Diwali 2019: Some Facts about Diwali that Every Indian should Know


As the festive season commences in India, the entire country gets gripped with a special feeling of fervour and pomp. The festival of Diwali marks one of the high points in the Indian Diwali festival season when the nation is swathed in beautiful lights.

What is Diwali?

Diwali is an age-old festival of the country and a very special one for people of all religions and faiths, lovingly called the Festival of Lights. All homes are lit beautifully with different kinds and colours of lights and decoration. Every home, be it the humble dwelling of the middle-class man or the lavish bungalow of the rich, is adorned.

What makes Diwali even more special are the myths and stories that revolve around it, and some beautiful facts that can make you wonder in awe over how special the Diwali festival really is.

1.A Day Dedicated to Ethnic Fashion

It is true that there are a number of festivals for us all to get decked in ethnic fashion in, but nothing beats the preparation and celebration of Diwali. People begin shopping for the occasion months before the Diwali festival and pick out the trendiest of items from ethnic fashion to flaunt before family and friends. Since the Diwali festival is also a time when people visit each other’s house to exchange sweets, blessings and play games, the fashion game has to be played smartly and elegantly.

You can choose between a wide variety of lehengas, suits and sarees for the special night, depending on how you wish to celebrate the festival. As we talk about some of the interesting facets of the festival, you will be surprised to know how differently you can dress up for the lovely occasion without letting go of the ethnic touch.

2.A Festival that Sees No Religious Borders

In a country that falsely seems on the surface to be torn by the multiple religions that dwell here, Diwali seems to allow people to ignore all these differences. People of all religions and faiths come together to decorate homes, light diyas, share sweets and burn crackers.

This lovely serenity of the Diwali festival calls for a piece of clothing that is equally serene and modest, while at the same time binding different faiths and religions together. We suggest going for a gorgeous modern Anarkali suit, which is a beautiful blend of multiple styles. You could choose to go for a white and golden piece to match the warmth of the festivity.

3.The Special Day of Goddess Lakshmi

According to Hindu superstition, Diwali is the day when the goddess Lakshmi chooses to roam the earth and enter all homes that are clean, pure and worshipping her. Hindus believe that as the goddess walks into a house, she brings with herself the charms of prosperity, wealth and well-being for all family members.

The right way to welcome the goddess would be to dress up like one! Go for a beautiful silk saree in colours like red or pink to blossom the most amidst the crowd.

4.The Day of Multiple Occasions

Not just the Hindu Diwali festival of lights, the day is also popular among the Sikhs and the Jains for other reasons. It is believed that this was the day when Guru Gobind Singhji was able to escape the shackles of Jahangir along with many other Hindu rulers. This is also the day when Sant Mahavir is believed to have attained Nirvana.

For men, the modern kurta with an ethnic jacket would work the look just fine. Paired with churidar pants, the look easily fits in the description of ethnic as well as the comfort of modern. Just remember to pair it with a great pair of Kolhapuri shoes.

5.The Legend of Ram’s Return to Ayodhya

The most popular and celebrated legend of all is that this was the day when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after 14 years in exile, and the entire city was lit up beautifully to mark the occasion. This has been coming down generations and is the chief reason why Diwali is celebrated as the festival of lights.

What better way to celebrate the austerity of the occasion than with a dhoti-kurta look? The ensemble is just perfect for a night of celebration and worship. Perhaps you would want to change into churidars a while later when the games and dining begin, but nothing beats the charm of a dhoti and kurta.

6.The Night of Games and Sweets

The festival of Diwali marks the night when relatives and friends come together to share and exchange sweets, gifts and blessings.

At the same time, everything seems allowable on the Diwali night, for family members sit together to play cards, gamble money and items and have fun with snacks and dishes.

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