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13 Back Hand Mehndi Designs That are Ideal for All Occasions


Back hand mehndi designs add a little something extra to your outfit. They can be used to add an elegant touch to a simple dress or as a way to show off some intricate henna with intricate patterns. Mehndi is all about showing off your creativity and artistic abilities, so why not show it off with a beautiful backhand design? Check out these 13 beautiful backhand mehndi designs that are perfect for all occasions!

Easy And Super Stylish Mehndi Designs

1. The Ganesha Hand Mehndi

Ganesha is one of the most popular Hindu deities. Often found in temples, Ganesha is a symbol of luck. This back hand design features a back hand that is adorned with an elephant head, trunk, and ears – all symbols for Ganesha.

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2. Crescent Moon Back Mehndi

A crescent moon design makes for a great back hand heena design because it can be applied to both hands with little effort. A full moon is also another beautiful option to look into!

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3. Om Symbol Back Hand Mehandi

Back hand mehndi Patterns are perfect for intricate patterns like this Om design. It’s filled with swirls and looks beautiful when done on the back of the hand!

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4. Swirls & Dots Mehandi

These swirly dots make for a cool looking backhand mehndi design as well as add some artistic flair to the rest of your outfit! These dots could also easily be emphasized or made more detailed if you wanted to take more time on these Patterns.

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5. Flowers Pattern Back Mehndi

If you’re looking for something simple but still cute, this floral pattern would be perfect! It’s simple enough that it will not overwhelm anything else you’re wearing but still has just enough personality to stand out and show off what you can do!

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6. Flower and Leaf Design

This white flower design really pops against darker skin tones and looks elegant and serene. This back hand Mehandi design is perfect for a simple occasion. It comes in three different colours with a beautiful floral pattern that will accentuate your natural beauty. The flower back hand mehndi designs is made up of a series of delicate flowers with ivy and leaves. This pattern is suited for formal occasions and weddings.

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7. Peacock Feather Back Hand Mehndi  Designs

This mehndi design is in the shape of a peacock feather. This would be perfect for any occasion, but would look especially great on a wedding day!

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8. Sunflower Style Mehndi Design

This design is very simple with accents of elegance and energy together. The centre of the pattern looks like a sunflower, which would make for a perfect summer mehndi design!

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9. Short and Simple Back Hand Mehndi Designs

This Simple Mehendi design is perfect for a wedding or engagement party. It adds a little something extra to your outfit without drawing all of the attention to your hand. You can incorporate this pattern into any outfit; it’s elegant, classy, and it looks great on every skin tone.

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10. Round Back Hand Heena Design

This Round style henna design is always gorgeous easy style is perfect for any occasion. The intricate patterns are stunning and the colour contrasts beautifully. It’s one of the simplest designs on this list, but it’s very striking.

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11. Arabic Back Mehndi Designs 

Back hand Mehandi design is a really simple design with a lot of intricate patterns. This mehndi design would be perfect for a dressy event or a party. The design starts out with a very intricate pattern and then goes into a few more patterns before coming back to the main one in the centre. The colour scheme for this mehndi design is also really pretty, going from dark green to light green before going back to dark green again.

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12. Dulhan Back Hand Mehndi Design

This back hand mehndi design is perfect for a formal occasion. It features intricate geometric shapes with elegant flowers and vines. The way that this mehndi design breaks up the dark green from the light green creates an accent that really brings out the intricacy of this particular pattern.

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13. Leafe Back Mehndi Design

This design is a great example of how you can use mehndi to show off your creativity. The detailed designs in this back hand mehndi are very intricate. They are done in the style of traditional henna with lots of detail. The colours are bright and vibrant, giving it an eye-catching look.

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