Top 12 Most Influential  Diwali Mehndi Design for this Season


Diwali, the festival of lights is approaching soon and we all have begun our shopping to decorate our homes. On Diwali festival, everyone prefers to wear the ethnic garbs that have its beauty and elegance. To match with the beauty of the traditional wear, every woman also prefers Mehendi that adds glamour to the overall look and personality.
Do you love to adorn your hands with Mehendi? Then, you must be searching for unique Mehndi designs to apply it on your hands this Diwali festival, isn’t it? Well, here is the list of the 12 super amazing Mehandi that you can look for this Diwali festival.

1. Indian Style Mehendi Design

The Indian style Mehandi designs are a bit complicated to design, but they look mesmerising when they are designed perfectly. The highlighting part about this style of Mehandi design is that they look attractive, especially on the wrist. To look at this Diwali festival, you can choose to go with the Indian style Mehandi design.

2. Pakistani Style Diwali Mehendi Design

The combination of Arabian and Indian style Mehandi gives it a touch of Pakistani style mehandi . To give your Mehendi that perfect traditional touch, you should adorn your hands with the beautiful Pakistani style Mehandi, which has leaf and floral patters alongside the peacock design. One of the great options for the mehndi designs for this Diwali festival.

3. Indo Arabic Style Diwali Mehendi Design

The perfect amalgam of Indian and Arabic style mehndi makes it look tantalizing. The big flowery pattern style with some intricate patterns are what defines the Indo Arabic style mehandi. If you are searching for the charming mehndi design, then you must go with this beautiful combination of Indo Arabic style mehandi.

4. Moroccan Style Diwali Mehendi Design

Here is another popular and peculiar mehndi design, which has a floral, oval and circular pattern in the middle. The Moroccan style Mehendi also covers the bases of the nails covering the middle portion of the design. This is a minimal style mehndi design that every woman can prefer to adorn their hand with! So, girls are you ready to make your Diwali outfit even better with this stunning Mehendi design?

5. Glitter Style Diwali Mehendi Design

Do you prefer all that glam and sham? Well, this glittery style mehndi will make it look even brighter. Followed by the latest fashion styles, the glitter style Mehandi design is all you need to add glamour to your Diwali look too! The different patterns that are designed intricately along with the usage of glitters on the outlines can make your Diwali look glamorous and glittery.

6. Multi-Coloured Diwali Mehendi Design

Nowadays, multi-coloured mehendi design is also dominating the trend. The trend of traditional mehndi design in an only a single colour is so last year and that’s the reason this multi-coloured mehandi will compliment your Diwali outfit completely. You can choose to go with this multi-coloured mehndi design on this Diwali festival to stand out different in the crowd.

7. Mughlai Style Diwali Mehendi Design

The Mughlai style mehndi is popular for its simple but alluring . The floral pattern isn’t going anywhere when it comes to the Diwali Mehendi design and so is with the Mughlai style Mehendi designs. The intricate designing patterns in the Mughlai style mehandi is what allures the women at first sight. So, why you have to go with those old styles of mehandi when you have super amazing mehandi design options that you can look upon to?

8. Floral Style Diwali Mehendi Design

The floral style mehendi design has a perfect combination of traditional as well as modern touch. With ethnic wear, especially on Diwali occasion, the floral pattern style mehandi design would look beautiful. The floral pattern starting from the palm and extended till the wrist is one of the simple mehandi designs. Therefore, this festive season, adorn your beautiful hands with the floral style mehendi design.

9. Arabic Diwali Mehendi Design

The dark colour with mesmerizing outlines, Arabic mehandi is absolutely alluring in designing and pattern. The best part about the Arabic mehendi design is that it looks great on the wrist, especially the bracelet type pattern, which is eye-catching. The Arabic style mehandi is easy to design and apply on the hands and wrist to enhance the beauty of the ethnic attire. To give unique look to your Diwali outfit, you can choose to go with this stunning Arabic style mehendi.

10. Minimal Style Diwali Mehendi Design

Nowadays, the minimal mehandi designs are preferred the most by young girls and women as it looks amazing on the hand and wrist. Just a simple circular design at the back of the hand. This one is surely a unique mehandi that every woman can prefer to adorn their hands with on this Diwali occasion.

11. Intricately Designed Mehendi

These days, you will get different styles and design in mehendi. Of course, it is not easy to choose that perfect Diwali mehendi that can complement your traditional attire but not a challenging one too. The intricately designed mehandi is a bit complex but this one looks just great to beautify your hands on this Diwali festival. To get into that festive mode, just plan to wear a graceful and elegant ethnic outfit and adorn it with the mehandi design.

12. Palm Style Diwali Mehendi Design

The palm style mehendi design is another popular one in our list. There are different styles of palm mehendi that can be taken into consideration to beautify the hands. This palm style mehendi either in circular pattern or abstract deign to look stunning, especially when it has to go along with the ethnic attire. So, it’s time to ditch those old styles of Diwali mehendi design and adorn your hands with the palm style mehendi.

To sum it all up, these are the 12 Mehendi designs for all the ladies and girls that can be looked upon to during the Diwali festival.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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