15 Unique Wall art Ideas to Decor your Wall like a Professional


If you are looking for some unique wall art ideas to decorate your home then you can go for DIY i.e., Do It Yourself. Nothing can be more unique than something that you will do by yourself. Wall arts are the best way to add space to your room or make some changes in it. It includes:

  • Finding the best option for your home.
  • Choose the best idea
  • Get the materials
  • Start working on the projects.

Here are 15 unique wall arts that will help you to give a happy vibe to your home:

#Wall Art Ideas for Living Room

  • Paper Silhouette Art
    This is an interesting project to add a personalized touch to your Living room wall. To do this, take your photos and draw its framing on the black paper. Cut the figures out and arrange them on the white paper. You can use a photo frame to style it. It will help you to decorate your walls in a customized and memorable way.

  • CD Case DIY Wall Art
    CD has been used for many DIY projects. You can re-use it even for DIY wall decorating. Just take some cases and a big picture. Divide the picture as per the CD case dimensions. Cut them and tape them on those CD cases. Lastly, mount them on the living room wall and add a happy vibe to your home.

  • Meg Wall Art
    If you want some natural vibes in your home then you can go for this DIY project. You have to pick some branches from the garden and display them above your bed. The living room wall will look very beautiful with this DIY. You can go for branches in the same sizes of different sizes.

#Wall Art Ideas for Master Bedroom

  • Paint free Artwork for wall
    If you are seeking a beautiful and effortless Artwork then you can do this simple project. Pick up two white panels or canvas, wires and some leaves. Place those wires on the canvas and place some leaves on it. This particular bedroom Wall art will look elegant and simple. Also, it has a modern touch in itself.

  • Love wall art
    Show your love through your bedroom wall art. You can gift it to your best friend or loved ones. For this project, take a canvas and cut some letters that you want to write on it. Paste it on the canvas with the help of light glue. Paint a heart on the canvas and when it gets dry, simply take out the letters. It will look very special.

  • Wood and Map wall art
    If you love travelling and enjoy to do some projects, then you can go for this project. Here, you have to take make pieces of wood of the same size and paint. Rearrange the woods in a way that it frames a rectangle or square. (While leaving some space in between them) Paint the map on it and hang it above your bedroom wall.

#Wall art Ideas for Dining Room

  • Wall Art using the Toilet paper
    To do this project, take a canvas and empty toilet paper rolls. Cut the toilet paper rolls in 4 pieces. Combine the 4 pieces and make a flower from it. Do the same with the other rolls. Paste it on the canvas and enjoy your beautiful Wall art.

  • Zig Zag Chevron Painting
    Everyone loves the Chevron Paintings and when it is in the dining room, it looks even better. For this project, take a canvas, tape and painting colour. Place the tape on the canvas by framing your favourite design. Paint above it. After it gets dry, remove the tape and enjoy the masterpiece.

  • Kitchen Silverware DIY
    It is a perfect DIY for your kitchen or dining room. Take 3 same sizes of wooden boards and draw a knife, spoon and fork on it. Cut the figures with the help of a strong cutter and paint it black. Hang it on the wall and enjoy the amazing DIY.

#Wall art Ideas for Office

    • Abstract Wall Painting
      Abstract painting is easy and looks artistic. For this project, you will need a canvas, tape and paints. Frame the design on the canvas with the help of tape. Use 2-3 paints to paint it. Once it gets dry, remove the tape and enjoy the large and artistic piece of DIY.

    • Fabric DIY wall art
      Take a canvas, interesting shade of paper and Doilies. Paste the paper on the canvas and then attach the Doilies on it. It looks vintage and adds a cool style to your home. You can use this wall art anywhere you want to.

    • Message DIY project
      For these types of DIY project, you will need a cheap painting, some cut out letters or words, and glue. Compose the letters in such a way that it frames a message or lyrics of the song. Paste it on the painting and paint the whole canvas white. Once it got dry, remove the alphabets and enjoy your quirky masterpiece.

#Wall art Ideas for Hall

  • Framed Wallpaper
    The best way to all an amazing effect on your wall is by adding the wallpaper to it. But you want to do it in a different way, take some pieces of wallpaper and frame it. Add it anywhere you want to give an interesting look on your hall wall.

  • Map wall with the Canvas
    The map looks great on the way. To do this project, take a big picture of the map and different sizes of canvas. Rearrange them as in it fits according to the map. Cut the sizes according to the canvas and paste it on it. Hand it and enjoy your great artwork.

  • Glazed Wall Art
    If you are looking for something less time consuming and interesting, then you can go for this DIY. Cut out some pieces from a hard paper or Glaze and add glue on it. Let it dry for 1 day and add a handle on the one side of it. Hang it to your desired location.

Try these DIY and add a unique touch to your home.

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