12 Chandbali Earring Designs That Every Women Should Try


Women have a thing for jewelry which is pretty clear. Jewelry trends may come and jewelry trends may go, but the chandbali continues to be a staple piece of jewelry for women. The chandbali was first worn by women in the Mughal era. Chand means moon and bali means earrings. When you put these words together, you get chandbali which basically means an earring that looks like a moon.
The best part about the chandbali is that it can be worn with any outfit like saree, lehenga, suit and even with everyday jeans and top. This jewelry item was out of fashion for a brief period of time but Leela from the Bollywood blockbuster Ram Leela left no stone unturned to make sure that the chandbali came back into trend.
Chandbalis are available in gold, silver, and oxidized metals. chandbali earrings design are perfect for festive occasions, parties, and regular wear as well. This article brings to you 12 different chandbali designs that every women should try.


This chandbali has a royal feel to it. The piece has a blue crystal in the centre around which gold alloy is beautifully crafted. This chandbali earrings design goes very well with any saree. The border of this piece is studded with pearls. All in all, this is must try piece.


This chandbali earrings design is heavily studded with colorful kundans. Pair it with heavy, traditional sarees to achieve the look of your dreams. This style works the best during Navratri, garba nights, and all other festive occasions.


This is a timeless chandbali. It is heavily studded with diamonds and pearls. The part that sticks to the ear has a pink-ish jewel which adds some color to the chandbali earrings design. This design strikes a perfect balance of contrast. White stone chandbali is one of the sober pieces and works well with both sarees and suits.


This chandbali has a good combination of bright and vivid colors. The part that sticks to the ear has a blue kundan which is surrounded by tiny pearls. Below it are two white crystals. Pearls and kundands are hanged on the white crystals in a semi-circular frame. All this makes this chandbali a must-try one.


This chandbali design has a very simple design. A small semi-circle attached to a slightly bigger one. The small semi-circle sticks to the ear whereas the larger one hangs freely below it. The part that hangs has a pearl in the centre which serves as the focal point of craftsmanship. This is a perfect choice for wearing on festive occasions.


When it comes to showcasing royalty, no other chandbali earrings design does it better than the blue enamel chandbali. TheAs the name suggests, the strategically created cavities are filled with blue enamel. Apart from it, the chandbali is heavily studded with motifs, kundans, and diamonds. A pearl is in the centre which serves as the focal point for all the patterns and designs on the earring.


This earring is designed in the shape of a crescent moon. Both the inside and outside border of the earrings are studded with tiny diamonds. The surface of the earring has strategically designed cavities which are filled with green enamel. This kind of chandbali can spruce up your look in no time.


Right of the bat, this chandbali looks like a sky shot. It has stones of red, blue, and white color arranged in a floral structure in a crescent moon-like frame. A red gem is studded in the centre of the earring whereas another is left hanging from the bottom of it. Stone studded chandbali earrings design is definitely an eye catcher and look pretty chic with Patiala suits.


These chandbalis are perfect for pairing with anarkali suits. Green and white color combination on this chandbali are very unique and beautiful. The part that sticks to the ear is oval in shape and has a green pearl in the center surrounded by small white diamonds.


These chandbalis are circular in shape. On the inside, a peacock is made using an alloy which is then filled with white enamel and then a white crystal is pasted on it to represent the feathers of the peacock. Strategically created spaces with alloy are filled with enamel, crystals, and pearls. Pair this chandbali earrings design with a cream colored saree to achieve a head turning look.


One word to describe this chandbali is stunning. It has Indian written all over it. The part that sticks to the ear is connected to the lower part through pearl chains. The lower part has a crystal in the centre with metal crafted in a moon-like frame around it. The boundary of the moon is studded with small crystals. This chandbali is perfect for wearing to weddings and family functions.


The construction of this chandbali is fairly simple. The part that stocks to the ear has a floral design. A circular frame is attached to it which showcases intricate craftsmanship on the circumference of the earring. The kundans used are pink, red, and blue in color.
These were some chandbali designs that every women should try. Hope you find this list useful.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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