12 Kitchen Tiles Design to Make Your Home More Beautiful


Kitchen in a house is more than just a place where one could possibly cook. It’s a vibe maker and mood uplift space in the home. So, gone are the days of boring kitchen floors. These days kitchen tiles exhibit a wide range of shapes and patterns. The colours mostly people prefer are kind of navy blue, dark green and black. The patterns include the brick look, encaustic tiles, mixed metallic and patterned.

People have become bolder and more innovative when it comes to looking for kitchen tile designs. Experimenting with the tiles of the kitchen is like adding your favourite colours to your favourite area. So if you want to amp up the look of your kitchen, then you can opt for the following kitchen tile designs which are as follows:

1.Concrete stained tiles

Kitchen is said to be the heart of the house, why not give this heart a vintage touch to it. Using stained concrete tiles gives a very vintage look and style to the kitchen area. These tiles give a natural texture to the kitchen and are extremely durable in the long run. Also, stained tiles don’t look dirty at all so cleaning and maintaining them won’t be a big deal.

2.White marble tiles

White can never go wrong without a doubt it’s the best colour depicting sophistication, class and eye for the bright side. White marble tiles are the best-suited tiles as it suggests cleanliness, reflects light in the kitchen and feels airy and breathable. Mostly used in compact kitchen to have a sense of space.

3.Mosaic tiles

Let’s do it all artsy! Mosaics are comprised of small tile pieces coming together to make an artsy, brilliant bigger picture or anything colourful. Mosaics are so versatile they can fit in any space matching perfectly with every colour you can imagine. As it is a mix of coloured tiles. Add mosaic to fill in shape and sparkle in your kitchen.

4. Look of Rugged Stone

You can opt for a rugged stone floor if your kitchen is made from predominantly stainless steel. It gives a good contrast, and adds a classy feel to the entire kitchen. The rugged stone looking tile shows the experimental side of you and eye for a different and impressive style of yours into the house.

5.Backsplash Designs

Backsplash designs are effective and useful to protect the kitchen from spills and sprinkles. Nowadays Backsplash designs are so in fashion and trend that you have to have it in the kitchen. Backsplash add decorations to the kitchen by adding splash of shimmer is cherry on top. Backsplash designs are versatile and have a lot of different varieties available in the market for you to explore and choose from.

6.Classic Check

Check patterned everything is so on point. Check blends in with everything. On the off chance that you need to keep your kitchen very sleek and industrial style, at that point, you would need to receive this statement style, articulation style that gives the impression of a checkerboard. On the off chance that you need to keep it from feeling excessively cleaned, you can somewhat skew the tiles, and give it a particular vibe.

7.Wood on wood

Wood on wood gives a very old and antique vibe to the kitchen. If there is a lot of wood going on in your kitchen, you can complement it by adding concrete tiles on the floors in similar hues. Give it a subtle pattern to prevent it from looking too monochromatic.

8.Smart grey slate tiles

Kitchen with a lot of woodwork and a bundle of contemporary fittings should definitely go for grey slate tiles as it will complete the look of the kitchen making it look like a piece of art in your house. Brilliant dark record of grey slate tiles works splendidly with warm darker wood and smooth contemporary fittings.

9. Congratulations, It’s a match made in heaven!

Match your floor tiles to your countertops, and you won’t have to stress about anything clashing. It is a brilliant and smart idea to not worry much about the countertop and the floor tiles of the kitchen if you just match everything. This is a perfect, no-nonsense way to style your kitchen. You can warm up the space by adding a little bit of contrast by adding a rug to it.

10.Bricks of pastel

Brick tiles are a great way to make the kitchen more lively and thoughtful. Use of pastel colours makes everything look so bubbly and lively, looks of it is dreamy and pleasant to the eyes. Mix the brick tiles with any pastel colour of your choice to make the perfect match, or do the mix of colours as well to keep ut all quirky and super stylish in the kitchen.

11.Keeping it Classic

 White and cream tile might sound boring and basic, but there’s a time and place for it. If your kitchen is bold and colourful, then you might want to reduce the impact by adding a shade of white or cream to the tiles as it minimises the boldness of other colours making it subtle, classy yet amazingly stylish. In between the extreme checks, backsplash or mosaics use of white or cream tiles would make such a impact.

12.Pattern tiles

Simple yet stylish are the patterned tiles, comes in a variety of patterns with intricate work of art and classic tiles to suit the particular style you have. Make the transition happen with the variety from light to bold coloured and textured tiled with amazing patterns. Great is the way to be stylish and wonderful in your life with these tiles.

These were the top 12 tile designs for your home to keep the tile game up in your house making it feel more like home. Styling and design are so in fashion to do that one can’t keep him or herself away from experimenting!

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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