13 Tips on How to Style & Wear a Lehenga Saree Perfectly


The lehenga saree is a gorgeous and versatile Indian outfit that blends the elegance of a saree with the glamour of a lehenga. This special ensemble has become a favourite choice for weddings, festivals, and other notable occasions. However, learning the art of styling and wearing a lehenga saree correctly can be a bit challenging. In this blog, we delve into 13 essential tips to help you style and wear a lehenga saree perfectly, ensuring you look like a true ethnic diva next time.

1.Don’t ignore your body type:

You should style their lehenga style saree according to their body type as it will help you to feel confident. Every woman has a different body structure and there is no compulsion that every style will suit you. Therefore pick up the best piece, know your body type and wear your lehenga saree in that way.






2.Avoid tucking it too high:

The length of your saree defines your overall look. Whenever you are using a lehenga style sari, avoid wrapping it too high as it shows your underclothes. Also, it shows your footwear, which is against the saree rule. If you will tuck it too high, it will show your belly fat. So you can go for a lower waist style but avoid the high waist style.

3. Choose your Blouse wisely:

Blouse plays a very important role in defining the style of Lehenga style saree. It holds the pallu define sexiness of traditional look of this attire. So a fuller coverage look on the neckline and a designer look on the back will help you to look better. It will create symmetry and help you to look better. You can even try different sleeves patterns. For a sophisticated look, simply go for an Elbow-length blouse.

4.Don’t opt a lehenga style saree with too many details:

 Lehenga style saree is found in many different styles and patterns. These are different in appearance and in most cases, the bottom halved comes with a lot of embroideries. But if you want a better look, go for minimalism. Try to keep one of its parts simple and the other heavier. It will make a great combination.

5.Avoid an Unbalanced pallu drop:

Traditional saree look can’t be completed without a pallu and that’s the reason why we need pallu in the Lehenga style saree. It has to be paired in the right way. You have to define the drape as this attire don’t come with the stitched pallu. The correct pallu placement will define your overall look.

6.Try Contrast in Top and Bottom:

Don’t ruin the design of a lehenga-style saree by opting for the same colour look. Simply try to make a visual contrast between the two halves. You can either get this attire in two colours or simply play with the blouse colour. Wear contrasting footwear for a more chic look.

7.Elevate with Exquisite Accessories:

Enrich the lehenga saree with traditional Indian jewellery. Adorn yourself with a stunning choker necklace, intricate jhumkas, bangles, and a stunning maang tikka to ooze a regal charm.

8. Choose the Right Fabric:

The fabric you pick for your lehenga saree plays a crucial role in how it drapes and looks on you. Opt for lightweight fabrics like silk, georgette, chiffon, or crepe for a graceful and polished appearance. These fabrics drape beautifully and allow convenient movement. If you’re attending a winter event or a more formal occasion, you can consider heavier fabrics like velvet or brocade for a rich and opulent look.

9. Opt for a Stylish Hairdo:

The hairstyle you go with should complement the overall look you want. Classic buns, soft curls, or detailed braids can add a hint of refinement to your appearance. Select a hairstyle that lets your accessories and outfit shine while guaranteeing your comfort throughout.

10. Complete the Look with Graceful Hair & Makeup:

Perfect makeup is the one that enhances your features while staying aligned with the colour palette of your lehenga saree. Focus on well-defined eyes, a bold lip colour, and a radiant complexion. Hire a good makeup artist to achieve a flawless and camera-ready look for your next event.

11. Choose the Right Footwear:

The proper footwear can improve your posture and add grace to your look. Opt for comfortable heels that match the style and colour of your lehenga saree. Juttis, stilettos, or wedges are popular choices, but ensure that you can comfortably walk and dance in them.

12. Pay Close Attention to Draping:

One of the most significant factors that determine your lehenga saree look is how you wear your lehenga saree. A neat and well-arranged pallu is essential for a polished look. Ensure the pallu is draped gracefully over your shoulder and the skirt is not too low or high. Taking your time to achieve a well-draped lehenga saree can significantly elevate your look.

13. Pose Like You Own the Place!

When it’s time for those Instagram-worthy shots, impress everyone with your elegant poses and moves. As you make your grand entrance, do a subtle shoulder shimmy to show off the gorgeous drape of your lehenga saree. For portraits, gently hold the ends of the dupatta while framing your face. Soft hands and delicate fingers will add grace and femininity. Make sure to include some twirling in your photoshoot – but go for gentle, subtle spins rather than aggressive twirls. This will allow you to showcase the beautiful flare of the lehenga skirt. You can also try side twirls for some fabulous movement-filled shots. If you want pictures of your dupatta trailing majestically behind you, walk slowly while holding the dupatta fabric lightly. Let it stream and sway dramatically behind you. For added allure, look back over your shoulder for a coy, delicate glance. With these posing tips, you’ll have everyone mesmerized by your elegance and captivating aura!

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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