8 Easy and Beautiful Arabic Mehndi Design for Wedding Season


Whether it is a wedding, celebration or any other function in India when sweets are given to each other, there is one thing that Indian women always do, or we can say that women in India always do. It’s about showing mehndi on their hands. Mendi Arabic designs are more popular these days. Some of the more fashionable also draw their feet. Mehandi is suitable for every occasion in India, especially their weddings and ceremonies. It is considered auspicious in both Hindu and Islamic cultures. Although nowadays every bride prefers to draw her arms and legs. here are some of the classic Arabic Mehendi designs are shown which you can try for your special occasion and make it perfect for all events.

1. Floral Round Arabic Mehndi Design

This is one of the classic arabic mehendi design which everyone wants to wear and is easy to draw on their palm. You can try these different designs to draw on hand. You will love this style because it looked minimal but always gives elegan1t look and style.






2. Circle Arabic Mehndi Design

This beautiful mehndi design has a modern twist as it includes various styles in the theme which will go with the whole vibe. This spectacular minimalistic arabic mehendi design makes it huge and is one of the newest Mehandi designs.

3. Bell and Leafe Latest Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic mehendi design is made on every specific corner of the hand and it can cover most of the part of your hand. These designs are usually heavy and detailed as they have to adorn one side of the hand like Arabic style mehndi that’s why much bridal love this style to wear on their ring ceremony.

4. Bold Arabic Mehndi Design

One of the most popular motifs is a bold design, this design by Arabic Mehendi design is a net-like model, draw on Mehandi and you can add more heavy filled designs to it. With this Mendi design, the Jali motif spreads asymmetrically on the hand in many places.

6. Classic Arabic Mehandi Design

The beauty of Mendi’s design lies in the arrangement of floral motifs that wrap around the back of the hand and fingertips. This type of Mehendi looks best with matte nail polish.

7. Pakistani Mehendi Designs

This mehndi design has a large hole pattern on the back of the hand depicting a rose motif as the centrepiece of the design. Moreover, this tip design goes all the way to the toe to give the Arabic Mehendi design an Arabic look. If You are a bridesmaid then you should select these henna designs to look more authentic and stylish.

8. Peacock Arabic Mehendi Motif

The peacock design is more famous when you want to make some heavily filled Arabic Mehendi design for special events but you can choose this style to draw an elegant Arabic mehndi also. When designing a mehndi style Peacock, the main part is the ring, which is made on the back or front of the hand. The best thing about this design is that it is drawn with a beautiful strap design.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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