits give the illusion of a slim waistline. One thing you need to always consider is that while wearing flared outfits is the choice of fabric. Fabrics like cotton, chiffon, and georgette are the best instead of thicker fabrics like silk and chanderi that make you look bulkier. Go for long georgette kurtis and pair them with heels that will give you a little bit of elevation.

8. Layer it well

Layering your outfits is a fun and stylish way to create new looks. When it comes to wearing long kurtis, adding layers on top can make your figure look slimmer and taller. Let me explain further.

You don’t have to stick to boring old styles – be creative! Layer a printed or embroidered long kurti with a light jacket, shrug, or scarf on top. This elongates your body’s silhouette. It also draws eyes up and down rather than focusing on your waist or hips. When picking a layering piece choose fabrics that skim your body rather than cling. Thin flowy fabrics work best. Also opt for a medium to long length that falls past your waist and hips. This helps conceal any problem areas. Adding layers creates definition and interest in your outfit. At the same time, it avoids showing too much skin or outlining every curve. It’s a win-win! The result is a modern, youthful look that flatters your shape.So don’t be afraid to mix up your styles. Layer flowing shrugs, cropped jackets, or cozy scarves over your favorite long kurtis. Not only will you look great but also you will have fun with fashion in the process!

9. Focus On Your Best Features

It’s time to act smart and fool everyone by concealing your curves and drawing attention to the features that you feel most confident about. Intricate beautiful embroidery and tassels on necklines or sleeves of long kurtis give the illusion of a well-toned figure and make you look chic and stylish. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and be a little creative with your outfits showcasing your best features through originality, confidence, and uniqueness. This chrome blue kurti from Ft Diva is eye-catching and perfect to hide all the flab. We won’t be amazed if you are hooked on this kurti that is just so irresistible.

What to avoid?

Find Designs that feel like they were made for you!

  • For girlies with fuller figures, long full sleeves may seem too bulky. But short or 3/4 sleeves beautifully highlight your shape. Flowy, lightweight fabrics that gracefully drape your silhouette can help you feel gorgeous and confident.
  • If you have a slim build, then palazzo pants might overwhelm your frame. Leggings effectively extend your legs, pairing perfectly with long kurtis to showcase your height.
  • If you have a busty figure, heavy embroidery or high necks can draw too much focus to the upper body. An open neckline, balanced with delicate embellishments, helps maintain harmonious proportions.
  • And no matter your size, stiff fabrics like starched cotton can create a boxy appearance. In contrast, softer, more fluid materials like chiffon and silk will elegantly drape over your shape enhancing your silhouette.
  • The key is finding cuts, prints and fabrics that celebrate your unique beauty. With some thoughtful selections, you can rock any style. Remember to have fun with fashion and choose pieces that make you beam with confidence and joy when you look in the mirror.

Embrace Your Unique Style with Confidence

Finding your own style that makes you feel confident is what matters most. When picking out an outfit, especially long kurtis it’s not just about the pattern or fabric but about feeling good in what you wear. Your confidence and attitude are what make an outfit stunning. It doesn’t matter what body shape or size you are, just don’t limit your fashion choices. Anarkali dresses, straight cut kurtis, vibrant colors, whatever you decide to wear, own it! How you feel about yourself on the inside will show through on the outside. When you step out wearing something that makes you feel proud and self-assured, that’s true beauty shining through. So wear your clothes like you love your own company, Fashion isn’t only about trends it also expresses who you are. When you feel happy and comfortable in your outfit, it radiates. Make your wardrobe a celebration of your unique self. Remember, when you feel good, it shows.

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