Dussehra Mehndi Designs 2019


Indian marriages are never complete without mehndi, which is the reason why mehendi plays an important role in Indian festivals such as Dussehra and Diwali too. Apart from the religious factors, mehndi adds on to the festive feel and the physical beauty of a woman. Moreover the latest highly creative and irresistible mehndi designs make it more difficult to say ‘’NO’’ to mehendi. Let us have a look at some of the most trending dussehra mehndi designs of the year.

#1. The Lotus Patch Floral Mehndi Design

Lately, the lotus patches floral designs have become quite popular. Such designs are suitable for occasions like Vijayadashmi and it makes the overall design very filling and unique. The lotus patch stands out from the rest of the floral design making it the centre of attraction of the whole mehendi design.

#2. The Fine Dots And Criss-Cross Patch Design

This type of design is suitable for women who have an eye for fine designs. Such henna designs are quite time consuming but the result is impressive. The fine dots and criss-cross patchwork play an important role in the whole design by giving it a decent yet rich look.

#3. The Bandhani Inspired Mehndi Design

If you have a close look at the design, it majorly contains the diamond forming zigzag bandhani design. This style of mehndi is newly discovered, rare but loved by all women. It is suitable for Dussehra, Diwali, Hindu weddings and even for bridal henna design inspirations.

#4. The Floral Patch And Bandhani Mehndi Design

This design is quite similar to the bandhani-inspired design. The only difference is the big floral patch exactly in the centre of the design. This enhances the overall design and works as attraction element of the design.

#5. The Vertical Moving Floral Design

Such designs are a mixture of flowers and leaves. Vertical floral designs are drawn from the elbow to the palms. This creates beautiful pattern and beautifies the design. This style of design is suitable for any festival occasion or engagement ceremonies.

#6. The Arabic Style Hanging Jewellery Design

This design is a combination of Arabic design with added elements of hanging jewellery design. Its opposite wavy pattern is the most attractive feature of this design. If you are looking for fast and fabulous mehndi designs then this one can work great for you.

#7. The Rajastani Mehndi Design

This design is a combination of flowers, criss-cross patterns, leaves etc…Such designs have very Indian look and hence are suitable for weddings or any important occasions like Vijayadashmi, Bhai Dooj, etc. This design is time consuming and covers entire hand without leaving any specific gaps.

#8. The ‘Ardha-Surya’ Design

The main element of this design is the half sun (‘ardha-surya’).The artistic representation of sun and it ray’s mark the most attractive features of the entire design. The design alignment in such henna designs is quite geometrical and the look is kept very simple.

#9. The Round Flower Design

Such designs are made by using round shape flower design element in different sizes. Additional elements such as criss-cross pattern, spiral rings etc.are also added to it in order to elaborate the design and enhance the look.

#10. The Palm Patch Leafy Mehndi Design

These designs are a combination of leaves and the traditional Indian henna design elements. Usually no floral or very less floral design elements are used in such type of henna designs. The leafy patch design in the centre stands out from the overall design and increases the attractiveness of the design.

#11. The Fine Floral Leg Design

This leg design includes various floral patterns; however, the design is kept simple with a circular floral patch on the feet. It has many repetitions of patterns and consumes less time. Such designs are suitable for weddings or baby shower.

#12. The Bloomed Lotus Leg Mehndi Design

In this mehendi style the bloomed lotus designs acts as the major design element. The lotus pattern is repeated on the toe, fingers and the top centre in order to maintain the style of the design. It is suitable for any special occasion and can be completed in less time.

#13. The Peacock Head Leg Mehndi Design

In typical Indian henna design, the peacock head design is quite prominent one. It is combined with other floral, curvy and zigzag design elements. This design is suitable for festive or any other important celebrations.

#14. The Anklet Floral Leg Mehndi Design

These designs give an anklet illusion around the ankle and include many floral designs. There is minimalistic design work in this style of mehndi due to which it is quick to apply and suitable for any occasion.

#15. The Dotted Net Leg Mehndi Design

In such type of mehndi designs the feet is covered with zigzag net like design with dots in between. The design above the ankle is different which may include spiral or floral design or patterns. Such designed should be drawn carefully in order to get a perfect and attractive outcome.

#16. The Arabic Floral And Leaf Leg Mehndi Design

This Arabic leg design contains Arabic floral and leaf design. It is simple to draw and looks quite attractive. Women love such mehndi designs on festivals like Vijayadashmi.

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